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Mazda 3 Turbo Intake System Combo - Short Ram Intake & Turbo Inlet Pipe - All 2.5 Turbo Models

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Short Ram Intake and Turbo Inlet Pipe for Mazda
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The Mazda 3 Turbo Short Ram Intake & Turbo Inlet Pipe Combo available now! CorkSport has developed the best Short Ram Intake (SRI) & Turbo Inlet Pipe (TIP) system upgrade for the 4th generation Mazda equipped with the SkyActiv-G 2.5T engine. Designed as a complete and turn-key system for your Mazda. This performance intake system gives you the extra performance and turbo noise that you’ve been looking for.

The CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe & Short Ram Intake system significantly enhances your intake system's flow capacity to deliver air more efficiently to the turbocharger, making it ideal for current and future turbo upgrades. The clever design of the system maximizes the available space by expanding the cross-sectional area of the turbo inlet pipe from the small OEM 2.5 inches to a larger 3 inches, allowing for a greater volume of air to enter the engine.

The CorkSport Intake System combines years of experience and technology into one complete performance intake system from filter to turbo for your Mazda 3, CX-30, and CX-50. Combine this with the optional CorkSport Heat Shield for the ultimate and most complete intake system available today.

Read The BlogIt’s Finally Here! The Performance Turbo Inlet Pipe for the Mazda SkyActiv-G 2.5L Turbo

The CorkSport Advantage

Mazda 3 performance parts combo intake for turbo

Fitment Focused:

Designed from the ground up and with the intent to create the most complete system for your Mazda, the CorkSport SRI & TIP was optimized for the Mazda 3, CX-30, and CX-50 turbo due to their tight routing to the turbo. The primary obstacle in fitting the CorkSport turbo inlet pipe with a 3-inch cross-sectional area into the factory location was the presence of the battery tie-down. The tie-down juts into the path of the OEM turbo inlet pipe and obstructs the airway, creating further restrictions.

To resolve this issue, the internal height of the CorkSport Turbo Inlet pipe was increased more than the width, and an indentation was created for the battery tie-down to provide enough room when the motor moves under load. These modifications allowed the 3-inch cross-sectional area pipe to fit without necessitating a different battery setup.

Mazda 3 performance part skyactiv intake maf

Precision MAF Housing:

All the air entering the engine must flow through the intake system, so improving efficiency is key to making power. However, flow is nothing without precision and that is exactly why CorkSport only uses precision CNC machined aluminum MAF housing for the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. This sensor must precisely measure the air entering the engine for safe operation.


Design Logic:

Unlike competitors who use a small 2.5-inch metal pipe that must be crushed to fit, CorkSport took a different approach. We designed a turbo inlet pipe that maintains a continuous 3-inch cross-sectional area, optimizing the path for increased airflow. As a result, the CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe provides a 64% increase in cross-sectional area compared to a standard 2.5-inch metal pipe.

best intake for turbo Mazda 3 turbo step silicone

Smooth Flow:

Our goal was to achieve maximum flow potential. This requires non-turbulent flow (smooth air flow) as it passes through the SRI and into turbo inlet pipe. Therefore, every detail must be carefully considered when developing the optimal system for your Mazda. The CorkSport TIP silicone couplers reflect this attention to detail, even in the transition between the silicone coupler and turbo inlet pipe.

The step in the silicone coupler helps to smooth out the airflow as it enters the TIP, preventing turbulence caused by hitting a large edge.

Mazda 3 turbo performance part dual element filter

Dual Element Air Filter:

A high-flow dry element air filter is used to maximize airflow without compromising filtering performance. To further improve this; a dual-element design is used to increase the total filter area of the filter without making the filter larger. dry element air filter is used to maximize airflow without compromising filtering performance. To further improve this; a dual-element design is used to increase the total filter area of the filter without making the filter larger.

performance turbo inlet pipe for turbo Mazda 3

Design Blog:

Check out the design blog here to get a more in-depth understanding of the design logic used to develop the CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe. Design Blog – The Logic Behind the Design

4th gen Mazda 3 performance intake system complete

Testing & Validation:

Thousands of street and dyno miles completed on various Mazda 3, CX-30, and CX-50 models.

With the limited tuning abilities currently available we are being limited by the ECU load limits and controls. However, we are seeing faster response and turbo spool which shows the improvements in flow. This will be updated as tuning becomes more capable.

CorkSport turbo inlet pipe intake system skyactiv-g

Rotomolding Technology:

The CorkSport TIP uses a roto-molding manufacturing method that is becoming more and more common in the engine bay. This process allows us to create complex and unique shapes which are key to maximizing the available space between the engine and the battery. While this does cost a lot more to develop, the final product delivers much better results which were our #1 goal for the community.

Manufactured from high temp nylon and finished to blend into the engine bay for a more OEM look.

CorkSport turbo inlet pipe hardware for 4th-gen


All necessary installation hardware is provided for a quick and painless installation. This includes the hardware, aluminum MAF bracket, stainless steel TIP mounting bracket and stainless steel T-bolt clamps. Follow the step-by-step color instructions for all models equipped with the SkyActiv-G 2.5L Turbo Engine.

Turbo Mazda 3 intake color options

Color Options:

Customize your new Short Ram Intake & Turbo Inlet Pipe combo with your choice of air filter and silicone color. The front main silicone coupler comes in Red, Blue, or Black colors (while the other smaller couplers are relatively hidden in the back of the engine bay), and the air filter comes in a matching color. Whether you prefer a stealthy or loud look, the choice is yours to make.

Best intake system for 4th gen Mazda 3 turbo

Ultimate Intake Combo:

The CorkSport Short Ram Intake and Turbo Inlet Pipe were designed to work seamlessly with each other, but wait there’s more! Create the best and most complete intake system by adding the CorkSport Heat Shield.

Additional Features

  • Vehicle Fitment: 2021+ Mazda 3 Turbo, 2021+ Mazda CX-30 Turbo, 2023+ CX-50 Turbo
  • Made in America: Designed, manufactured, and tested in the Pacific Northwest.
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a 2-year warranty, full-color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support.

Product Advisory Note
  • CorkSport Heat Shield not included in combo kit
  • Please follow torque specs for T-bolt clamp installation, overtightening may cause damage.

How To Install the Short Ram Intake + Turbo Inlet Pipe

It will take you 2 hours to install the Short Ram Intake + Turbo Inlet Pipe.

2 hour Install Time

2 hour Install Time

Difficulty: 2/5

3/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



Link to a step installation instructions for the Short Ram Intake + Turbo Inlet Pipe

honestly, for these cars, I wouldn't go any other way then Corksport parts. they have developed tons of parts for Mazda specifically for years!
I bought this to replace my Burger Motor Sports air intake due to some fitment issues. It would rub really bad on my battery tray and there was a bolt on the intake manifold that kept making contact with the air intake. I can tell the design of the Corksport will fix my issues.

This was definitely a puzzle and lots of parts to put together thank goodness I was able to print the instructions. I was happy with the quality of the hardware and and it took me around 3.5 hours start to finish.

First impressions were it pulls noticeably harder which had me wondering did I have a boost leak with my last intake... only negative I would say is the BMS intake definitely sounds better, I think the metal pipe makes a huge difference in the way the sound transmits out.

I also bought the heat shield so I must take into consideration it might be less loud because of the added insulation compared to the BMS. I have this paired with the Corksport 80MM catback exhaust and I'm telling you it's so much quicker than factory.
Installed in my 24 TPP in about 2.5 hours with the heat shield. No comment on power gains, but the noises are what I got this for. You can hear tons of noise, but its not so much that if you turn your radio on and turn it up just a little bit, its unnoticeable unless you are on it hard. Just what I wanted.
Installed this in about 2.5 hours with my dad and was extremely straight forward due to the quality instructions. Induction sound brings a smile to my face every single day
Excellent product, immediately noticed better low end response after install before tuning. Much less restrictive airflow feel to the turbo which will improve gains after tuning. Makes a great sound over stock without being too obtrusive. Install was very straightforward, you'll want a strong cutting tool for the breather hose. Pricey but a well engineered high quality product.
Sounds way better than I expected. First mod I’ve done for a car, had a lot of fun doing it thanks to the very detailed instructions. Had to use a dremel to take off the hose clamp for the valve cover. But the whole installation was easy. I do notice a better throttle response so I’m happy. Coming for the exhaust next.
I installed this intake a few months back and have put roughly 5k miles on sense install and i have loved every mile of it! It work’s amazing and has definitely made a large difference in how the car sounds when accelerating. the install was fairly easy, the only time i had an issue was cutting the clamp off the valve cover due to not having a strong enough pair of metal cutters. But besides that everything installed as it should and have not had any issues with it no codes or anything I cant recommend this enough if your looking to upgrade your intake system on your turbo 3 or CX-30
Great product one you figure out how to get it all on. The instructions for the SRI/Turbo Inlet/Intake should be written much better and actually include PICTURES.
So, I’ve been running the BMS intake in both Stage 1 and Stage 2 for the past year. I have to say that the CorkSport SRI+TIP is the superior intake solution by far. While not quite as loud as the BMS intake, there’s a noticeable effect on both engine response and airflow. With the BMS, in both Stage 1 and 2, the turbo would hiss quite loudly during certain phases of acceleration (quarter/half throttle, low RPM), indicating that it was working harder to breath with their setup. This was both before and after the CorkSport 80mm exhaust installation. The CorkSport SRI+TIP, while still generating some noise, does not give the sensation of the turbo struggling to breathe through a straw.

While I am unable to specifically speak to improvements in terms of Horsepower/Torque, there’s quite a bit more punch/quick power delivery with the CorkSport setup.

All in all, I highly recommend going with CorkSport’s intake instead of BMS.
Absolutely awesome combination for adding some hp and tq, alongside some awesome sounds.
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Will this void warranty?

Asked by Isaac Pritchard | 05/23/2023, 06:42 AM | 1 answer(s)
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