2007-2009 Mazdaspeed 3

The 1st generation of the Mazdaspeed 3 was a step up over the Mazdaspeed Protege for Mazda. Released in 2007 Mazda touted the MS3 as the wild child which it was at the time. 263 horsepower in a front-wheel drive hot hatch was not the norm when it arrived. The Mazdaspeed 3 had the recipe of a great performance hatch with a turbocharged direct-injected motor, upgraded sports suspension, subtle styling queues to set it apart from the standard Mazda 3, and an upgraded interior including supportive bucket seats with Mazdaspeed stitched in them.

Unique 1st generation Mazdaspeed 3 parts offered by CorkSport include the Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel and Aluminum Skidplate. All of our MS3 parts are designed in-house by our own engineers which focus on the highest quality for an affordable price.

CorkSport has been a leader in developing performance upgrades for the Mazdaspeed 3 including our top mount intercooler which allows the stock shroud to be retained design, unique high-pressure fuel pump internals, stage II engine mount, battery boxes, and more.