Mazdaspeed 3 X-Clutch First Review

Many community members are asking, “What clutch should I buy for my Speed3/Speed6?” or “What’s the best clutch for Mazdaspeed 3/6?” and there isn’t a perfect answer because the right answer depends on your goals with your car. 

While I can’t say what the best clutch is, I can share my experience to date with my Twin Ceramic Rigid Disc X-Clutch in my Mazdaspeed 3.  

Mazdaspeed X-Clutch review

First Impressions

Opening the box I found a very well-packaged assembled clutch kit.  This included the assembled pressure plate, discs, and flywheel along with a new throw-out bearing, flywheel to crank bolts, and a nice alignment tool. XClutch also included some generic instructions – They certainly don’t rival CorkSport instructions, but are better than most clutch instructions I have used.  

Mazdaspeed X-Clutch review

Getting into it

Disassembling the clutch assembly I found some nicely constructed components.  The material fit and finish was great along with the identification of transmission vs engine side of the discus laser engraved was a nice touch. 

Something worth noting: Some clutch kits come to you in separate pieces. This makes you 100% dependent on their instructions for the assembly process (and a lot of times those instructions are lacking), but with the XClutch the whole thing came assembled.  I like this because it gave me the chance to see how it was assembled and therefore made me more confident I would assemble it correctly on the engine.  

Mazdaspeed X-Clutch review

Now let’s get the clutch on the engine. After disassembling the clutch kit, the first part to go on the engine is the flywheel after a quick cleaning of the machine parts and surfaces.  Using the provided hardware and some lock-tight the flywheel gets torqued down.  The flywheel was a perfect fit on the snout of the crank…a little persuasion was needed which tells me the flywheel will be perfectly centered.  

Mazdaspeed X-Clutch review

Next is the first clutch disc (make sure you can read “transmission side”) then the middle floater plate.  Following that is the next clutch disc (and again make sure you can read “transmission side”) along with the provided alignment tool. 

Mazdaspeed X-Clutch review

The Tool

So I want to take a minute to talk about the alignment tool.  I’ve installed many clutches in many vehicles throughout my life ranging from an OE replacement in my 92’ Mazda b2600i, Mazdaspeed3, and a twin-disc in a Dodge.  Every single kit came with the generic plastic alignment tool that doesn’t fit great and flexes.  

But not X-Clutch, their kit included a very nice billet steel alignment tool that fit snugs and did not sag or move when installed.  This seemingly simple tool made a huge difference in the whole installation process.  

Mazdaspeed X-Clutch review

Back to the install steps; next up is the pressure plate floater plate.  Typically this is part of the pressure plate assembly, but with the Xclutch design, this is separate.  

Mazdaspeed X-Clutch review

Last is the pressure plate itself which is what applies the force to the clutch discs.  The installation of this is slow and tedious, but important to follow.  The hardware must be installed and torqued down evenly around the perimeter, much like torquing a wheel but with a lot more lug nuts.  

X-Clutch has clear instructions on this so don’t worry.  

Mazdaspeed X-Clutch review

Bringing it back together

So your clutch is all buttoned up and now it’s time to attach the transmission to the engine.  I’ll admit this was a task I was dreading…many times I’ve fought this process because the damn input shaft in the transmission just would not line up with the clutch disc and crank, but I was pleasantly surprised.  

I don’t know if it was luck or if the alignment toll was really that perfect, but in one try the transmission slid right onto the clutch and aligned perfectly.  It was honestly shocking.   I can only hope your installation goes as smoothly.  

Now the review you have been wanting…

First impressions are great.  The peddle pressure is very similar to OEM, maybe just a hair stiffer, but is nearly identical so if you’re worried about a stiff pedal DON’T, it’s cake.  The engagement point is around the middle right now, but I expect it to move up in the pedal stroke slightly as it breaks in further.  I like this, but this is a preference thing. 

Engagement control is interesting.  Going from an ACT 6-puck ceramic to this is very similar in the “grabbiness” of the clutch since they are both ceramic puck discs, but the X-Clutch I would say is a bit more aggressive.  This makes sense with the rigid disc design and the very high torque capacity…1,350 ft/lbs!

So here’s my suggestion and you can check them out here. Learn More!


If you want a OE replacement with a bit more headroom for power then the Street single disc organic is going to be your closest bet.  If you want good street manners but have more power to hold then the Street Plus twin disc organic is going to be your best balance.  Lastly, if you are pursuing motorsports and high heat capacity then the Race twin disc ceramic will be your go-to clutch kit.  


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The Wait is Over for the 2021+ Mazda Turbo Downpipe

Fits Models Mazda 3, CX-30, CX-50

Unleash the potential and growl from your car and take the step forward into more power! A full 80mm Turbo Back exhaust is now possible with CorkSport’s new Catted Turbo Downpipe for the 2021+ 4th Gen Mazda3 Turbo (as well as CX30 & CX50 Turbo Models)!

Best Mazda Catted Downpipe Kit from CorkSport

Our downpipe uses a two-piece design, making installation easy without the need to wrestle with a single large, cumbersome pipe. The Downpipe starts with a high-flowing cast 304 Stainless Steel Bellmouth, then joins the 80mm mandrel-bent piping with a V-band connection for a leak-free seal.

We used 3D scan data from the OEM downpipe when designing our CS pipe, which means fitment is just like OEM and the CorkSport Downpipe will fit with any aftermarket Cat-back exhaust system, or even OEM!

Best Mazda 80mm Downpipe

A high-flow 300 cell Catalytic Convertor is utilized in our downpipe and has been tested to have no significant effect on power potential.  A catless option is not available. 

80mm Downpipe installed on the Mazda 3

Do I Need A Tune?

Addressing the other elephant in the room: Tuning. We highly recommend getting a tune after installing the 80mm downpipe as there are very strict airflow limits in the stock tune that severely limit power. This will result in some mild stutters, surging, or “hiccups” at wide-open throttle. This does not do any damage as it is simply a very conservative safety limit for stock components.

With more flow-efficient parts (i.e upgraded intakes , Turbo Inlet Pipe, and exhaust systems), these limits are being reached much easier and the ECU will limit the power output of the engine. The vehicle will be drivable on the stock tune and still give you an aggressive growl out of your 2.5T!  

Here you can see the power gains with a fully-bolted Mazda 3 Turbo that is tuned vs stock downpipe and stock tuning. 

Dyno information for the Mazda catted downpipe
Dynograph of the Mazda 3 Turbo Downpipe with CorkSport CBE, TIP/SRI – Tuned vs Stock Downpipe + CorkSport CBE, TIP/SRI – Stock tune.

Each Downpipe kit comes with a complete pack of all the hardware and gaskets needed for installation. This includes: 

  • New turbo studs and crimp nuts
  • Stainless Steel V-band Clamp
  • Exhaust connection hardware
  • Remflex exhaust gasket
  • Custom headshield and mounting hardware
Hardware for the Mazda Catted downpipe

Be sure to check out the CorkSport Mazda Catted Downpipe for more images, pricing, and installation instructions.

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It’s Go Time with The Mazda 6 Turbo Kit

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you could have used another +100hp? As in, getting on the freeway safely or trying to beat that minivan at the red light so you don’t miss your next turn? Maybe you know a guy with a WRX with a muffler delete, and he just won’t shut up about how “fast” it is. Well, let me tell you, my 2016 Mazda6 GT will do all of that in comfort and style! I’ve been lucky to be the first person in the world to run CorkSport’s Turbo Kit on a Mazda6, which also happens to be an automatic! #ridetheunicorn

I bought the car in early May 2022, and by the 31st, the CorkSport engineers had transformed my naturally aspirated Mazda into something special with the CS Turbo Kit. Flash forward a little less than a week out, and I was on my way to @Idaho Mazda Takeover to show off the kit. It’s a 450-mile trip one-way from my house to Caldwell, ID, and does not include the +300 miles of community shenanigans I completed while I was there. 

* This is Mazda 3 Manual Dynograph, with 80mm Cat Back Exhaust

As a testament to the CorkSport Mazda 6 Turbo Kit, I made the journey without a second thought. I averaged ~75 mph and snagged over 32mpg on the way there. This included spirited driving, stretching the car’s legs, and putting it through its paces, up, over, and through those difficult passes in eastern Oregon. I need you to understand this was a 100% stock Mazda6. The only thing we did was install our turnkey kit. In less than a week, I put over 1200 miles of “FUN!” on the car and have not looked back!

The CorkSport Mazda 6 Turbo Kit

The car drives as it did right off the dealership parking lot; it’s quiet and very tame, with a stock catback. You lightly press the throttle, and the car’s cab starts to fill with all the right induction noises. Hearing that turbo spool up for the first time sent chills down my arms; I couldn’t believe it. My Big turbo Mazdaspeed3 isn’t even that seductive. But that’s only part of the fun…

When you drop the hammer, the auto transmission immediately puts in the work. I was surprised at how quickly it locked up the torque converter and rocketed the car down the road the first time I drove it. I was worried about the implications of having ~80 additional whp rifling through it. After a few deep dives into how these transmissions work, I feel more confident than ever about the Mazda 6 and Turbo Kit, and the last 10K miles of beta testing have been trouble-free.

* This is Mazda 3 Manual Dynograph

I’d never driven a boosted automatic before, let alone an aftermarket one, so I didn’t know what to expect. What I’ve experienced has been more than I could bargain for. By design (of the OTS Professional Tune), you only use the boost when needed; otherwise, the car will drive like it’s not there if you want to go that route. However, if you mash the pedal to the floor, it’s “Go time!”

Since installing the turbo kit, I’ve supplemented this turbo kit with our 2014-2017 Mazda6 Catback. The stainless T-304 has enhanced this whole experience. The 90mm tips look great with those shiny resonators behind the rear bumper. It is starting to dial back on the sleeper, sleek and numb daily, and gearing more towards a fun, fast and capable 4-door sedan. The exhaust added around another 30whp and has me sitting comfortably near 260whp to the front wheels.

Undercarriage with Cat Back Exhaust

It didn’t take long for the numbness of the stock mounts to get to me. With this big bump in power, I wanted to do everything I could to help this car out. I installed the CorkSport transmission and rear motor mount, further evolving the turbo Mazda 6. Power delivery is now immediate and linear vs. the OEM mounts allowing the engine to bounce around.

A lot of us have very similar ambitions for our cars. We tend to create this inseparable bond between ourselves and the machine we’re driving. Having an OTS turnkey turbo kit that does precisely that is nothing short of spectacular. CorkSport has done an outstanding job offering a turbo kit that includes EVERYTHING you need, including a professional tune, battery, boost gauge, and boost controller. Heck, you even get Unicorn swag too!

Mazda 6 Turbo Kit Manifold

I’ve created a new sense of ownership by taking this project on; it’s changed my view on what I wanted from a car. This kit checks all the boxes in my book and has surprised me almost daily. My whole experience with the Skyactiv-G + CorkSport Turbo Kit has been rewarding. I cannot wait to push this car to its limits and beyond to see what these engines are truly capable of. 

If you have a 2.5L naturally aspirated 3rd Generation Mazda 3 or Mazda 6 sporting a manual or automatic transmission and want to get the most out of your ride – don’t hesitate to grab one of these turbo kits – the results are unthinkable!

The CorkSport TC America Car with the Turbo Kit

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our staff at or by phone. . #ridetheunicorn

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New Product – Mazda 3 Hatchback Rear Spoiler 2019+

Enjoying your 4th GEN Mazda 3 but wanting to change up the look? Introducing the CorkSport Performance Spoiler for 2019+ Mazda 3 Hatchback. We went for an OEM+ design that incorporates the great fitment and lines of the OEM aero kit spoiler but in a much more aggressive package. Taller, longer, and with an upturned rear edge, the CS spoiler add some much needed sportiness to the look of your 3. Available in multiple finishes to suit your budget and build, the CS spoiler is a great next mod for your build! Read on for more details and check out the product listing here to purchase.

2019 Mazda 3 Carbon Fiber hatch wing

We like the OEM spoiler but were disappointed at how insignificant it looks when installed, especially when paired with the fairly aggressive OEM front lip & rest of the aero kit. The CorkSport Spoiler takes design cues from the OEM aero kit spoiler however, the design is unique to CorkSport. We started from scratch and polled the community for design opinions before settling on a final design that is both higher off of the rear hatch than OEM and extends further rearward than OEM. The design is finished off with an upturned rear edge for a great “duckbill” style look which is aggressive without being too much. You’ll be turning heads, especially when paired with CorkSport Lowering Springs and a nice set of wheels!

Forged Carbon Mazda 3 hatch wing

Fitment was equally important as aesthetics when we designed the CS spoiler. We 3D scanned an OEM aero kit wing to get the exact mounting surfaces and edge profiles so that the CS version fits just as good as OEM. We use the same mounting locations as OEM as well. This means no drilling if you’re switching from OEM aero kit to CorkSport spoiler. If you do not have the OEM spoiler you do have to do some drilling, however, Mazda pre-marks the holes for a relatively easy install! By using the same mounting locations and more adhesive mounting tape than OEM, you can be sure your CorkSport spoiler won’t be going anywhere!

2021 Mazda 3 Turbo Duckbill spoiler

The CorkSport Mazda 3 spoiler is offered in three finishes so you can choose what is best for your build. Each option uses a fiberglass base with different top layers. Regular woven carbon fiber, forged carbon fiber, and basic black fiberglass are each available. The carbon fiber options feature a UV resistant epoxy top coat for great protection from the elements and a mirror like finish. The full fiberglass option comes in a satin black coat with some light scratches and will require some finishing. We recommend some finish sanding and a final layer of paint or wrap. The shape is the same for each unit however the purchase price varies so you can really choose the best option for your build & budget.

3 options of Mazda 3 rear wing finish

Finally, each CorkSport spoiler comes with all the hardware and accessories needed for installation. This includes mounting bolts, washers, mounting tape, and rubber washers for waterproofing. We even include new replacement OEM Mazda clips that almost always break with removing the upper trim panel on the hatch! All of this comes with full color install instructions and great customer service & support!

2021 Turbo Mazda 3 spoiler fits with the body style well

So if you’re ready to take your GEN4 build to the next level, check out the CorkSport Performance Spoiler for 2019+ Mazda3. We think it’s what the OEM spoiler should’ve been and you will not be disappointed! Don’t be shy to contact us with any questions!

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Get the Mazda 3 Hatchback Rear Spoiler 2019+

Get the Mazda 3 Hatchback Rear Spoiler 2019+

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1st Gen Mazdaspeed 3 Carbon Fiber Spoiler

Are you looking for an exterior mod that will freshen up the look of your first gen Mazdaspeed 3? Well if that’s the case then the Carbon Fiber Spoiler is the perfect part to install on your build. The Carbon Fiber Spoiler retains the OEM look with the much-appreciated addition of carbon fiber. Keep on reading below for more info on the carbon spoiler.

2x2 carbon weave Mazdaspeed3 Rear spoiler wing

Since the Carbon Fiber spoiler is based off of the factory Mazda piece, installation is a breeze and requires no drilling or other modifications to the hatch. We have also pinned the third brake light so that it can reuse the OEM connector with no modification to the harness needed! The Carbon Spoiler also comes with all the necessary hardware to install the spoiler so you can be back on the road in no time. Fitment with other add-on parts such as spoiler extensions or gurney flaps should work with the OEM style shape, however, we have not tested it. The same goes for GEN1 Mazda 3, the CF spoiler should fit, however, you may have a different 3rd brake light setup and/or have additional holes from the smaller Mazda 3 spoiler

Following the OEM MPS 3 design the top is carbon fiber with the bottom being a black gel coat

The Mazdaspeed Spoiler features a fiberglass base that is then topped off with a layer of carbon fiber on the top side of the spoiler. The underside of the spoiler is finished in gloss black and the whole thing is then coated with a UV-resistant epoxy resin to provide a mirror-like finish and the necessary protection from the elements. The two halves come together on the rear edge so there is a small seam, however, once installed, the seam all but disappears!

1st gen MS3 look of the stock spoiler but in a carbon fiber

If the CS Carbon Fiber Spoiler is a mod that you would like to add to your build, then head over and check out the product page for additional photos! Also, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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Mazdaspeed 3 Carbon Fiber Spoiler

Mazdaspeed 3 Carbon Fiber Spoiler

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