Turbo Inlet Pipe Differences

There are some significant differences about how we designed our turbo inlet pipe compared to the other solutions offered for the DISI engine. We get a couple common questions that we thought would be worth reviewing for our readers about our design vs. the other options on the market today.

The first question we get asked most often is also the most obvious difference, which is why we chose metal over silicone. CorkSport uses a mandrel bent aluminum pipe to replace the factory plastic pipe instead of silicone. The reason we chose metal in place of silicone is to maintain a better flow through a very tight area. Metal cannot distort in shape or size and provides a smooth pipe to flow through that does not have the rougher characteristics associated with the nylon braid used in silicone.

The second question that comes up most frequently is, can a metal turbo inlet pipe transfer heat to the air rushing through the pipe at a rate that would increase the temperature of the air going into the motor? To begin with, the pipe itself is insulated from touching the turbo or block by silicone so the actual heat transferred into it is very low. It is insulated from the bracket that it bolts to by rubber and has no other contact with the engine bay other than through the air. The physical air in the engine bay should be the same no matter what intake you run so the turbo inlet pipe will eventually reach the same temperature.

In order to test this we ran our test car on the same day with less than 10 degrees difference between ambient air temp between tests. We put the car on the dyno and ran the car at the same load from the same rpm range at 20psi. This was about 2500 to 6500rpms. The above graph shows the difference between intake air temp and boost air temp. The intake air temp is basically outside air temp and the boost air temp is the temperature of the air entering the engine. There was basically no difference from metal to plastic telling us that the metal is not able to transfer heat any faster than the plastic to the actual air traveling into the motor.

Bottom line, during testing, the CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe showed a 14% improvement in flow over the stock turbo inlet pipe, resulting in improved boost levels, and customers can rest easy knowing that the aluminum piping will not affect the temperature of the air running to the motor


Product Release! CorkSport Redesigned Turbo Inlet Pipe

CorkSport is pleased to announce the re-release of the CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe for the Mazdaspeed 3, Mazdaspeed 6 and CX7. The newest version of our turbo inlet pipe has been redesigned to provide seamless fitment with OEM or other aftermarket intake systems by replicating the fitment of the factory TIP to the intake.

This popular product maintains its ability to provide improved responsiveness and power while now providing even better fitment for customers running stock or other another non-CorkSport brand aftermarket intake.

Unlike other turbo inlet pipes on the market, CorkSport’s Turbo Inlet Pipe is constructed from mandrel bent aluminum making it a true high performance turbocharger inlet pipe. It has been designed with a downstream recirculation valve fitting to prevent turbulence backwash around the MAF sensor and avoid unnecessary check engine lights and stumbling.

During extensive testing, the CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe showed a 14% improvement over the stock pipe and significantly decreased airflow turbulence by removing the restrictive nature of the stock pipe with the sweeping curves associated with the mandrel bent aluminum 60mm piping used in the CorkSport pipe.

CorkSport has designed the turbo inlet pipe to be purchased as a standalone piece to compliment your current stock or aftermarket intake set-up or can be purchased with the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Short Ram Intake for the best value on the market.

When combined with the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Short Ram Intake, flow test results showed a 54% improvement over the stock air box and turbo inlet pipe and netted max gains in dyno testing of +25lbs of torque and +33HP.

Sold separately the CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe can be purchased for $109.00 and can be customized to compliment the look of your engine bay with polished or powder coated black aluminum piping and your choice of red, black or blue silicone. Purchase the CorkSport Short Ram Intake along with the turbo inlet pipe for an additional $140.00 to get the most gains from this power modification.