5 Mazda Owners You Should Be Following on Instagram

Who doesn’t love an awesome shot of a Mazdaspeed, rolling through lush green highways? How about a whole stockpile of those shots, new angles and stances every week?

A lot of us drive beautiful Mazdas, but only a few of us have the photographic gift (or photographer friends) to showcase them as they deserve. For the rest of us, we can just enjoy the sights on Instagram, which has tons and tons of Mazda accounts we love.

We showcase owners and their pics every day with a #CorkSport Pic of the Day, so be sure to use that hashtag on your best shots. Sometimes, though, we need to point you toward a whole account, like these 5 Mazda owners you should be following on Instagram.

1. Gabriel Manzanera

He swaps out his wheels sometimes to keep things fresh. But really, Gabriel’s ride always looks fresh:


2. Marty Gro

Does it cleaner than this? Bonus: Marty takes some great pics of his dog too.


3. Nick Pereira

If you’re ever in the mood for just a glimpse of a Mazda, Nick finds the best angles of his Mazda 3, showcasing just how good every part of the car looks. (Don’t worry: He takes some killer full body pics too.)


4. Kyle Cross

You’ll see more than just Mazdas on Kyle’s professional photography account, but we don’t mind when every shot looks so damn great.


5. Charles Villeneuve

Hailing from Canada, Charles is serious about mods—and takes some seriously great shots of his 2010 Mazdaspeed 3.


Who else, guys? Give us a follow at @CorkSport and direct us to some other great Mazda owners on Instagram.




What should Sponsorship look Like?

What should sponsorship look like?

We have hundreds of people contact us every year to be sponsored. Some want free parts, some want discounts, some want to test parts, some want to simply represent a company they love, and others simply want the satisfaction of saying, “I’m sponsored!”. What should sponsorship look like though? We have only a handful of sponsored drivers because we believe that sponsorship should be a relationship, not just money thrown at someone. At the same time we have thousands of customers who want to support us, and hundreds of customers that ask for sponsorship. So the real question is how do we provide a sponsorship program that is best for everyone? A program where we can sponsor more people, the right people, AKA the people YOU want sponsored.

Why do we sponsor people?

We sponsor people for several reasons.

  • We like you: We have so many amazing people in the Mazda community and we want to support the growth of the Mazda modification scene.
  • When you get support, you give support: It’s a proven fact that when someone tells their friend about a great part, product, service, or event that it can be better marketing than Google ads, billboards, TV commercials or any other form of typical advertising. The best advertising that we can have is simply by providing the BEST customer service, BEST parts, and a great experience for all Mazda owners. One way to do this is too sponsor drivers who can tell you exactly what our parts are like!
  • Testing: We are always working on new parts for your car and the best parts are the ones that get tested, revised, tested, revised, and tested again. Though we have plenty of cars at our disposal in our shop or personal garages, often the best testing comes from YOU. Plus when you can say “I beta tested this, and that shit WORKS” it lets others know that we aren’t just making stuff up.

How does it Benefit you?

It depends on what you are looking for. As a sponsored driver you might get discounts on parts, recognition in the community, or you might even get to work personally with some of our engineers to develop and give feedback on our latest parts in development.  As CorkSport rolls out a new Sponsorship program we want to be able to invite everyone into being a part of a team that can benefit you and us, equally. This means that the more you invest in your car and the Mazda community, the more we invest in you.

How does it benefit us?

This one is more difficult to measure. Sponsorship can often appear to be a one-sided endeavor. In many sponsorship relationships you might get paid with free product, or even cash, to say something like “After every race, I drink a refreshing bottle of Sporty Sport Drink“. Now the statistics on how many customers choose to purchase Sporty Sport Drink because of your sponsorship is a tough measurement. In the same way it’s hard to measure how often someone sees your sweet looking Mazdaspeed 3 with a CorkSport decal on the side and decides to find out what CorkSport is and then buy something. Nonetheless it does happen (we hope) but, there is more to sponsorship than just advertising to make more money.

Sponsorship benefits us because it allows us to be a part of the Mazda community. We don’t always get to be at every Mazda event, we don’t get to talk personally with every Mazda customer, and we don’t even get to respond to every Mazda thread, question or email in our great big world. When we sponsor someone we get to make a connection with you, and then you get to be our ambassador for all those people we can’t personally interact with. In other words, we get to be part of the Mazda community, due to our CorkSport Sponsored Ambassador Team.

The Best Part about Sponsorship:

The best part about sponsorship is the fact that it is a community benefit. Sponsored drivers get cheaper parts, or new unreleased parts, or recognition. Mazda drivers that aren’t sponsored get the extra knowledge and help from the sponsored drivers, and get feedback about parts they don’t have. Finally Corkspot gets the benefit of creating a better Mazda community which is why we started the company in the first place! Because we love Mazdas!

Sponsorship is about sharing OUR love of Mazda with YOUR love of Mazda, and spreading that love beyond where we can reach individually.


Mazda in Love CorkSport Sponsorship


Have some ideas for when we roll out our new program? Have you been impacted by one of our sponsored drivers, or someone you think should be sponsored? Have a brilliant plan to benefit the Mazda community? Email Spencer@CorkSport.com your feedback and ideas!

CorkSport Featured Car of the Month – October – Joe Perry

October Featured Car of the Month

Joe Perry and his 2011 Black Mica MazdaSpeed3


Joe found himself at a dealership, looking for a Mustang. As fate would have it though, he got the chance to check out a Mazdaspeed 3 instead and something just clicked. After the test drive, and finding out that the deal was just too good to pass up, he sealed the deal. Having owned a Miata previously, he knew Mazda could build an exciting car, even if it the Speed was a little different. Mostly, Joe just enjoyed the fact that his head didn’t stick above the roof!

With the purchase of his 2011 Black Speed 3 he decided to give modifying a try. Looking for a crisp feel and wanting to remove the excessive engine movement he was experiencing, especially when launching, he purchased the CorkSport Rear Motor Mount Insert. Once installed, the mod bug hit hard. Just check out this list:

Performance mods

-ETS tmic
-Autotech HPFP internals
-SURE intake
-SURE turbo inlet
-Forge V1 bpv
-Ultimate Racing downpipe
Corksport Racepipe
-Ultimate Racing cat-back exhaust
-Corksport Exhaust Hangars
-Corksport Short Shift Plate
-Corksport Race Rear Motor Mount
-Corksport Oil Catch Can
-Denso ITV22 spark plugs
Wheels & suspension
-10mm spacers
-Continental sport contact DW tires
-Eibach Pro-kit springs
-Koni yellow shocks
-Akebono Euro brake pads
Exterior goodies
-OEM mazda window visors
-20% tint
-Rally Armor mud flaps

Joe’s most frequent passenger is his girlfriend Elizabeth, who may be a little jealous of the attention his Speed 3 gets, but is always up for the “zoom zoom-boost,” as she calls it. “She loves the car, and there are times you’ll hear her say, ‘Just go fast’”.


Joe hasn’t found himself at many Mazda Meets or events, but he’ll regularly troll through the classic car shows and let the guys gawk at his ‘OCD Clean’ ride. “The old guys love it, a big contrast from theirs, but car people appreciate clean, powerful cars”.


You can find Joe and his beauty “cruising the winding back roads of the reservoir; a local spot through the woods with some good twists and turns”, or to and from work as a correctional officer. “Inmates look out the window and take notice of any and all changes I make to the ride, or just listen to the sound of it…” he says with a chuckle.


He loves his Pro Tune from Lex @ Stratified, and looks forward to some Work-Emotion Wheels and a possible upgraded turbo next summer.

This is Joe’s first ‘award’ of any kind, “I love the car and keep it crazy clean, but haven’t really shared it much”. So ladies and gents he’s batting 1.000!


I’m going to end this with my own thoughts here and say:
“Just look at that GRIN!”
Cheers –  Kim

Representing CorkSport Mazda Performance

Representing CorkSport Mazda Performance.

Since starting here at CorkSport HQ, I find myself searching the lanes of traffic for Mazdas. I can’t deny that it gets my heart pumping a little bit when I see a Speed3, but that’s merely because I have a preference for them and the “zoom-zoom” effect.

What keeps me looking is that I don’t always see Mazdas of what I’ll call the “proper persuasion”. It may just be a Pacific Northwest thing, but there are a lot of sexy performance cars roaming the streets disguised as family vehicles. Now don’t get me wrong, a family car is always necessary, but after seeing what the enthusiasts are capable of, I get a little disappointed when I don’t see a CorkSport branded vehicle behind every Mazda emblem.

Over Labor Day weekend I was driving home from camping and having a conversation with a fellow car enthusiast (he’s into Mitsubishis, yuck) about how often we see cars “repping” their favorite performance brand. He was actually doing a great job of making me defensive, saying that he’d never seen a good looking performance Mazda. He said it was a rare occurrence out here to see a clean/stance one and then for it to also be repping CorkSport, “like seeking unicorn’s”. I was disagreeing with all that I had, and yes I mean that in reference to volume control.

We were in a deep, what I’ll refer to as an, “elevated and passionate” conversation, when low and behold, there in the lane just left of us, was a tiny 6” decal on the back right of a very clean Speed3 (Gen2). A perfectly pitched screech of “TOLD YOU SO” bellowed from my mouth, followed by a quick cell phone pic and a good long laugh at how “I (Kim) am always right, get used to it.”


Since then, we have found and rewarded the owner of this beautiful beast https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151905810739257&set=a.317272679256.181853.126409094256&type=1&theater, but it got a great conversation going in the office of “where is the best spot to place a decal?”

So, this is the question I pose to you, our readers:   “Where do you think is the perfect spot to rep your favorite performance brand?” I prefer them to go along with the elegant lines of the car, but others say that having them stand against those brings a slick look as well. What do you think?

Here are some of the pictures that we have seen the in past, please feel free to post yours so we can check it out!



Can’t wait to see what you all show us!

Sincerely yours,

The very passionate and boisterous CorkSport Customer Service Representative,


CorkSport September Featured Car of the Month: Brandon Graser


Brandon found himself looking for a new car, and in the price range that he had at the time, he test drove quite a few. He was hooked on the fact that the Speed 3 was the “best bang for your buck and the most fun to drive”. He enjoyed the overall look, style, a feel of the car; “this one” was the one to get.


Every car he had ever modded started with an intake and since “CorkSport was right here in town, just a couple miles away” it seemed like the most realistic option for him to check out what we had to offer. He can’t quite recall whether or not he purchased the CORKSPORT Stage II Power Series Short Ram Intake for Mazdaspeed 3 by itself or if he walked away with a lot more that day after talking with Austin. (Our records show he definitely did: CORKSPORT 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3 Cat Back Exhaust, CORKSPORT Urethane Exhaust Hangers, CORKSPORT Mazdaspeed 3 Downpipe).


He does know that he definitely went on a binge and found himself at CorkSport quite often. Of course, he found himself working on his car even more. CORKSPORT Underhood LED Light KitCorkSport-Featured-Car-Of-The-Month-Brandon-MS3-Underhood-LED-Kit

He’s never been to a show, nor has he entered a contest, so let’s just say he’s batting 1000 at this point, after winning the CorkSport Featured Car of the Month with his extensive submission and CS plastered Mod list.

Brandon’s list of Mod’s:

CorkSport Stage II SRI w/CorkSport  turbo inlet pipe
CorkSport  catted downpipe
CorkSport  catback exhaust
CorkSport Urethane Exhaust Hangers
CorkSport  short throw plate/weight
CorkSport shifter bushings
CorkSport  mudflaps
CorkSport  big brake kit w/ STOPTECH crossdrilled/slotted rotors
CorkSport  rear brake pads and stainless steel rear lines w/ STOPTECH crossdrilled/slotted rotors
CorkSport  front mount intercooler
CorkSport  race rear motor mount
CorkSport  front eyelids
CorkSport  LED underhood light
MAZDA OEM J-Spec Mazdaspeed Axela Tail Lights
Synapse Engineering Diverter Valve
Cobb AccessPort
Redline Tuning hood strut lift kit
Kuda Mount w/ hardlined Iphone 5 Proclip charger

And of course, a handful of CorkSport vinyl stickers!


AMO, (Awesome Mazda the Original) as his one of his lady friends has christened it, is something that he’s pretty proud of. “I’ve done most of the work myself with the help of some friends, and all of it with very little previous DIY experience.”


When asked what his “favorite” mod was thus far, he said, “The most significant difference in the car is how it sounds now, after the cat-back exhaust and the downpipe were put in.” CORKSPORT 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3 Cat Back Exhaust, CORKSPORT Mazdaspeed 3 Downpipe.

Next on the list for upgrades will be some lowering springs or coil overs. “The car pretty much looks stock at this point. You can’t tell how much work has really been put into it, because I’ve left the styling alone except for the eyelids and array of stickers of course. It’s a “NEED” to make it look better, and the improved handling will just be a plus.” CORKSPORT Mazdaspeed 3 Lowering Spring Set, CORKSPORT Coilover Suspension Kit Mazdaspeed 3/Mazda 3

Brandon doesn’t find himself alone in the car that often. Remo, his full breed miniature long haired dachshund, is normally right there in the shotgun seat being a perfect copilot. “He’s an old quirky little guy, but always up for a drive.” You can find Brandon and Remo around the Vancouver, WA area, headed to and from work or taking the occasional drive out to Sunset Falls. “It’s in the middle of nowhere, with zero traffic, lots of twists and turns and of course the privacy to drive a ‘bit’ faster.”


Do you want to show off your Mazda? Think you have what it takes to be the next featured car of the month? Send an email with at least 3 high quality pictures and a full mods list to kim@corksport.com and you can find out!!!

Featured Car of the Month – Evan’s 2007 Mazdaspeed 3

Evan McIntyre used to stop by and visit us regularly at CorkSport (he lived just down the road at the time) and keep us company in the showroom while getting some mods added to his car. He has since moved to Honolulu, HI to pursue Biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

We miss his company here at CorkSport, but don’t blame him for trading the dreary rain of the northwest for sunshine and paradise.

It was great to watch Evan build out his Mazdaspeed 3. Shortly after he got his license, he found himself always glancing back and Mazda 3’s and knew he wanted to upgrade from his hand-me-down 1994 accord.

New to driving, he didn’t know how to drive a manual so never considered a Mazdaspeed 3, but his brother kept telling him the speed was the way to go and the thought of a 300 WHP speed3 is a strong incentive to learn, so he picked up driving a manual and got his 2007 Mazdaspeed 3.

He had always been interested in cars because of his older brothers. He used to enjoy sitting around and watching them work on various cars with their friends until late into the night. He would always ask how he could help and how things worked, but his Mazdaspeed 3 was his first real experience modifying his own vehicle.

He started modifying his car with the best bang for the buck power modifications and added a Stage II CorkSport Short Ram Intake and a Turbo-Back Exhaust with exhaust hangers to keep that bad boy solidly in place as well an HKS VTA SSQV Blow Off Valve and a COBB Tuning Access Port to remap his fueling and timing to keep it on point.

The next obvious modifications to add were handling modifications. He added CorkSport Lowering Springs to give his speed a more aggressive look and improved driver feel and rear motor mounts for improved shifting to help counter all the newly added power.

With improved handling and power came the need for improved braking so Evan added stainless brake lines. He also smartly added some protection for the undercarriage of his vehicle now that it was lowered by adding a skid tray.

Next he focused on some transmission upgrades with the CorkSport Short Shift Plate and Shifter Bushings. He then focused on more aesthetic items by adding eyelids, a license plate relocation kit, vinyl from his favorite Mazda Performance company and upgraded all of his interior lights to LED’s along with his fog lights and added an LED underhood lighting kit.

A lot of people are happy to stop at this point, but Evan wanted more, so he took his build to the next level and added an aftermarket crankshaft pulley, a Front Mount Intercooler Kit to replace his Top Mount Intercooler, EBD GD Series Brake Rotors, Red Stuff Ceramic Brake Pads, and TWM Performance Full Replacement Short Shifter.

Watching Evans car come together the way it has and the smart decisions he has made along the way to balance his power, handling, braking, and styling is exactly what we like to see when we watch a build occur. He has put a lot of money into his build, but has done it gradually over time and thoughtfully.

And as Evan put it, “I love how no matter what is going on in my life, I can always get in my car and go for a drive, day or night, and during that drive nothing else matters but the road that lies ahead.”

Cudos on a great build Evan and we look forward to your visit over the Christmas holiday. Hope your ready for some rain!


Featured Car of the Month: Kritz’s Speed3

When Steve first approached me about being sponsored by CorkSport, he smartly sent along some swag from a recent surf competition near his home on the south shore of Long Island NY. Being an ex-surfer myself, it certainly didn’t hurt his chances, but buttering me up with free stuff wasn’t what convinced me that Steve would be excellent at representing CorkSport in the community. It was his passion for Mazda performance and for CorkSport, his unrelenting positive attitude, and his enthusiasm for being a part of the Mazda community that made him an ideal candidate to wear the CorkSport badge.

Steve Kritzberg (Kritz on the forums) is a true Mazda enthusiast if you’ve ever met one. This may be a more recent obsession for him, but he has immersed himself in the forums and become an active member in his local Nator New York group and the surrounding chapters in NJ and PA, hosting install days, BBQ’s, and helping to plan events for the local chapter.

His 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 is his first Mazda, but he has always had a love for cars. Modding took a backseat to raising kids and his work as a local 1 plumber for a while, but his wife of 18 years has been very understanding about his recent affliction of the “mod-syndrome” and all things car related. Now a weekend autocrosser and recent winner of Best Mazdaspeed at the annual Torontomazda3 Forum Meeting of the Mazdas, Steve’s work is really starting to pay-off.

Mazdas handle really well right off the lot, but Steve has spared no expense on perfecting the handling and suspension on his speed 3 adding a CorkSport Coilover Suspension Kit with Camber Plates, CorkSport Front Sway Bar with CorkSport End Links, CorkSport Rear Sway Bar, CorkSport Rear Chassis Brace Set, CorkSport Mid-Chassis Brace, Volk TE37 wheels with Dunlop Star Specs 245/45/17’s, and a CorkSport Short Shift Plate and Shifter Bushings.

But just because he has spent a lot of time perfecting the suspension doesn’t mean he forgot the go-fast parts with the addition of a CorkSport Downpipe, CorkSport Racepipe, CorkSport Large Core FMIC, Turbosmart BPV, and a custom tune by none other than Rob Finkle (da man) 50% E85.

If you’ve ever been to Storm’s OCC All Mazda Meet, you may have met Steve there and if you went last year, you may remember a little prank dreamed up by the local Nator crew with the help of CorkSport as Steve was given the CorkSport Senior Citizen award which he now proudly displays on his fireplace. He may be a little older than some of the crew he hangs with on the weekends, but “old man” Kritzberg is still young at heart!

What’s next on the list for Steve’s build? Well, big turbo of course!


Full List of Mods:
CorkSport Coilover Suspension Kit w Camber Plates
CorkSport Front Sway Bar
CorkSport Front End Links
CorkSport Rear Sway Bar
CorkSport Short shift Plate
CorkSport Shifter Bushings
CorkSport Rear Chassis Brace Set
CorkSport Mid Chassis Brace
CorkSport Large Core FMIC
Turbosmart BPV
CorkSport Downpipe
CorkSport Racepipe
Resonator delete
James Barone Trilogy MM
Spherical shift knobage
CorkSport Interior LED Light Kit
Next Mod Front Grille Insert
Volk TE37 wheels with Dunlop Star Specs 245/45/17’s
Custom tuned by Rob Finkle (da Man) 50% E85

CorkSport Across the Pond – Dave Higson’s Gen2 Mazdaspeed 3 Build

I’m Dave or piggy as my mates call me (Long story). My fiancé, Caroline and our two year old son Jason are my life, modding is my obsession.

I’ve always loved cars beginning with an apprenticeship as a mechanic for Peugeot for a couple of years then later in life a year in commercial mechanics, followed by 18 months as an assistant manager at a car modifying superstore. I most recently spent eight years as a parts specialist for Mercedes Benz.

I own a Gen 2 Mica Black Mazda 3 MPS (Mazdaspeed). I was originally going to buy an RX8 (a very popular car here and are cheap) but the parts that are available are generally body kits and wheels and I loved the look of the Gen 2 Mazdaspeed 3, mainly because of the bonnet scoop (although I’d love to get my hands on a raised scoop! hint hint CS).

There are literally about 5 companies in the UK that have any clue how to tune Gen 1 or Gen 2 Mazdaspeed 3’s and even fewer companies that sell parts for them. This is actually the second time I’ve modified this car. The first time the company that did the map messed it up and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I took it back to standard and started again at great cost because I sold all the parts. Now I have a full CorkSport build and could not be happier with the result.

For power, I started by adding the CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust, CorkSport Downpipe, CorkSport Racepipe, CorkSport FMIC for Ram Air Kit, BBR star tune & HPFP internals, and HKS4 BOV. I also added the CorkSport DISI Silicone Bypass Valve Hose, and CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Silicone Radiator Hose Set.

The power gains are very noticeable even without the re-map. The tuner even said it’s a very good setup. The ram air intake breaths really well and the tubo spool packs a harder punch once the boost comes in. I’ve not had a dyno run yet, but 320hp is roughly what it has with the set-up.

For handling I went with eibach with a 30mm drop, Bridgestone RE050A, CorkSport Short Shift Plate and Shifter Bushings, CorkSport Mid Brace, CorkSport Front and Rear Sway Bars,CorkSport Sway Bar End Links, CorkSport Lower Front Brace Bar, CorkSport 4-Way Brace Bar, CorkSport Front Camber Plates, and CorkSport motor mount inserts.

Usually a steering wheel will have some play, allowing you to move the steering wheel an inch left and right while driving and nothing happens but that’s gone giving me a much sharper response. Now I can feel the car taking a corner so much better and I have a much greater idea of what the car is doing when I corner. The ride is much firmer so not for the faint hearted. The mods take away the factory smooth and comfortable ride and give you a sharp responsive car with much more grip.

Then of course there is the styling which I decided to go with a red and black theme on the outside and a blue theme under the hood.

I got Rarerims red wheel nuts, Wheelworx gloss black powder coated wheels, CorkSport Rear Smoked Led Reflectors, CorkSport Interior LED light kit, CorkSport Number Plate relocation, black mud flaps, red calipers, and rp boost gauge.

Just placed 3rd in the ultimate street cars online voting and 4th at the main show @ Santa pod raceway losing out by one point to 3rd. 1st was a tuned RS focus with massive ice install and dripping with carbon fibre. My next event will be the 2nd of September, Trax at Silver Stone.

My next mods will be CS Oil Catch Can, CorkSport Eyelids, and CorkSport Rear Camber Arms. I am planning an ice install already have vibe space twin 12″ subs are 3000 watt a piece. Carbon dipped alloys 8.5J (if they’ll fit) so I can plant the power and I’m also looking to upgrade the discs and pads all round.

I have had a lot of different cars including a jdm Subaru sti 6 but once I saw the gen2 speed3 i was hooked and for price, you can’t beat them. I am an active member on mpsowners.co.uk and my car club is freshadditions.co.uk. If you wanna chat about parts I’ve fitted then add me on Facebook, Dave Corksport Higson or ask CorkSport for my email address.


Featured Car of the Month – It’s July in August! Tommy’s Speed3

July’s featured car ended up coming to you in early August this year. It was a hard fought battle between two 2010 Mazdaspeed 3’s that went down to the wire!

In total we had over 100 people vote on which car they wanted to see featured in our blog post with Tommy’s supporters coming in heavy in the end and pushing him above Kennedy FTW.

Tommy has a passion for extreme sports as a BMX racer and avid auto racing fan, but it wasn’t until he purchased his first Mazdaspeed 3 that he truly got into tuning cars.

It started innocently enough with a K&N Cold Air Intake that he admits purchasing before he knew about CorkSport. But once he found out about CorkSport and started spending some time on our website, the mods started adding up beginning with a CorkSport Front Tower Brace and Stoptech front and rear slotted rotors.

By then he was hooked and more go fast parts got added to the list with a CorkSport Racepipe, CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust, CorkSport Exhaust Hangers, and a Turbosmart dual-port B.O.V.

For some added style Tommy also picked up some CorkSport Lightweight Lug Nuts, LED Interior Light Kit, and LED Rear Bumper Light Kit along with an updated front grill color matched painted.

“Speed3’s are some of the best looking cars on the road today,” said Tommy when asked what attracted him to Mazda, “What I love about not just my car, but all speed3’s, is when you see one on the street it grabs your attention. People stop what they’re doing to check it out, just like I do when I see another one”.

Well Tommy’s Speed 3, or as his daughter calls it, his “roller skate” is definitely worth a second look!


Vote for July’s Featured Car of the Month!

Time for our July face-off to see who will become CorkSport’s next featured car of the month!

This month it is really going to come down to looks and current mods because we have two evenly matched competitors with Tommy Taberski’s 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 and Mark Kennedy’s 2010 Mazdaspeed 3.

Kennedy’s speed3 is all CorkSport featuring a Stage II SRI, Racepipe, Top Mount Intercooler, Interior LED Light Kit, Motor Mount Inserts, and several other performance parts including an Access Port, HPFP upgrades, recirculation Valve, and lowering springs.

Tommy has been building up his speed3 choosing to do a cold air intake over the short ram, adding a little suspension tuning with a front tower bar and upgrading his brakes with slotted front and rear brake rotors. His most recent additions include a CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust and Racepipe for some go fast power.

It’s anyones guess who will win this month’s honored award. Let us know by voting today on Facebook, Twitter, or commenting on this post!