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3rd Gen Mazda 3 & Mazda 6 2.5L Turbo Kit (Fits MT and AT)

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Complete turnkey turbo kit for your 2014-2018 Mazda 3
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Long in development, the Turbo Kit for the 3rd Generation Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 is finally here. Currently designed for the 2.5L Skyactiv Engine equipped vehicles, you can transform your Mazda from a boring 160whp commuter to a (approximate) 280whp “Mazdaspeed” that Mazda never gave us.

Years of development and testing both on the street with our dedicated street car and on the track racing in the SRO TC class with our dedicated, homologated, racecar. We have thousands of track and street driven miles on the turbo kit, proving both its reliability and performance.

This is the only 100% turnkey turbocharger kit for your 2014-2018 Mazda 3 and 2014-2017 Mazda 6 from air filter to downpipe, this kit includes everything to take a stock Mazda 3 from boring to boosted. Not only does this include ALL the physical “turbo kit” parts, but also includes a boost gauge, boost control system, battery, and pre-setup tune for your vehicle to operate on premium gasoline fuel.


Read The BlogRide The Unicorn with the CorkSport 3rd Gen Mazda 3 & Mazda 6 Turbo Kit

The CorkSport Advantage


Turnkey Kit:

The only turnkey turbo kit for the Mazda 3/Mazda 6. By turnkey we mean EVERYTHING, which means you do not have to hunt for or DIY anything to convert your Mazda to a boosted setup. We have done all the work to make this the most complete kit available today. From air filter to downpipe, and everything in-between. This also includes the electronics to properly control the ECU and boost. Heck, we even threw in an exclusive “unicorn” swag pack with stickers, shirt, and hat.



Imagine adding 115-125 wheel horsepower and 80-90 wheel torque to your Mazda 3/6…now image getting to enjoy that added power every time you drive your Mazda. That’s what you get with the CorkSport Turbo Kit. A 75% increase in power output at your fingertips. This is the most cost effective power gains you will ever have for your 3rd Gen Mazda 3 and Mazda 6.



The entire kit is designed to work as a complete system, that’s how we have developed a turnkey kit without compromise. Everything started from scratch and thought through to achieve the best possible result for your Mazda6 and Mazda3.



A custom spec twin-scroll turbo is utilized for fast turbo response and the internally waste gated housing provided boost control that is quite and cost effective. Don’t be mistaken however, this turbo loves to make “turbo noises" that you can clearly hear from the cabin. Check out the videos to see what we are talking about.

Based on a MHI turbocharger, the CHRA is liquid cooled and oil-lubricated for long lasting durability. The compressor housing is finished in a black textured powder coat and the turbo comes to your door with the studs installed and the wastegate set to the proper spring pressure.


Cast SS Manifold:

A cast manifold may not seem like the obvious manufacturing choice, but when it comes to durability, reliability, and performance a properly designed cast manifold will always outperform and outlive a fabricated manifold. That’s why we invested in a 304 stainless steel cast design.



Nobody wants a turbo kit that looks out of place in their engine bay… The CorkSport Turbo Kit delivers with a feel and look that is just “racecar” enough but could be overlooked as OEM with some simple black powder coated pipes. The simplicity and clean routing of the kit keeps your engine bay clean and tidy but will standout at the shows.


Track Tested:

We’ve spent thousands of miles on various closed circuit tracks around the country with our 2015 Mazda 3 Racecar. Fully caged and fully sent, this is the original test mule for the CorkSport Turbo Kit.


Street Proven:

While the Racecar is fun, it can’t be driven on the street legally, so we picked up this 2018 Mazda 3 GT to complete all of our street driven testing. With more than 21000 miles of street testing, we have been able to work out the daily driving feel and power delivery for you. The goal was a boosted Mazda 3 that can hit the track and take you to work every day without issue. That’s exactly what we’ve achieved.


Electronic Boost Control:

Unlike other incomplete turbo options, CorkSport’s turbo kit includes a TurboSmart E-Boost electronic boost control system for superior boost control and boost curve to optimize power and torque delivery of your Mazda 3. This is important for a powerful and reliable car with the added boost. You can also monitor boost with the controller and the included boost gauge.


Stealth Intercooler:

A custom fitment intercooler was designed for the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 to fit like OEM and support up to 400hp worth of power. No major trimming/cutting is required and it fits behind the OEM bumper shell. The black finish hides the intercooler without sacrificing performance.


Pre-Setup Oil Pan:

Turbochargers require an oil feed and oil drain for proper operation. The only routing possible for the oil drain was a custom stainless fitting that must be inserted into the OEM oil pan. To keep things as simple as possible for you, an OEM oil pan is supplied with the custom drain fitting already installed and ready to use. You only need to swap the oil pan onto your Mazda.


Simple Plumbing:

Simplicity is key when we are talking about a complete turnkey turbo kit for a normally non-boosted vehicle. We took that to heart with the design of the charge piping. Only two pieces of piping and four pieces of silicone complete the boosted plumbing. This keeps the install simple and the chance for boost leaks low.

High quality 4-ply silicone couplers and thick wall precision bent aluminum piping is used for reliability and performance.


Complete Hardware:

Avoid the trips to the hardware store with CorkSport’s complete turnkey kit. All the needed hardware, small clamps, and accessories to get your Mazda boosted are included.


Quality Clamping:

T-bolt clamps are used for all boosted and larger diameter connections for their superior clamping performance and durability. Small diameter connections use stainless worm gear clamps.


Included Battery and Tray:

In order to route the intake system behind the battery, we had to change the battery. The included battery has been proven to handle street and track abuse along with the cold PNW winters. 550CA/450CCA make this compact AGM battery a great choice for your boosted Mazda. Stainless steel battery tray and ECU relocation bracket hold everything in place. If you are located outside of North America you will need to source a battery locally. Contact our sales team so we can get you specifics and also lower the shipping cost as it will go out sans battery.


Unicorn Power:

This might seem silly…well actually it is, but that’s what makes it fun. We dubbed this the “Unicorn” project given its challenges to finally happen. One of the owners daughters drew a unicorn for the Mazda 3 Racecar and its stuck ever since. Now, when you boost your Mazda you get to be a part of the Unicorn Project with a unique shirt, hat, and stickers!

14-18 Mazda 3 turbo exhaust

Exhaust Size Matter:

On turbocharger engines the exhaust size can have a significant effect on the overall power output. In the below graph you can see the result of using different size exhaust systems. We highly recommend upgrading to an 80mm cat-back exhaust for optimal performance. *OEM & 60mm Dynos were updated 5/18/2022 after optimizing boost targets for each specific exhaust setup.

advisory header
  • For Racing/Off-road use only; use on public roads is not recommend by CorkSport Performance LLC
  • The Turbo Kit does not fit RHD (Right Hand Drive) vehicles.
  • Premium grade (91 octane or higher) fuel required for operation. Failure to use premium grade will result in warranty voided and potential failure.
  • Individual wHP &wTQ may vary. Dynographs and numbers shown are from a Mazda 3 MT.
  • Warranty coverage does NOT extend to the vehicle engine, clutch, torque convertor, transmission, axles and/or any other OEM equipped wear items. Warranty coverage only covers components provided in the turbo kit itself.
  • Any attempts to modify, change, disrupt the provided tuning will result in warranty voided and potential failure.
  • Any tuning done to the vehicle by an unapproved 3rd party will result in warranty voided and potential failure.
  • Modification and/or adjustment of the turbocharger and turbocharger control system will result in warranty voided and potential failure.
  • The OEM clutch has proven to support the power and torque of the CorkSport Turbo kit; however a worn out or abused clutch may not support the power and torque. Performance clutch options are available.
  • The OEM torque convertor and automatic transmission does not currently have a know power/torque limit.
  • Not tested on the CX-5.
  • WILL NOT fit 2.0L engines
  • International customers will have to source the battery locally to themselves, battery cannot ship via air freight.
  • Sustained boost driving can exceed the stock cooling system with the turbo kit installed during track/autocross driving situations. Daily driving situations are not as significantly affected.
  • CorkSport OTS ECU Calibration will be provided within 3 business days of received OEM ECU Calibration from you the customer, please plan accordingly.
  • CorkSport is not responsible for your mechanic not reading the installation instructions, make sure they do if you have one install the turbo kit.
  • CorkSport does not currently offer an 80mm CBE for the Mazda 6. A custom one will have to be made by you to reach 280+whp.
  • RETURNS: All sales on clothing & hats are final, and not eligible for returns or exchanges due to sizing.

Required Parts for Operation:

  • You will need MazdaEdit for the flash process of your ECU. If you do not own it we offer the Lite version here.

Strongly Recommended for Operation:

  • A RMM (Rear Motor Mount) is STRONGLY recommended for use with the turbo kit to minimize engine movement with the increase engine power output.

Recommended for Operation:

  • A TMM (Transmission Motor Mount) is highly recommend for use with the turbo kit to minimize engine movement with the increase engine power output.
  • An OCC (Oil Catch Can) system is highly recommended for proper engine operation and health. OCC routing must not allow the oil catch can to become pressurized by boost pressure. If you have an existing CS or similar OCC, the naturally aspirated setup will no longer work when installing the turbocharger as it will pressurize your OCC. We have kits for sale for both upgrading an existing OCC to work with the turbo kit and a complete kit for use with the turbo kit.
  • Upgraded engine coolant and oil cooling system will help in high performance driving situations.
  • For optimal power output and performance a 80mm Cat-Back Exhaust system is recommend for operation. Peak power numbers were completed with an 80mm CBE. For Mazda 6 owners, a custom 3" CBE will need to be made as CorkSport does not currently offer this.

Additional Features

  • Vehicle Fitment: 2014-2018 Mazda 3 2.5L MT/AT and 2014-2017 Mazda 6 2.5L Manual or Automatic Transmission - LEFT HAND DRIVE ONLY.
  • Designed & Developed in America: Designed and Test in the Pacific Northwest, USA.
  • CorkSport Service & Support: Receive a 2 year warranty on CorkSport Brand Parts, 1 year warranty on Turbocharger, Manufacturer's warranty on non-CorkSport brand parts, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support at(360) 260-2675.

How To Install The Mazda Turbo Kit

It will take you roughly 3 days (22-26 hours) to install the 2014-2018 Mazda 3 & 2014-2017 Mazda 6 Turbo Kit.

3 Day Install Time

3 Day Install Time

Difficulty: 5/5

5/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



How to install a Mazda 3 Turbo Kit with step installation instructions

When I got my M3 I already started modifying it only after a week of owning it. I bought a lot of mods from corksport and made it a very fun car. The only thing that was missing was the power. The price is a lot and I held off for awhile not buying it. I just couldn't justify that kind of money. I still wanted more power. So I bought the Turbo Kit. The kit wakes up the car so much and gives it character. After 5.5k miles I have never once regretted my purchase and still love driving it every time I start the engine. You can do all the work by yourself. I did it in a basement with a couple long nights. Great company they know what they are doing. Have loved every purchase I have made. (Still want to see a MS style wing for the hatchback and would buy it immediately of course)
Welp. I've had this thing installed for 9 months now. Nine. Thats enough time for some things to uh develop. In this last 9 months, I have managed to put on a whopping 5000 miles on my 2018 Mazda 3 2.5 Automatic. Yeah.. I know. Automatic. Bleh.
Alright lets get from the very start. Packaging. 10/9. Eggcellent. Everything was TIGHT. Got some merch and rice crispies from the team.

Few months past, My buddies Josh and Dimitri came up to Ohio (gross), and helped me knock this thing out. We Spent a good 3 full days installing this kit, everything went smoothly, the instructions are very well laid out.

Drove the car for a few months, and it has been doing great.

The Cold starts each morning are insane, it sounds like a jet is starting up.

The only issue I've had which did affect the turbo kits performance was.. my plugs were fouling out. Luckily this was a $40 fix and it was just the rear o2 Sensor was just bad. Replaced with OEM and the car has been doing perfect since!

It is currently averaging 50 degree weather here, and man, this turbo kit is loving it. It feels stupid quick. its incredible to drive.

If you're looking to adding power to your 3rd Gen 3 or 6. I would highly recommend this turbo kit. Install can be done by someone who has worked on cars, and can do some simple wiring, or it can easily be completed by someone at a shop.

Follow our Journey on IG @Its_Just_a_Mazda

ps CorkSport,

Quick review of the CorkSport 3rd gen turbo kit. Kit has around 15k miles on it. The car has 30k on it. First thing I noticed is that if you want to have fun with this car do yourself a favor pick up that RSB and upgrade that clutch. Supporting mods are almost more important when achieving a jump in power like this. No dyno numbers yet on my build but I estimate that this kit gives very close if not 300whp. As they said results will vary. This is 100% a setup meant for roll races. When you’re in boost it smacks you back slightly then gives you a second hit as soon as 6+psi and 4K rpm hits. This is the most fun I’ve had in a car like this. It makes you want to drive and enjoy every second of it. The turbo noises keep you engaged and beg you to waste more gas. Hopefully we see a fueling solution soon to get some more power out of good ol' reliable 3rd gens.
Let’s get to some issues I’ve had. Cylinder 1 misfires are common for me after a redline pull in 3rd or 4th. This is due to my plugs they need more frequent replacing after seeing how hard I beat on this car. All other aspects are perfectly engineered and work flawlessly with the current systems in the car.
Some may not see the worth in a 6k turbo kit, but this kit has absolutely everything and super clear instructions. Trust me I’ve never done anything beyond oil changes before installing the kit myself. The support of the CorkSport crew is amazing and they really have your back in unsure times.
This is my 6 month update on the kit. feel free to have your own opinion but this is the best 6k I have ever spent. Thanks Corksport!
The loss of the MazdaSpeed 3 after the 2013 model year left many enthusiasts wanting after Mazda had to take the company in a brand new direction. The third generation Mazda 3, while a fun and capable platform for what it is, has long been limited to simple bolt-ons and tunes. Today, this ends with the introduction of CorkSport’s long-awaited turbo kit.

To begin, as a part of CorkSport’s sponsored driver program I have been incredibly fortunate and grateful to be a part of the kits beta testing and abuse process. We found out quickly that my stock clutch was not up to the task of the added power. This was not the kits fault as my stock part had very little life left in it due to learning manual on the car and having been given nearly 40,000 harsh miles of spirited driving and autocross/track events. All of CorkSport’s in house cars have been using the stock clutch for the entire project, but higher mile or more abused vehicles may need a replacement or upgrade. I have been running an upgraded clutch for a while now without any issues, and over the past year of testing the car has been rock solid.

Upon receiving your kit there will be a lot to unpack, both physically and mentally. There are a lot of steps and parts involved but everything you will need is included, no exceptions. Be prepared to have your vehicle down for a few days as you work your way through the instructions page by page, but the kit will then come together perfectly upon completion and reward you with an exciting first start up. It is entirely possible to do this in your driveway but you may want an extra set of hands for some steps. If you have not already, I would consider getting an oil catch can just as a preventative maintenance measure and while the car is apart.

After installation I immediately embarked on a 600 mile road trip, attended multiple autocross events, a track day, and another road trip putting on an additional 1000 miles in a weekend all within the first four months. I have since put over 10,000 total miles on in under a year and counting. This kit and vehicle have much more to give and there are no signs of wanting to give up. This brings me to maintenance; there has been no oil or coolant burn, no excessive darkening of fluids, and no excessive oil catch can deposits. You can run the car like you normally would and give it much more without worrying about what will break. This engine is more robust than some have expected, and between CorkSport’s dedicated track car, and the two street cars running the kit there are tens of thousands of miles under boost and severe conditions without issue. This kit has been very well thought out and has been tested rigorously in all potential aspects.

Fuel economy is identical to being naturally aspirated due to the vehicle not constantly being under boost therefore not requiring more fuel. Typical driving behavior is even better than NA with the included tune. When not in boost the car is compliant and unassuming, when you downshift and step on it your vehicle will take on a whole new personality as the turbo lights up and produces the much appreciated noises and thrust you have yearned for. Power delivery is smooth and consistent well past triple digit speedometer readouts where the stock counterparts are lacking past interstate speeds. Shifting from 1st through to 6th has impressive consistency, downshifting and rev matching is incredibly crisp and keeps the power available. It just works.

This platform has always been a great handling and capable one but adding boost will elevate it to the next level. The more you beat on it the more it seems to want it, this is what the third gen mazdaspeed could and should have been. Combined with coilovers, proper tires, a big brake kit and rear sway bar your third gen mazda 3 will become a whole new beast. Coming out of corners you will have the missing thrust you have always wanted. When passing on the interstate or merging you will have power on tap, when bombing down back roads you will be greeted by turbo noises and the occasional exhaust pop encouraging you to push further.

If you are looking to get the most of your third generation Mazda 3, then this is the ultimate all-inclusive solution you are looking for. I would recommend suspension, brake, exhaust, and engine mount upgrades to get the most out of the additional power. When modified to this extent the car becomes an entirely different experience and everything you could hope for from a vehicle that was never intended to perform at this level. Be prepared to fall in love all over again and experience the anticipation of the next chance you get to take it out for a drive. I cannot express enough, my deep satisfaction with what this vehicle has become and am excited to see how far it can actually go in the future.
What stands out to me is how complete this kit is. You literally get everything you need, without having to go elsewhere, all in one order. Complete from bolt on, to being tuned, without having to spend any more on a tuning solution or dyno time. The quality and fitment is bar none. From how everything fits, lines up, included tapped oil pan, etc. Yes, it's a bit inclusive for the install, but this kit makes installing a turbo kit on a naturally aspirated car, as easy as it can be, especially with the instructions and videos provided.
The CorkSport Turbo Kit turns the mild mannered commuter car into something that makes driving the car very enjoyable! I call it the K04 killer, because it is. A stock turbo Mazdaspeed will have a hard time with this, and in my opinion, how the car should have come stock from Mazda. It's very controllable and predictable and drives like a stock car when you want it to, while having the extra power ready when you need it. Whether you are racing grandma in her corolla, enjoying your favorite on ramp, or heading out to your local drag strip or autocross course.
I had the pleasure of spending several months with the CorkSport R&D car, while tuning the car and getting it dialed in. A lot of the quirks I hated about the stock mapping of a stock car are now a thing of the past.
I highly recommend the kit due to the high quality and reliability of the kit and tuning.
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Mazda performance parts financing is available with CorkSport

Looking to finance your parts purchase and want to get 6 months NO interest on any purchase over $199? Click on the image above for more details.

Fitments Verified:
2014-2018 Mazda 3 2.5L SkyActiv-G Manual/Auto
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Mazda 6 2.5L SkyActiv-G Manual/Auto

Confirmed Does Not Fit:
2.0L SkyActiv-G Engines

Future Vehicle Testing & Verification:
Mazda CX-5 All Models & Years
Non-USDM vehicles
Right Hand Drive vehicles

Vehicles In Testing & Verification:
2014-2018 Mazda 3 2.0L SkyActiv-G Engine with Manual Transmission

3rd Gen Mazda 3 Informational Videos:

Below are videos which will help you with the installation and provide extra information about the turbo kit, how it works, and what to expect from your Mazda with the kit installed.

What to Expect with the Turbo Kit:

Turbo Kit Installation Video:

How to use MazdEdit

How to Setup the Boost Controller

Unboxing Video:

Teaser Release Video 1:

Teaser Release Video 2:

How to Flash Your ECU

2014-2018 Mazda 3 MazdaEdit ECU flashing instructions with tactrix

Required Parts for Operation:

  • You will need MazdaEdit for the flash process of your ECU. If you do not own it we offer the Lite version here.

Strongly Recommended Parts for Operation:

  • A RMM (Rear Motor Mount) is highly recommended for use with the turbo kit to minimize engine movement with the increase engine power output. The OEM rear motor mount is very soft and not durable enough.

Recommended Parts for Operation:

  • An OCC (Oil Catch Can) system is highly recommended for proper engine operation and health. OCC routing must not allow the oil catch can to become pressurized by boost pressure.
  • Upgraded engine coolant and oil cooling system will be required for track/autocross driving situations.
  • For optimal power output and performance, an 80mm Cat-Back Exhaust system is recommend for operation. Peak power numbers were completed with an 80mm CBE

Clutch Upgrade Options:

    We offer two brands either the X-Clutch kit or the Clutch Masters. Both include the flywheel and we have tested both on the street and the track.

  • X-Clutch Performance kit with the flywheel and clutch kit.
  • Clutch Masters Clutch kit with an aluminum flywheel and 2 choices of clutch disc material.

Due to the extensiveness of this kit, there are a number of advisories for you to be aware of. We include these to ensure you understand what to expect from your CorkSport Turbo kit. We also include them to help you understand how to keep your vehicle functioning correctly and retain the CorkSport warranty for the CS components. Full warranty information is located on the last page of the installation sheet in your turbo kit.

  • Installing a turbo kit on your vehicle will put additional stress and accelerated wear on your vehicle’s systems due to the increased power output. These systems include but are not limited to: engine, transmission, clutch, & axles. By installing the kit, the owner assumes the risks & responsibility associated with the turbo kit. CorkSport is not liable for any vehicle damage that may result from turbo kit installation & use.
  • The Turbo Kit does not fit RHD (Right Hand Drive) vehicles.
  • Before installation, please ensure your vehicle is in the best condition it can be in. Any pre-existing issues present with the engine/transmission/clutch/etc. will worsen with the added power and torque.
  • We have extensively tested this kit for over 21000+ miles on an otherwise stock car with no issues. However, everyone's vehicle is different and high mileage and/or vehicles with poor service history may experience greater risk of damage.
  • Excess abuse (frequent redlining, burnouts, etc.) and/or improper maintenance after the turbo kit has been installed will further increase risks of damage to vehicle systems.
  • Allow the vehicle engine to properly warm up to operating temperature before driving the vehicle “hard” and allow the vehicle to cool/drive easy before shutting off the engine.
  • Increasing the peak power output will more quickly find the limit of the OEM cooling system during track/autocross driving situations. Daily driving situations are not as significantly affected.
  • Installing a turbo kit on your vehicle will put additional stress and accelerated wear on your vehicle’s systems due to the increased power output. These systems include but are not limited to: engine, transmission, clutch, & axles. By installing the kit, the owner assumes the risks & responsibility associated with the turbo kit. CorkSport is not liable for any vehicle damage that may result from turbo kit installation & use.
  • The CorkSport turbo kit has a few advisories so that the vehicle will work correctly with the supplied OTS tune.
  • 91, 92, or 93 Octane fuel must be used to ensure proper performance & engine health. Using lower octane gasoline and/or ethanol blended fuels greater than 10% ethanol can result in engine knock and/or other potential engine damage.
  • Switching to a high quality 5W-30 oil is required for added protection for the increased heat & load that comes from turbocharging a vehicle. Oil with dexos2 certification is recommended to ensure the oil can handle fuel dilution that can be common on direct injected & turbocharged vehicles. Oil change intervals at 5k miles or less.
  • An oil catch can is strongly recommended for long term engine health. However, if you have an existing CS or similar OCC, the naturally aspirated setup will no longer work when installing the turbocharger as it will pressurize your OCC. We have kits for sale for both upgrading an existing OCC to work with the turbo kit and a complete kit for use with the turbo kit.
  • New spark plugs are provided that are one step colder heat range. These must be gapped to 0.026” and installed for proper operation. Replace spark plugs every ~10k miles, with same plugs and gapped to 0.026”.
  • Advertised horsepower and ~9.5psi peak boost level was tested on a vehicle with an 80mm exhaust near sea level. Smaller exhaust diameters and/or excess elevation will result in lower boost & horsepower levels.
  • Vehicles operated at elevation may need to adjust boost controller settings and/or wastegate preload if desired to reach ~9.5psi peak. Please see boost controller setup video and/or install instructions for details. Vehicles with smaller than 80mm exhaust will not be able to reach the ~9.5psi peak boost due to exhaust restriction. Standard 2.25-2.5” exhausts will typically only reach ~9.5 psi and ~258 WHP. OEM exhaust is ~ 8psi of boost & ~244 WHP.
  • Do not modify the wastegate preload or boost controller settings to increase boost pressure above ~9.5psi peak. This is designed to be a safe level for both the engine and fuel system. Increasing boost pressure further is likely to cause engine knock, fuel cut, and/or engine damage.
  • The CorkSport turbo kit removes the OEM catalytic converter and as a result is not legal for road use in most areas. The kit is sold for off-road and racing use ONLY. Removing the catalytic converter also illuminates a check engine light.
  • Installation of the CorkSport turbo kit is a very long process that can be difficult at times. Please read through all instructions to ensure you are comfortable performing the work before starting installation.
  • Some additional supplies/components are required during the installation. Please see the additional supplies list in the instructions.
  • If you are not confident completing basic wiring please seek assistance to complete the installation. While the connections are fairly simple, we include this warning as improperly connected wiring can cause fires.
  • Because the CorkSport turbo kit utilizes the OEM ECU that is setup for a naturally aspirated engine, it lacks the control systems for 100% perfect operation with a turbocharger. We have worked extensively to optimize the tune as best as we can however, there are certain situations where minor “surges” or “hiccups” can be felt. We will continue working to further optimize the tune!
  • Typically, these “hiccups” are when accelerating at lower RPM in a higher gear and/or when “lugging” the engine. We recommend downshifting to keep the vehicle at 3500+ RPM when attempting to pass another vehicle, merge onto the highway, and/or travel up a steep incline. It can also help to disable cruise control for hills on the highway.
  • For customers outside the continental USA, we are not able to ship the smaller battery required for turbo. Similar batteries can be purchased from manufacturers in your area to save on cost & make shipping possible. The supplied battery box is designed around an XS Power D925 battery that is 165mmx176mmx125mm (6.5”x6.93”x4.92”) in size.
  • If you plan to dyno your car after install, please note that power numbers from one dyno to another will vary. Test results shown on our website are from a Dyno Dynamics unit calibrated to approximately match a DynoJet dyno. Some dynos may read a lower peak power number, however, change from stock is a more important metric. Our testing showed an increase of ~115-125WHP from 100% stock to turbo kit with 80mm exhaust.
  • Clutch System Consideration: It is common to find that the OEM clutch assembly cannot support the added power of a turbo kit (or a turbo upgrade for vehicles that came equipped for example). In our testing we have found that the OEM clutch assembly may or may not support the increased power output that the CorkSport turbo kit produces.
  • OEM clutches in good working condition and minimal wear can support the increased power both in daily driven street applications and severe track abuse. However, OEM clutches that are excessively worn and/or abused may or may not support the increased power. The result of this will be a slipping clutch during attempted acceleration.
  • CorkSport has tested multiple aftermarket clutches for the Mazda 3 & 6 MT application and will be offering those as solutions to purchase. These clutch kits include a new single mass flywheel (aluminum or steel depending on manufacturer), a higher performance disc, pressure plate to handle the increased power output and supporting installation/use components.
  • Replacing the OEM dual mass flywheel with a lighter weight single mass flywheel may result in more noticeable gear noise and/or NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) from the transmission. In our testing we have found the additional noise to be minimal. However, a single mass flywheel will aid in faster revving and response by the engine.
  • Installing the CorkSport turbo kit on any vehicle other than the approved vehicle list (2014-2018 Mazda 3 MT/AT & 2013-2017 Mazda 6 MT/AT LHD ONLY at time of writing) will likely cause issues with fitment and/or functionality.
  • Cars equipped with iELOOP can see a low battery light during cold starts in colder climates/winter time. This does not affect drivability it is a warning light until voltage returns to 14+ volts.
  • CorkSport OTS ECU Calibration will be provided within 3 business days of received OEM ECU Calibration from you the customer, please plan accordingly.
  • An upgraded performance RMM (rear motor mount) is strongly recommended for installation and operation of the CorkSport Turbo Kit. The OEM RMM is too soft and allows too much engine movement for the increased power of the turbo kit.


By installing and operating the CorkSport Turbo Kit, you are also accepting these terms below.

Due to the extensiveness of this kit, there are a number of advisories for you to be aware of. We include these to ensure you understand what to expect from your CorkSport Turbo kit. We also include them to help you understand how to keep your vehicle functioning correctly and retain the CorkSport warranty for the CS components. Full warranty information is located on the last page of the included instruction sheet with your turbo kit.

CorkSport provides from the date of purchase to the original purchaser:

  • 24-month limited warranty on all CorkSport brand parts except noted below (for hard parts replacement and/or repair only)
  • 12-month limited warranty on CorkSport brand turbocharger assembly (AXM-6-566-11)
  • Manufacturer’s limited warranty for non-CorkSport brand parts (Battery, Boost Controller System, Split Second, Tactrix & Cable, Etc)
  • No returns accepted - all sales are final
  • This limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in material and workmanship only. At the time of service, the owner will need to be able to provide evidence of date and place of purchase.
  • CorkSport does not cover damage or failure caused by abuse, misuse, faulty installation, improper maintenance, or any repairs not carried out by CorkSport.
  • There will be no obligation or liability on the part of CorkSport for consequential damages arising from the use of the product or any indirect damages with respect to loss of property, revenue, or cost for removal, installation, or re-installation.
  • For warranty service the product must be reported to CorkSport to receive a unique RA# (return authorization number) and at that time you will be advised of where to send the faulty product.
  • All shipping charges for returns should be pre-paid. If the requested repairs or service are within the terms of this warranty then the item will be returned to you on completion without any charge. The unit must be in its original package with any original accessories. CorkSport will not be responsible for any loss or damage to additional items, which are sent with returned product.
  • If the product is not covered under the terms of this warranty, CorkSport will advise you of the costs to carry out any repairs necessary and the unit will be shipped to you on receipt of payment for the work including the return freight charges.
  • Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for return of your product. We try to ensure we carry out warranty repairs within five working days. We cannot be held responsible for delays in shipping.
  • Installation Process: Extensive time and effort was done by CorkSport to provided detailed color step-by-step installation instructions; both in written and video form. Failure to use the provided installation instructions may result in incorrect installation. If it is determine that incorrect installation was the cause of a warranty claim, said claim will not be honored. This stands for both DIY installation and professional installation by a “shop/mechanic”.
  • Operation of the CorkSport Turbo Kit: To maintain valid warranty support by CorkSport Performance LLC, the use and operation of the turbo kit must follow the requirements below:
  • Provided OTS ECU calibration must be used or a custom calibration can be requested by DramaTuned LLC ONLY. Use of any other tune provided by an entity other than CorkSport or DramaTuned will void warranty.
  • Fuel used must be USDM (or equivalent) gasoline Rated at 91, 92, or 93 octane and up to 10% ethanol blended. Use of lower octane gasoline, higher % blended ethanol fuels and methanol/secondary fueling will void warranty.
  • Not using and/or excessively adjusting the provided boost controller and mechanical wastegate to exceed the boost limit of 9.5psi will void warranty AND potentially cause significant engine damage.
  • Provided spark plugs (NGK Part# DILKAR8A8) and proper gap of 0.026” must be completed and used or warranty will be voided.
  • The provided BPV (By-Pass Valve) or a similar full-recirc BVP must be used for proper operation. Use of a non-recirculating BOV (Blow Off Valve) and/or a BPV Block Off Plate my harm the Turbo and Engine. Failure to use the proper BPV will void warranty.
  • Vehicle Applications: All research, development and testing have been completed on 2014-2018 Mazda 3 and 2014-2017 Mazda 6 2.5L vehicles. Operation on different but similar models has not been tested and validated. Installation and use on vehicles other than a 2014-2018 Mazda 3 2.5L and 2014-2016 Mazda 6 2.5L vehicle will void warranty.
  • With that being said, CorkSport is actively working on this development and hopes to support other similar vehicle applications in the future, but proper testing and validation must be completed first.