Coming Soon: The New Turbo Inlet Pipe – Mazda SkyActiv-G 2.5L

The Design Logic

If you are a car enthusiast, own a new Mazda utilizing the awesome SkyActiv-G Turbo Engine, and have been searching the internet for performance parts then you probably know that CorkSport has been deep in development for this new Mazda platform.  Specifically, CorkSport has been working on the last piece of the intake system puzzle, the Turbo Inlet Pipe. 

This is the black plastic “tube/pipe” that connects the Short Ram Intake System to the turbocharger inlet.  While the SRI System adds some great turbo noises and power gains to the Sky-Activ Turbo, there is still more opportunity for additional performance and sound improvements.  This is where the new CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe steps in.  

Mazda 3 Turbo Inlet Pipe Concept Designed by CorkSport

When we started the development of the Turbo Inlet Pipe, we set goals to decrease overall flow restrictions (improving performance & sound output), fit like OEM, and interface great with the already existing CorkSport Short Ram Intake and Heat Shield

We explored the typical metal pipe option but found the biggest we could fit was a 2.5-inch pipe and would still need some amount of crushed section to fit without rubbing.  Not only was this a very minimal improvement in flow VS the OEM 2.5-inch turbo inlet pipe, but it also still reduced the diameter of the system after the MAF housing.  This was quickly dismissed as not good enough.  

Fast forward to the CorkSport design and we ultimately have a result that is very a different but performance-derived design.  While the shape and design may look odd, the logic behind the design is sound.  Let’s dig in. 

Logically Designed to Fit Like OEM

First, let’s compare it to the OEM; the difference is drastic to say the least.  The inlet/outlet is now 3 inches vs the much smaller OEM at 2.5 inches and the overall width and height of the mid-section are immensely larger. 

4th Gen Mazda 3 performance turbo inlet pipe part
4th Gen Mazda 3 Turbo Inlet Pipe
Mazda 3 Intake System Tip

Addressing the elephant in the room…that large scallop cutout in the side of the CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe is there to provide clearance for the OEM battery mounting bracket.  Looking at the OEM turbo inlet pipe you can see a smaller scallop cutout as well.  While complicating the design, it’s a necessary evil to maintain OEM-like fitment and not require a different battery and battery mounting setup.  

Future Proofing Our Designs

Now, why did we purposely increase the inlet/outlet to a much larger 3-inch design?  The logic behind that was simple…the MAF housing (OEM and CorkSport) has an internal diameter of 3 inches (76mm).  We wanted to maintain that cross-sectional area throughout the entire intake system, from MAF housing to turbo inlet so we could maximize performance and future-proof the intake design.  

Comparison of OEM and CorkSport Mass Flow Diameter
Comparison of OEM and CorkSport Mass Flow Diameter

In the above image, you can see the CorkSport turbo inlet pipe on the left and a generic 2.5-inch pipe inlet tube on the right.  You can start to see the conflict of MAF size to the turbo inlet pipe size that we refused to compromise on.  

Below is a cutaway view of the MAF housing vs the turbo inlet pipe.  The CorkSport design maintains a constant 3-inch inner diameter to maximize flow performance.  Had we used 2.5-inch piping, there would be an immediate restriction in flow caused by the inlet pipe.  

Comparison of improved airflow of Turbo Inlet Pipe to the OEM in flow.
Comparison of improved airflow of Turbo Inlet Pipe to the OEM in flow

So, yes, a 2.5-inch metal pipe may be a minimal improvement over the OEM 2.5-inch plastic turbo inlet pipe; we had already decided that was not good enough and was not future-proof.  Why is future-proofing important?  Well, we are confident this platform will have larger turbo option(s) down the road that may or may not use the OEM 2.5-inch inlet size.  With the larger 3-inch CorkSport turbo inlet pipe we are planning for those future possibilities.  

Size of Turbo Inlet Pipe Matters

The CorkSport turbo inlet pipe has a 3-inch inner diameter inlet and outlet which is great, but what about the middle section?  This is also where the OEM design has its issues.  

The key was height and profile optimization.  We exploited all of the available space in both height and width so we could maintain a cross-sectional area that matches a 3-inch pipe.  

Turbo Inlet Pipe side view by CorkSport
Turbo Inlet Pipe side view by CorkSport

Looking at a cutaway of the CorkSport design vs a generic 2.5-inch pipe design you can see how we were able to maximize the cross-sectional area even in the location of the battery mounting bracket where the scallop cutout is.  This design process was slow and tedious with many iterations, but it challenged us to think outside the box to develop the best complete intake system on the market.  

CorkSport improved Turbo Inlet Pipe shows a 64% increase in cross sectional air flow.
CorkSport improved Turbo Inlet Pipe shows a 64% increase in cross sectional air flow

Maintaining a true 3-inch comparable cross-sectional area through the entire intake system maximizes flow potential, future-proofs the entire system for future performance modifications, and absolutely enhances sound.  Let the numbers speak for themselves…a 64% increase in the cross-sectional area vs a generic 2.5-inch metal pipe. 

The numbers speak for themselves…a 64% increase in cross-sectional area vs a generic 2.5-inch metal pipe.

The Turbo Inlet Pipe Fits With Our Products

So how does the CorkSport turbo inlet pipe work with the existing CorkSport short ram intake and heat shield?  Perfect!

We’ve designed the system to integrate with the existing SRI and Heat Shield without issue.  If you already have an SRI and/or Heat Shield you will only need to order the Turbo Inlet Pipe kit itself.  

Also, this will fit all applications with the SkyActiv-G turbo 2.5L engine: 2021+ Mazda 3 & CX30, 2022+ CX50, 2018+ CX5 & Mazda 6 and 2016+ CX9.  

This kit will include the turbo inlet pipe, mounting bracket & hardware, the inlet silicone coupler of your color choice (Red, Blue, or Black), and the outlet silicone and valve cover coupler in black (it’s pretty hidden). 

Full design of the 4th generation Mazda 3 Turbo Intake System
Full design of the 4th generation Mazda 3 Turbo Intake System

Next, install the Turbo Intake Pipe with the provided color step-by-step instructions for a seamless install and you’re done!  It’s really that simple and painless.  

Lastly, the turbo inlet pipe is a black plastic nylon-based material and blends into the engine bay great. If you are just now starting your modifications, you can order the whole kit and go for a bright look or an all-black stealth look.  You decide!

Above view of the full Turbo Intake System.
Above view of the full Turbo Intake System

Thanks for checking out CorkSport and the upcoming release of the CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe.  We hope this was informative and helpful in your decision-making process to modify your Mazda.

Look for the release of the Turbo Inlet Pipe coming soon! If you want first dibs, our 7th Gear exclusive membership, 7th Gear, provides early access along with free shipping, apparel/sticker pack, exclusive sneak peeks, and first dibs on new releases!

-Barett @ CS

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New Mazda CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe – The Design Logic
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New Mazda CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe – The Design Logic
Learn about the new Turbo Inlet Pipe by CorkSport Mazda Performance. The logic is clearly seen improving air flow while fitting OEM!
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