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CorkSport 7th Gear

Price: $99.99
Price in points: What are Points?100 points
Introducing 7th Gear, CorkSport's premium membership program for those who mod hard.
7th Gear
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Some guys mod, and mod hard. We’ve created 7th Gear to help you take it to the next level. You are one of our best customers. You know it, and we know it. We are going to make sure you know - we know - you know it! #ZoomZoom!

This program is for CorkSport END CUSTOMERS ONLY - You may not purchase parts for family, friends, or businesses with your 7th Gear Membership. CorkSport retains the right to cancel and refund at a pro-rated monetary value for any misconduct.

CorkSport 7th Gear

Our gift packages are worth memberships all by themselves. In addition to the $99 value intro package, 7th Gear members also receive an anniversary gift annually; that is worth the value of the membership! That might be enough for some, just to know you got stuff you can only get by being a 7th Gear member, but we didn't stop there.

We'll make it super easy for you to stay on top of what we are doing by adding you to our exclusive Facebook group. You'll be the first to know about new products and have the chance to be the first to buy them. You'll get prioritized service in this group and see content you won't find anywhere else. You must have a Facebook account that matches the name on your CorkSport Account. Note, we do not allow business Facebook pages into this group.

If that were not enough, you'll receive FREE shipping in the lower 48 states or $20 off each shipment to AK, HI, and International shipments. With just a couple orders, this pays for membership all by itself! *Limitations apply.

Above all else, we're going to make this as easy as possible for you! Once a year, we will remind you to renew, and once you do, we will send out a FREE Anniversary Gift! Call us for support, questions, parts, or advice and we will help!

The intro package includes (almost) as much CorkSport merchandise you could ever want! Don't miss out on a CorkSport branded hat, a t-shirt and a vinyl package with the following decals:

  • One 36" Windshield Decal
  • Two 24" Decals
  • Two 12" Decals

Join 7th Gear and get exclusive free gifts!



As an active member of the Mazda community, you want the best stuff out there. We're here to provide that and then some! With the above benefits combined with our continuous support, we will help get your Mazda potential realized!

Welcome to 7th Gear! Welcome to the inner circle.

Free shipping for lower 48 states (HI/AK and international orders at reduced cost). *Each 7th Gear Profile is limited to a single purchase per part number for a vehicle that you own. You may not purchase parts for friends or family with your 7th Gear Membership. CorkSport retains the right to cancel and refund at a pro-rated monetary value for any misconduct.* CorkSport selects the method of shipment, which is typically UPS ground or USPS priority mail.
All of the products are a great investment, but this one, is the most valuable out of all products I got from Corksport.

I'm not based in the US, but the discount pays off over time and honestly, the knowledge mod you get out of it and the people you get to meet and talk with is literally priceless.

I got the support that I never knew I needed from the 7th gear fam, and they've clutch kicked and WOT me into racing.

I no longer find my shirt, and that brought sorrow :(

Sent from Bolt, the 7th Gear Romanian MS3.
If you plan to continue modding your car with Corksport parts than 7th gear is a no brainer. $100 in shipping can add up in as little as 3 orders depending on where you live, so after those 3 orders you're saving money, and who doesn't love saving money?
Don't forget your $100 isn't just for free shipping, you also get merch, ($20 shirt, $25 hat, $30ish worth of stickers) $75ish worth of merch, plus free shipping. Plus access to the 7th gear facebook group to share your build and learn about others builds, and how to improve your own as well as early access to sales and new product releases.

I'd say that's pretty well worth $100
To answer Jason Spencer, I bought this then started reading the reviews... well worth it
I'm not on Facebook so the exclusive group doesn't apply to me, but the rest of the goodies are pretty cool. Proper t-shirt and hat, enough stickers to cover a dozen tool chests, and free shipping to feed the addiction! If you're ready to take the plunge and buy a bunch of parts, this is worth it for the shipping alone.

So far the "anti-modding" medication I asked for isn't working though. I think Bayley slipped some "buy a bigger turbo" pills in the box instead. C'mon, not fair!
The membership is well worth the price on shipping alone. I had several orders this year and I am certain the shipping costs would have been over $100. And on top of that I got some sweet Corksport merch as well as news of upcoming products. If you are an MS3 owner or a Gen 3 Mazda guy, I highly recommend this.
Who doesn’t like exclusive gear... especially T-shirts and hats. Not to mention when the next item you want to buy comes out in “2 weeks” you’ll want that free shipping!
I don't know why you are reading my comment and not press the purchase button. It's a great package and great community of people. Nothing like being first of the list for a product.
If you're buying anything with a significant shipping cost, it would be patently stupid to not get the 7th gear membership. The hat is top quality flex-fit and the shirt is nice too, big vinyls if you're in to that. Exclusive access to sales, skipping the line on new parts, and you get behind the scene access for product development. Combined with CS points it's a much better offer than competitor's "free shipping".
Saved me lots of money with my skid plate as well as my smaller purchases i've made. Having this and being in on the know has really helped plan purchases in the future. Absolutely worth every penny. Love corksport and products. Will continue to be a CS lover and supporter as long as the quality stays where its at. Thank you corksport!
Do you love buying Corksport parts for your Mazda? Then why wouldn't you want to join 7th Gear? Early information on upcoming parts so you and your wallet can plan ahead. Corksport is one of the few companies still developing new and exciting products for the Mazda/Mazdaspeed platforms. Why not join them and get an even deeper inside scoop!

Even though I'm in Canada and I don't get free shipping, the discount I receive does help! The cost of 7th Gear could be covered from just a couple orders.
And even the occasional sale exclusive to 7th Gear is great.
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Does this cover shipping to canada as well?

Asked by Emile Gingras | 07/06/2023, 06:47 PM | 1 answer(s)

Is the 7th gear membership renewed annually or is it a one time purchase? Thank you in advance.

Asked by Carmine | 05/19/2023, 10:09 PM | 1 answer(s)

What about members located in Puerto Rico, what benefits do they get if doing a big order?

Asked by Eliezer Perez | 01/04/2023, 05:23 PM | 1 answer(s)

Soy de México, aplico para envíos gratis?... O cuando sería el descuento de cada envío que podría obtener con esta membresía?

Asked by Melesio Pérez resendiz | 05/12/2022, 11:42 PM | 1 answer(s)
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