CorkSport CBR Update #2: Bodykits

Alright, boys and girls so it’s time to turn up the CBR a notch and make her stand out.

Vincent from CorkSport here giving you the latest update!

If you have been following along, you know that we just got this brand new Mazda 3 not too long ago and decided we wanted to build it with you guys. In our most recent post, we asked for your opinions on a wrap for the car. Frankly, we wanted to collect more data to determine a real standout before we made a final decision, so we went back to the drawing board.

We also decided to take things a step further.

Before we decide to wrap it, we think we might do something a little bit more unique here and play with some body lines. We decided to make her pop and started exploring some options for body kits for the Mazda3. 

Now before you hit the next button and bail, hear me out.

I know the notion of body kits can leave many with a sour taste in your mouths. Some of you might think, “gross” or “you’ve got to be kidding me”, and in all honesty, I totally get where you’re coming from; I’m as “function over form” as they get. It’s rare you see me doing anything to my Mazda’s that does not ultimately have a true performance improvement goal intended. Maybe some nice LED’s here or a lip there, but pretty much if I am replacing something, it’s because I broke the original at the track, or need to upgrade to cut down on some lap times.

But for this Gen3 Mazda 3, since we are definitely going to have the performance end of things covered, we thought we might also explore some options that would make this ride visually unique as well. After all, the whole idea of the CBR is to have fun and to experiment!

On to the body kits we’re considering.

When I began looking for body kits, the first thing I did was go straight overseas to some good names in the aftermarket body industry. (No, I’m not talking about Rocket Bunny, can we please just go ahead and kill that already?)

Anyhoo, I decided to start with two names that CorkSport is very familiar with: Those two brands are Autoexe and Knight Sports. If you have not heard of them before, you should definitely give them a look. They are two of the biggest Mazda Performance brands out of Japan. Even more so, they both offer high-quality parts and styling accessories for the Mazda 3. I knew they would both have something interesting to offer, so I wanted to share my selections with you to see what you guys think.


Auto Exe #1

Autoexe offers two options for our Gen 3 Mazda3. Both simple and clean. One of the versions is just a rear spoiler and front bumper/grille. It does not even touch the side skirts or rear bumper. While this is not a bad option that makes for a simple look, I also wanted to explore something that would stand out a bit more; something that could catch the eye as a definite exterior modification.

Auto Exe #2

Now the 2nd kit they offer has a bit more to work with. It also is comprised of a front bumper/grill and rear spoiler, but it also adds side skirts and a little bit more aggressive styling. I liked this one because it has some nice LED fogs that are integrated into the bottom of the front bumper. A nice touch that is purposeful and visually stylish. The one drawback that I ran into however, is that both of these kits are both pre-facelift of the new car. Unfortunately for us, our car is brand spanking new and DOES have the face lift that Mazda provided for this model. That leads me to our next option…


I’m not going to lie here: the Knight Sports kit looks mean. (In a good way.) It’s aggressive, sleek, sexy, and fits all of the car’s body lines so well. The front fascia is fierce and fits the look of the car so naturally. The side skirts are in just the right proportions for the doors, and the little rear wing on the hatch compliments the car oh so well. Not to mention that this kit includes the whole package deal, including a nice rear bumper. I mean look at it!

This exterior modification kit looks pretty sick, and would make any Mazda3 look tough. The only sad thing once again, is this kit is pre-facelift, so we will have to have a chat with them and see what can be done. Perhaps we can see if something can be brought to the masses? Either way, all I know is that I personally want one of these kits on my cars!

Take a look at each of these kits, and let us know which one of them you like better.

Do you love one and hate another? Or maybe you are not a fan of either, and can recommend an even better-suited suggestion. We’d love to hear your feedback, because after all, we’re all building the CBR together 🙂

We want to give this CorkSport Branded Ride a new look asap, so drop a comment below and help us pick a direction!


Vincent @ CorkSport


CorkSport CBR Update #2: Bodykits
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CorkSport CBR Update #2: Bodykits
What body kits are available for the 2018 Mazda 3? Where can I get a body kit for my Mazda 3? We need to choose a body kit for the CorkSport CBR Mazda 3. Help us decide which kit to install on our 2018 Mazda 3 project. If you have been following along, you know that we just got this brand new Mazda 3 not too long ago and decided we wanted to build it with you guys. In our most recent post, we asked for your opinions on a wrap for the car. Frankly, we wanted to collect more data to determine a real standout before we made a final decision, so we went back to the drawing board.
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24 Replies to “CorkSport CBR Update #2: Bodykits”

  1. Could you just backdate the headlights (2014-2016) on a 2017 and fit the pre-facelift kits?

  2. Knight sports looks so much aggressive and mean looking. Definitely attracts more attention

  3. I love the KNIGHT SPORTS look. I do want to hear update on that front though. Aside from that, if the rear bumper opening clears bigger diameter mufflers, I’m all in!

  4. Knight Sport no doubt about it!! For what it sounds like your trying to do to the car, this is the perfect look!! Sexxxxxy!

  5. Knight Sports kit is awesome !
    But this kit without a good motorisation, it’s…. fail

  6. Knight sports is very nice- gives the mazda a tough mean look. My car is the facelift version too, but would definitely buy and fit if it was available for my baby!!!

  7. the knight sports kit is awesome and hopefully cheaper and autoexe….so knight sport needs to make a mazda 6 version.

  8. Definitely have to give the nod to Knight Sports on this one. It compliments the cars already sweet lines, but gives or an aggressive edge without taking over the original look.

  9. That Knight’s Sport kit is absolutely beautiful! I’m thinking that would look very nice on my 3 😉

  10. Wow!! These are all amazing! I’d rock the Auto Exe #2 myself..just because it looks aggressive and clean…but I think if I keep looking at the knight sport (in different angles) I’m gonna end up favoriting the knight sport.

  11. I would go with the Knight Sports kit or the OEM Appearance Package that Mazda offers. It includes the front side and rear aero kits for the Mazda and adds a nice clean look to the car. I had it on my 2016 ST3 and plan on putting it on my 2018 GT3 shortly.

  12. would love to see something for a gen1 MS3 – understand that isn’t likely due to age, but would be interested.

  13. I am a fan of body kits and I am putting the KS on my 2017 3 GT Sport next month or so. Summer project is to make a splitter for the front and then I need to figure out how I am going to open up that air intake to the front. To cut or not to cut, is the question. I would like to see the turbo from the new 6 fitted on the 3.

  14. Do you the 2nd kit for 2017 Mazda 3 and how much. Do you sell the spoiler alone?

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