Dyno Differences and Understandings

It’s not everyday you get a dyno. Not all dynos are created equal and not all dynos read the same. After a little bit of research we decided on a Dynotech, a widely recognized chassis dynamometer. Dynotech uses a large drum of mass to measure the amount of force a car can exert on it. It takes this information and calculates the horsepower and torque of the vehicle. In order to do this calculation it also needs a tach signal. The reason for this is that the calculation is a relationship at given rpms. (HP = Torque x RPM ÷ 5252)

The true torque of a motor can only be seen at the engine as torque is a relationship of distance from the center line of the crankshaft. If the transmission was truly 1:1 you could measure this at the wheels but since most transmissions have no gears that are exactly 1:1, we chose a gear that is close to 1:1. This gear is generally 3rd or 4th. As an example the mazdaspeed 3 uses gearing of 1st 3.21, 2nd 1.91, 3rd 1.37, 4th 1.03, 5th 0.95, 6th 0.79. As you can see 4th gear is the closest to 1:1.


The dyno dynamics dyno we chose uses an electromagnetic force to measure power. This makes the unit smaller and more portable. It also makes the dyno able to change loads. You can literally apply a certain load and very the rpms or very the load and keep the same rpm. This is great for load based tuning and limits the need for a “Road Tune” as you can create real life conditions on a dyno.

The downfall of the dyno dynamics is that it is often called a heart breaker dyno. The actual reported numbers are some of the lowest numbers out of any dyno. This fact makes it important to understand that increases in power should always be measured in percentages. That way when you compare numbers, the percentage gained should be about the same while the increase in actual value might be less. You can see this below in the graphs.

Dyno Chart

The lower powers are with a stock Mazdaspeed3 and the higher values are with the exact same mods. The left dynojet graph shows a 30hp difference at one point . This is about a 14% increase in power. If you dyno the same modifications on the dyno dynamics and you see about 25hp difference which is also a 14% difference. Even though the dynos show a 5hp peak difference we know the modifications increased the same amount of power. This is shown in the percentage difference. Horsepower numbers can be shown to be a higher value but the percentage should always be similar. A point not missed when we recently dyno’ed a mazdaspeed3 that made almost 700whp (~+206%) on a dynojet but 580whp (~+204%) on our dyno dynamics. The percentage change was the same but peak difference was massive.

With the power of our new dyno literally at our fingertips, we have complete control over the test and the demands placed on the vehicle. Utilizing the dynotech software will allow us to evaluate the entire drive-train condition for the purpose of all-out performance development. Stay tuned for more rock solid, well engineered products that will take your Mazda to the next level.


CorkSport Upcoming Events!

Now that the warm weather is upon us, event season is in full swing and CorkSport has plans for some big events in the coming months that we would like share with you.

CorkSport and MazdasNW Sizzlin Summer Event

Our first upcoming event is the CorkSport and MazdasNW Sizzlin Summer All Mazda Meet on August 11, 2012. The event being headlined by CorkSport Mazda Performance and MazdasNW will also be featuring sponsors Solar Eclipse Window Tinting, Alan Web Mazda, and CarMedic.

It will be taking place from 9am-3pm on August 11, 2012 at the CorkSport Mazda Performance headquarters located in Vancouver, WA and will include a dyno day, show & shine and raffle and will also feature an appearance and dyno run from arguably the highest horsepower Mazdaspeed 3 to be dyno’d to date.

Over one hundred Mazda owners from as far north as British Columbia to as far south as California attended last year’s event making it the largest all Mazda event held in the Northwest and we expect this year’s event to be even bigger and better than last year!

The cost to attend will be just $5.00 per vehicle which includes one entry in the show & shine and a swag bag. Additional entries into show & shine categories will go for $5.00 per entry. Food and drink will be available for purchase and raffle tickets can be purchased for $1.00. For attendees interested in dynoing their vehicle, three pulls will be just $35.00 in advance and $50.00 the day of the event.

Please pre-register today and let us know if you will be participating in the show and shine, plan to dyno, or are just coming to hang out with the crew. Anyone who pre-registers will also recieve a CorkSport swag bag and it will help us plan for parking for the event. We are currently accepting registions at CorkSport’s website at //corksport.com/corksport-sizzlin-summer-event.html.

CorkSport Invades Texas

The next event we are excited to announce will be held at Harris Hill Raceway in San Marcos, TX. In collaboration with CorkSport customer and sponsored drivers, Matt Kellogg and his new Mazda club, the Texas Speed Demons, CorkSport will be hosting a track day and car show on November 3, 2012 from 9am-6pm.

Details on this event are being finalized and more information will be made available in the coming months, but mark this date on your calendar if you are in Texas, around Texas or can make it to Texas, because this one is going to be a biggie!

If you want updates on our Texas event, please click here to get added to our info list and details will be emailed to you as they become available.


500hp MS3, Flames, Friends and Mazda Fanatics! MazdasNW End of Summer Bash

Hosted by CorkSport, the MazdasNW End of Summer Bash held this last Saturday was an event I have been looking forward to attending since the beginning of the summer.

Promoted by MazdasNW, CorkSport and NWMotiv, the event turned out to be one of the biggest exclusively Mazda shows in the NW this summer. It featured a day of dyno’s, show and shine, BBQ and raffle. Mazda enthusiasts from as far away as California and British Columbia came to our Vancouver WA location for this one day event.

Though the day started out slightly overcast, we lucked out with a the sun breaking through in the early afternoon for some of the last 80 degree weather we will likely see in the NW until next year. People began to arrive around 9am and the event kicked into gear at 10 with over 95 pre-registered attendees and 55 cars registered for the show and shine.

This year’s show and shine included some more non-traditional car show classes such as lowest horsepower, dirtiest car and most wheel gap, along with some more traditional classes such as highest horsepower, best display, and best engine bay.

NWMotiv also handed out an award for best looking ride that went to CJ Ramos and his CorkSport sponsored Mazdaspeed 3 which will be featured in an upcoming post at nwmotiv.com.

The dyno saw a lot of action during the show. Some of the highlights included:

A Gen 1 Mazdaspeed 3 that made 517hp on the dyno. Rumor has it, it is the “The World’s First 500hp Mazdaspeed 3” :

A 3rd gen RX7 that made 611hp, though as it turns out sported a 2jz engine

And an RX-8 with CorkSport exhaust and racepipe that blew flames on two of the three of the dyno pulls!

CorkSport also sponsored a raffle for the event whos proceeds we would like to donate to our good friends at MazdasNW as a token of our thanks for their continued support of CorkSport Performance.

Thanks to all of the CorkSport and MazdasNW fans who attended Saturday’s event. We look forward to next years event being even bigger and better!