The Wait is Over for the 2021+ Mazda Turbo Downpipe

Fits Models Mazda 3, CX-30, CX-50

Unleash the potential and growl from your car and take the step forward into more power! A full 80mm Turbo Back exhaust is now possible with CorkSport’s new Catted Turbo Downpipe for the 2021+ 4th Gen Mazda3 Turbo (as well as CX30 & CX50 Turbo Models)!

Best Mazda Catted Downpipe Kit from CorkSport

Our downpipe uses a two-piece design, making installation easy without the need to wrestle with a single large, cumbersome pipe. The Downpipe starts with a high-flowing cast 304 Stainless Steel Bellmouth, then joins the 80mm mandrel-bent piping with a V-band connection for a leak-free seal.

We used 3D scan data from the OEM downpipe when designing our CS pipe, which means fitment is just like OEM and the CorkSport Downpipe will fit with any aftermarket Cat-back exhaust system, or even OEM!

Best Mazda 80mm Downpipe

A high-flow 300 cell Catalytic Convertor is utilized in our Downpipe and has been tested to have no significant effect on power potential.  No Catless option is available. 

80mm Downpipe installed on the Mazda 3

Do I Need A Tune?

Addressing the other elephant in the room: Tuning. We highly recommend getting a tune after installing the 80mm downpipe as there are very strict airflow limits in the stock tune that severely limit power. This will result in some mild stutters, surging, or “hiccups” at wide-open throttle. This does not do any damage as it is simply a very conservative safety limit for stock components.

With more flow-efficient parts (i.e upgraded intakes , Turbo Inlet Pipe, and exhaust systems), these limits are being reached much easier and the ECU will limit the power output of the engine. The vehicle will be drivable on the stock tune and still give you an aggressive growl out of your 2.5T!  

Here you can see the power gains with a fully-bolted Mazda 3 Turbo that is tuned vs stock downpipe and stock tuning. 

Dyno information for the Mazda catted downpipe
Dynograph of the Mazda 3 Turbo Downpipe with CorkSport CBE, TIP/SRI – Tuned vs Stock Downpipe + CorkSport CBE, TIP/SRI – Stock tune.

Each Downpipe kit comes with a complete pack of all the hardware and gaskets needed for installation. This includes: 

  • New turbo studs and crimp nuts
  • Stainless Steel V-band Clamp
  • Exhaust connection hardware
  • Remflex exhaust gasket
  • Custom headshield and mounting hardware
Hardware for the Mazda Catted downpipe

Be sure to check out the CorkSport Mazda Catted Downpipe for more images, pricing, and installation instructions.

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The Wait is Over for the Best 2021+ Mazda Turbo Downpipe
Article Name
The Wait is Over for the Best 2021+ Mazda Turbo Downpipe
It’s here! A full 80mm Turboback exhaust is now available with CorkSport’s new Catted Turbo Downpipe for the 2021+ 4th Gen Mazda3 Turbo (as well as CX30 & CX50 Turbo)!
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