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Transmission Motor Mount for 2014-2018 Mazda3 and CX-5, and 2013-2017 Mazda6

Price: $249.99
Price in points: What are Points?250 points
The CorkSport TMM reduces the movement of the engine and transaxle for greater driver feedback.
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Introducing the first and the only transmission mount for GEN3 Mazdas:

  • 2014-2018 Mazda3
  • 2014-2017 Mazda6
  • 2013-2018 Cx-5

The CorkSport GEN3 Transmission Motor Mount. Whether you are looking to liven up your daily driver or gain that last bit of driver feel in your racecar, the CorkSport TMM is for you.

By using stiffer materials to resist the engine and transaxle’s movement, the TMM provides sharper shifting and throttle response without drastically increasing noise and vibration.

Check out the video and information down below for full details.

The CorkSport Advantage

2014-2018 Mazda 3 performance transmission mount

Fitment Inspired

The CorkSport GEN3 Transmission Motor Mount was designed to install just like OE and fit with no compromises. No extra hardware is needed and all OE mounting locations and features are retained.

3rd Gen Mazda3 trans mount

Performance Driven

The CorkSport TMM may fit like OE, but that’s where the similarities end. The polyurethane bushings are much stiffer than the OE mount's rubber bushings to provide better throttle response, reduce wheel hop, and significantly improve shift feel. The bushing size and stiffness were chosen specifically to balance drivability and performance so you get the driver feedback you want without hugely increased noise and vibration. As a bonus, the polyurethane is more durable than the original rubber.

Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 upgraded trans support

Materials and Manufacturing

The CS TMM utilizes precision machined billet aluminum for the main body and mounting plate that is then anodized black for protection and good looks. Laser-cut stainless steel is used for the angled mounting bracket and washers to ensure lasting corrosion resistance, strength, and great fitment. A zinc-coated steel sleeve is used in the center of the bushings so that proper torque can be applied when installing the TMM. All of these parts are brought together with stainless steel hardware to keep your mount lasting a lifetime.

Mazda3 poly transmission mount

Balanced Feel

70A durometer polyurethane is used to provide the right balance of durability, driver feedback, and NVH.   The CorkSport TMM has been rigorously on the street and at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill in the CorkSport Mazda 3 Racecar.


Additional Features

    • Vehicle Fitment: 2.0L & 2.5L found in the 2014-2018 Mazda 3, 2014-2017 Mazda 6, 2013-2018 Mazda CX-5; equipped with both the manual and automatic transmissions.
    • Designed in America: Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.
    • CorkSport Service & Support: 2-year limited warranty, full-color installation instructions, all necessary components, and knowledgeable telephone support at (360) 260-2675.


NVH: Noise, Vibration, & Harshness in the vehicle cabin will be increased with the use of the CorkSport Transmission Motor Mount due to the increased stiffness. A/C use and automatic transmission-equipped vehicles may further increase the NVH. 

How To Install Your CorkSport Transmission Mount

It will take you three hours to install the CorkSport Transmission Mount with our easy-to-use instructions.


2 Hour Install Time

2 Hour Install Time

Difficulty: 3/5

3/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



The CorkSport Transmission Motor Mount for the 2014-2018 Mazda 3 is a significant upgrade, especially when paired with the CorkSport turbo kit. This mount enhances drivetrain response and stability, reducing engine movement during acceleration or shifting. Additional vibrations were not too much, I have an Automatic transmission as well.

I installed it shortly after installing my turbo kit and noticed an immediate improvement in performance. The car feels more responsive and stable, with reduced wheel hop. The installation was straightforward, and the build quality is excellent. Overall, I highly recommend this motor mount for anyone looking to improve the performance of their Mazda 3.
I had the RMM placed in first, after 500 to 600 miles plus, I’ve installed the TMM. I was like ooooo boy this is gonna sound obnoxiously loud. After a long 3 horrific hours of install by myself, I started the engine and was quite amazed it didn’t sound as harsh as I thought it would be. Yes the rattles are there but I can tolerate it. I drive my car in manual mode all the time so when I’m waiting in traffic or red light, I place it in neutral. This seems to calm but vibrations down a bit. While driving, you won’t even notice it. If you’re in gear or moving little by little in traffic, yeah it’ll have rattling but you’ll get use to it. This was bought for my 2016.5 Mazda CX-5 Touring 2wd.
Quick run-down on this TMM; It works really well in conjunction with the RMM to make your throttle response, shift feel, and overall connection to car much stronger. If you are already doing one poly mount, you should definitely invest in this one too. Installing the short-shift kit for your manual would be a smart move at the same time, as you will be working in that area.
A must have for your manual transmission. Cleans up remaining slop you may have after doing the rear motor mount and allows for easier shifting. If you're serious about driving your third gen then this should be a great addition to your car.
I'll start this off by saying if you are thinking of purchasing this TMM, I would highly suggest getting the Rear Motor Mount as well, pairing them up greatly reduces the NVH of either and they work together handily to reduce travel of the engine and transmission.

With almost 3k miles on mine currently I love it, hands down one of the best mod's I've installed so far. Throttle response and shift times were instantly improved upon install. Do note that you will hear more noises than usual after install, but the harshness and vibrations if paired with the RMM will be reduced.

All in all after break in the part is much quieter and a great improvement to the overall driving experience of the car. 10/10
This TMM is pretty great. Throttle response is sharper and you feel a good bit more connected with the drivetrain. Install was fun and there weren't any major surprises. When it comes to trying to align the center bolt for installation in the TMM, taking pictures with your phone's flash on can be helpful to see where how the bolt and the hole are lining up. I needed a friend to really help with getting that bolt back in. Other than that, the NVH really isn't that harsh. The car honestly just feels more like my 05 Subaru Impreza. You'll get some vibrations below 1, maybe 1.5K RPM. You'll also get some more transmission noise but it's a subtle, nice touch. Not intrusive in the slightest. Would recommend if you want some driveline stiffening but want to avoid the (supposed) harsh NVH of the RMM.
I purchased this for my 2018 Mazda 3 2.5l. Mine is the automatic transmission. I install is a royal pain do to Mazda's location, but I have to say it is big difference when paired with there motor mount. Vibrations are not as bad as I originally thought.
I installed this on a awd cx5 2.5l with a 93 tune. I already use a poly RMM. I did not notice any additional vibrations (the rmm adds a bit). The car handles much better under throttle when cornering, and feels more planted overall during high load shift events.
Great product. Well made, did what it was supposed to do. Most of the drivetrain slop is reduced, NVH is near stock level once it settles down (slightly noticeable with the AC on). Throttle response is sharper, engine note more prominent (but with more deeper tone, so it's not annoying at all. Pleasant, even).

The only minus I can find is that I needed a 17mm wrench to remove the nut under the fuse box. Unless you take out the fuse box entirely, there is no room for a nut.

I would say this mount could have been made with a slightly stiffer durometer. It's very effective at
Most enthusiasts agree that getting into a car with an automatic transmission is a shock after years of working with three pedals. The greatest transition of all has got to be using a highly modified car as a daily and then buying a brand new car. Even the best factory options are always better after some upgrades, and the new Mazda 3 is no exception.
While the throttle response is a bit lacking with the 2.0, if the driver gets the car going, it loves to be tossed around the corners, in typical Mazda fashion. The 6 speed transmission had me searching for gears at times in the first couple weeks of ownership, where the refinement of the chassis actually got in the way of the experience. For a relatively inexpensive car, it is well made, very quiet and smooth. So well, in fact, that passengers or even those directly outside the car would ask if it was on while it was running (a problem recently rectified with a full Corksport exhaust). Very little engine feel is transmitted back, via the pedals, shifter, or chassis. Great for a simple commuter car, terrible if you want to experienced spirited driving on the back roads.
After the transmission motor mount was installed, it was a whole different car. Upon start up, the engine note was noticeable inside the car, on a background level. It was also possible to feel a mild vibration as it was transmitted to the chassis. It was neither violent nor obtrusive, but made it obvious the motor was running.
Shifting seemed to be a bit more precise, or maybe it was a byproduct of it being so much easier to realize the rpm level the motor was working at. It is even possible to hear the synchros in the transmission engaging. Slop was minimized quite a bit upon take off and changing gears, as the car responded with more vigor and in a much more linear fashion. Just adding this level of engagement made the car feel more peppy and responsive. After about 8000 miles of use, it is still one of my favorite modifications. Driving feel and sound level have remained constant, with only one instance of excess vibration that was quickly solved by shifting. Apparently at a certain rpm range the car has a off balanced feel that is easily avoided once noticed.
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Asked by Christian  | 03/09/2022, 05:57 AM | 1 answer(s)

Is this compatible with a second gen 2.0l skyactiv?

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Will these fit a 2018 non-turbo Mazda 6 MT?

Asked by Stephen  | 02/11/2021, 05:45 PM | 1 answer(s)
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