Mazda 3 Turbo

New for 2021, the Mazda 3 Turbo has been given the 2.5 Skyactiv Turbo engine from the Mazda 6 Turbo. Paired with the AWD system from the cousin model Cx5 turbo gives the Mazda 3 turbo some quick acceleration combined with the great handling of the 2019+ chassis. Rated with 250hp and 310 torque makes a great starting point for the M3T a smart quick street car.

Mazda introduced a new ECU to operate the 2.5 Skyactiv turbo engine along with an integrated air to water intercooler inside the intake manifold.

CorkSport will be developing Mazda 3 Turbo performance products which include Mazda3 Turbo Performance Air Intakes, intercooler upgrades, multiple exhaust options, suspension parts like lowering springs, coilovers and much more.


CorkSport Mazda Performance has the products and knowledgeable staff to help you achieve the full potential from your Mazda 3 Turbo. Whether your goal is to get 10-20 more horsepower and add a few Mazda 3 Turbo performance parts and accessories for style, or going all out with everything you can do to modify your Skyactiv Turbo 3.