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Mazda CX7

A turbo SUV?! Yes, there is! The Mazda CX7 gives you the power of a mazdaspeed3, with the room of a Mazda5. The CX-7 SUV is primed for awesome customization and powered performance. CorkSport gives you performance air intake options along with upgraded engine components like upgraded high pressure fuel pump internals for the DISI direct injection engine and so much more.

Mazda made the CX-7 different from the start when deciding to go with a turbo 4 cylinder engine instead of the shared Ford/Mazda V6 used in the CX9. This may have hurt the sales in the main stream market but it gave the enthusiasts a platform which all of the options the Mazdaspeed 3 had for power and reliability improvements for higher boost and more torque and horsepower. Outside of North America the Cx7 was offered with a manual transmission so you could build a CX7 sleeper with all of the fun of a Mazdaspeed3 in the shell of a Cx7 aka hail the mail and the kids.