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Mazdaspeed 3 Stage II Power Series Short Ram Intake

Price: $259.99
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Get +25 ft/lb torque and +33 HP with our Mazdaspeed 3 Short Ram Intake. The CorkSport Stage II Short Ram Intake is the #1 upgrade for your car. Constantly touted as the best bang for your buck mod around, you can't go wrong with our Stage II SRI.

The CorkSport Advantage

Mazdaspeed 3 Power Series Short Ram IntakeCARB Approved: Meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) Emissions Standards. Carb Approval

Gain up to +25 lb. torque and +33 HP over stock with the Mazdaspeed 3 Short Ram IntakeDyno Proven: Gain up to +25 lb. torque and +33 HP over stock with the Mazdaspeed 3 Short Ram Intake. (Dyno Run Mods = SRI + RP )

Mazdaspeed3 Precision Machined MAF housingPrecision Machined: Includes MAF housing precision machined from billet aluminum along with air straightener.

The CorkSport Advantage

  • Options: 108 Color Combinations: you can customize the look of your SRI.
  • Value: Turbo Inlet Pipe included to save you money and give extra performance.
  • Quality Engineered: Engineered to exact tolerances and manufactured using the latest in computer-aided techniques.
  • Reusable Filter: Durable, washable and re-usable Dry Flow Air Filter that does not require oiling.
  • Engineered in the USA: Designed and Engineered in Vancouver, Washington.
  • Bolt On: No tune required for installation, and can be installed on a stock or heavily modified car.
  • CorkSport service and support: Includes a 2-year limited warranty, full color installation instructions, and all necessary gaskets and hardware. We provide knowledgeable telephone support at 360-260-2675.

Install time                  2/5 Difficulty               2 year warranty       No CEL

Mazdaspeed 3 short ram intake instructions

Great mod to have so the turbo can breath better. Also awesome turbo noises the stock BPV really lets out a nice whoosh sound. I had HPFP internals put in with a CS EBC and high pressure fuel line. Got a pro tune from Snail Performance here in Phoenix AZ after parts installed. On a AWD Mustang dyno got me 292 WHP and 313 WTQ @15.5 PSI. I have secondary cat, resos and muffler delete.
This intake is awesome, installation was straight forward and took me about an hour and a half. Throttle response is noticeably better even without a tune.. AND THE SOUND I can't even describe how cool the spool sounds. Perfect for a bolt on mod! Good job Corksport!
Looks great, sounds powerful, has options and fits like OEM but with aftermarket gains, why wouldn't you buy an intake made by a company that specializes in Mazda Products? They've literally got it down to a science!
Noticeable power gain, lovely sound, cleans up the look in the engine bay, AND CARB legal... thank the heavens. A+
Very happy with this product, install was simple, looks great, sounds great and picked up the car when coupled with the TBE. Highly recommend!
Received my item, the install was a breeze. Nice snug fit. Happy with the performance after retune. Quality product!!! will recommend. 1st purchase from corksport all the way from South Africa. Absolutely worth it!
Thank you.
I give it only three stars because the air filter is garbage. I am very disappointed in the quality of the filter, it looks like the cheapest Chinese made piece of crap. Not to mention I received mine defective. Both the inside and outside diameter black plastic edges weren’t even trimmed. They’re sharp pieces all around the filter. I don’t know it’s kind a hard to explain but it looks like they didn’t even finish the product. I am very disappointed that Corksport would even make a cheap filter like this. I have a K&n intake that is 10 times better quality and with a velocity stack. I wish I could post some pictures. On a positive note I do like the quality of the rest like the tip, maf housing, silicone couplers and clamps. I just feel they cheaped out on the filter which I would not put on my car. If you already have an extra filter I would skip it and just buy the TIP
Living in California this is probably one of the best legal intakes you can get. I am only giving it 4 stars for a few reasons. The turbo lnlet pipe did not fit as well as I hoped. I had to do a bit of maneuvering to get it on and still banging on a section of the motor as it curves around which doesn't allow me to tighten it fully to the motor (sorry for bad description). Other then that, the install wasn't to bad. The directions were clear and you had to use a couple small tricks to get out the stock intake. The intake sounds great and feels great. There is a audible pshhh of the BPV during shifting. The only sad part now is Cobb doesn't support other companies intake systems anymore. You have to edit the maps yourself via the Accessport Tuner Software which now requires you to pay a tuition in order to receive the software (used to be 100% free) if you want to run stage 1+ maps. Or pay for a custom e-tune to get the most out of your car. Can't run stage 2 maps that corksport provides because downpipe is not legal in Cali.
Since I have a disabling back injury, I had my amazing Mazda tech Drew install the unit for me. WOW, as many have said here, the intake sound is addictive. I have the CS carbon fiber hood scoop too, so I am not sure if that amplifies it at all, but what a beautiful sound and performance effect.
Installation took a bit of time, but was well worth it! I'm

running the CS TIP + CS SRI + CS BPV + CS ABE...

sound is amazing!!, not to mention the performance

gains seen in the 3000-6000 rev range!!! Over all, I'm

VERY satisfied with my purchase and would

recommend these products
Installed mine a few days ago and im really impressed with the sound and performance. Cant wait to get my next cs upgrade!
Installed mine over the weekend. Love the sound and performance. Fitment is snug but everything goes in nice. If you need them, the instructions are quite clear and full of color. Side note: took Cs 5 days to "produce" mine after ordering but to their credit they overnighted the thing to me so huge kudos for that!!!
Have had mine on my car for a while now, awesome sound and performance. Took me a while to choose which brand to go with, decided cork sport as they don't deal with anything else other than Mazda! A+
Great SRI+tip. Added all my CS products in one afternoon (short shift plate, hpfp, transmission mount insert, and SRI). The turbo spool up sound now is nicely pronounced, can hear the $ being sucked in:). No cel after 2 days. I recommend taking the TMIC off, it's fairly painless and then you can do your plugs too(if needed).
This is the first mod I did on my 07 MS3. Install took about 2 hours, but the rewards of just installing the TIP are amazing! You really can hear the turbo spool around 2500 rpm and the stock BPV sounds way more noticeable! It was worth every penny and best thing is that there is no CEL. I would highly recommend this product!
Great product from CS! Top notch quality and fits perfectly! Pairs up very well with CS BPV, sounds amazing. Nothing beats CS quality.
Absolute first mod, and from this manufacturer in particular, you should get. Coupled with the Accessport, your car will feel like how it should have from the factory. Install was a breeze at just over an hour. Expect a more responsive throttle and turbo, better economy (so far for me), greater powerband, and some of the coolest sounds ever. I picked up 10WHP/15WTQ @ 256/275 on just a regular OTS Stage 1 tune and the intake/TIP on an otherwise stock car.
Got this as a first mod and I'm impressed! The installation was straight forward, came with good quality hardware and very detailed instructions. Pictures don't do this thing justice, the quality of everything was great. Great mod for the money.
Took much longer than I thought to install, that was my fault I am sure as I was VERY CAREFUL with taking things apart and putting things back together

Run MUCH better now, more power and you hear different sounds now :-)

Wife says the MS3 runs MUCH smoother and quitter :-)

FYI, when I went to put the stock TIP off the turbo it was to loosen the hose clamp holding it one

Well, mine just came RIGHT off....the clamp was not even tight so I am sure I was getting some leakage there!!...Haha

Either it came from the factory that way or loosen up of the course of 70,000 miles
Ils a masterpiece excellent fit beautiful to look at 2h to instal very easy with their instruction now the only problems I have is that with my bov the check engine came on after a few laps not blaming it on the short ram but I would like to no if their is to much air flow going on cause I can really feel the difference a lot less lag on shift it move a lot more no dought a combo to have now it back fires and check engine is on do I have to go play in the computer systeme to reajust the air flow
I have 2008 Speed3. It has 77,500 miles on it, I've owned it since mile 1. I also am a big fan of Bmw 2002's which i've had a few over the years. I have always been a bit intimidated by modern cars. Working on the old bimmers is a cinch. I've tore them all the way down to nothing and back again, but the Mazda just freaked me out. So for most of its life, till now it's had no mods. About 10,000 miles ago I put some H&R Springs on it and Koni adjustable shocks. Which in all truth... murdered the ride. It looks very nice and handles incredibly, but the ride is nearly unbearable. You get into some nice pavement it pays off. I've kept this mod only because the Mazda is now a second car, soon to be third. I don't think i could stand some of the 450 mile trips to vacation with the current suspension. Anyhow...

So after reading everyone's glowing reviews here I decided to get this intake. Fast shipping! Incredible detailed instructions! I took all of the 2 hours to put it in, not a bleeding knuckle in sight. I impressed myself and truth be told learned quite a bit, taking , pretty much the entire right side of the engine bay apart. I also had to cut down my tube to valve cover about 2 inches. I found myself with a new love for my car. It sounds pretty awesome, I was shocked at the amount of turbo sound and blow off is audible. There is nothing subtle about the sound of the car even with the stock exhaust. You can easily feel the extra power the car now has. If this is how Corksport builds there products, i'm very impressed. If this bug takes hold I can see many other Corksport products in the future for my Mazda. I might get bigger breaks before any more speed though.
Very nice product. Most difficult part of installation as stated earler is removing wireing harness anchors and understanding how the ECU plugs unlock, there is a You Tube video detailing removal. I also recommend using a #11 exacto knife to carefully cut the rubber tube to free it from the boost control nipple, without breaking it.


I really appreciate the detailed instructions for the install on this. One tip for other people, I had a really hard time getting the boost solenoid hose off so after struggling with it knowing it was easy to break, I grabbed my x-acto knife and made a vertical cut allowing the hose to peel off. As always CS provides an awesome product!
Seriously the best mod i've done to my car. Paired with the max flow fuel pump, the AccessPort V3, and a stage 1+ tune from Cobb, you really feel an increase in power! Take the time to read up and calibrate the OTS map for their MAF housing. The sounds this thing makes are incredible, make sure to put aside some gas cash because you'll be playing for like a month once it's in. The attention to detail is great. Take your time installing and have fun.

Corksport is the model by which all companies should strive to be, however them not following in suite is what makes me keep coming back for more.

The customer service is spectacular, when I call with questions I get to speak to an engineer. Being an engineer, there is nothing more frustrating than sales people BS-ing their way through your questions to get to the gold. This is a company that builds a relationship with their customers, does what they can to help them, and build great products because they care.

Working under hood of the Mazdaspeed3 is a pain because there is so little room. Thankfully, Corksport's instructions were very clear. Intake sound is great with this SRI. I love that it is CARB legal and throws no check engine lights.
Very nice addition to my car. White matches with my car. Love the sound and power. Quality built product. Install was easier that I thought.
Installed this on my 08 MS3 a few days ago. What else can I say but AWESOME! Installed the CS Catless Race pipe as well, and haven't dyno'd it but seat of the pants dyno is definitely showing its worth every penny!

Love the sound, I can actually hear that I have a turbo now...and the WOOSH when its gulping air is narcotic!
First Mod done to my 2010 Speed 3 and I am so glad I spent the money, the sound is ridiculous!!! I almost cried the first time I heard it. The install was not hard at all, I had one set back which costed me another 80 dollars, broke the piece a lot of people tend to break, I called corksport and they told me to reach out to a local mazda dealer. I had the piece two days later and I was able to finish the install, the guy at corksport who I spoke with was very nice and I am glad for the information he provided me. The product is a solid 5 stars no check engine light and I am a huge noob at doing anything mechanical to my car so if I can do it anyone can. The only thing I would like to see corksport do different is have a step by step instruction video on the different installs, easier for noobs like me and saves paper and money. I will be buying more stuff from you guys in the future to make my car even faster, thanks for the great service and products guys!!!
just installed stage 2 intake and OMG the sound alone was worth it . the fastners on oem wiring harness was the biggest PIA but end result was all worth it . 4hrs with plenty breaks not to bad wasnt in no hurry .absolutely love it . 1st mod. no cel . next rp then hvfp tmic tune
this product should have come with a new recirculation hose for the bpv. I broke one of the bolts that connects the bpv because it was really hard to adjust the old hose.....Also the paper clip to remove the breather hose didn't work. Had to rely on my own to take it out.
Sounds awesome! Even gave me a little power gain. Great First mod.
Great intake! Sounds awesome and the power flows very quickly and evenly. Install was a pain because the Boost Control Solenoid busted while removing the hose. Instructions should contain a caution at this step. Otherwise, the install was a breeze.

Hey CorkSport, create a great 3 Port BCS that uses metal tubing instead of plastic that can also be used with Stock Tune in 2 Port mode and sell with this as a combo! I'd buy it.
Fantastic intake system! Old piping can be a pain to removed, but the Corksport Intake installed seamlessly. Much louder spool and no CEL. Car runs great and I don't drop boost now above 6K (Not that there is any power up there). Highly recommend. I have had about about 5 different aftermarket intakes on previous cars, all of which have given me driveabiltiy problems. The Corksport has been flawless to this day!
Yet another reason why washington is the best! Basically if Gerard Butler and Shakira had a child that grew up to be a pro NBA player/Entrepreneur, he would choose this for his mazda.
This was a bit of a project installing due to the tight space to work in but definitely worth it. I put this in with a Cobb ap and hp increase was noticeable. It sounds like it has a turbo now! It sounds so awesome I didn't listen to the radio for two weaks. Just buy it. CS rocks.
Just installed! Love the sound and the customer service was great. Got a hand written postcard with my package and a box of nerds (I assume for halloween) lol. Will definitely be back!

-Matt M
Very highly recommended 2nd upgrade for your Mazda 3 MPS or Mazdaspeed 3. Allows your engine to breath a lot more than the standard crappy air box intake that Mazda put on. Excellent upgrade.
I've been running the SRI w/TIP for almost a year now. It's a wonderful bolt-on upgrade. I added the air box a few days ago, the air box keeps my intake air within 4-6 degrees of the ambient air temp outside the engine bay. I would recommend both products...unless you're trying to show off your SRI...
First of all even with no power gains at all this piece of equipment would be worth it just for the sound it produces. That signature turbo sound that the MS3 is so sadly missing...this fixes that. You can clearly hear the "whoosh" of air both inside and outside the car. Heads will turn when you drive by.

The power gain is unreal. I've always thought that first gear was a little under powered until the turbo kicks in, no more. Each gear is now a head snapping experience.

Install takes about an hour or two and the tools list is ABSOLUTELY NOT A SUGGESTION. If you don't have the tools Corksport suggests (especially the 12" extension for your deep sockets) I honestly don't think you could do this project. Over all it wasn't difficult, just took time. The instructions are crystal clear.

The only gripe I have is that one of the biggest hose clamps came with the nut unattached. The reason, I'm guessing, is that it wasn't machined correctly and whomever assembled it cross threaded the bolt and ruined it. Instead of fixing his mistake he took the nut off, tossed it in the bag and called it done. I ended up buying a generic clamp from the hardware store but its a bit of a bummer that it doesn't match the others.

PS: Buy the short throw shifter while you're buying this product. It takes five minutes to install the thing since you're taking the air box off anyway and makes your car shift like a dream.

What an amazing part! From the detailed packaging to the fit and finish, this modification will get your blood pumping. The install took about 3 hours with crappy hand tools. I could redo it in about an hour with a better socket set. The power gains are VERY noticeable. The sound is INCREDIBLE. I am 26 and I have waited my whole life to drive a car that sounds like this. I also installed the BPV and it holds boost much better than stock. This whole setup it very affordable and a massive bang for buck mod. Please keep up the good work.

I spent 522 last week and will be spending 500-600 this week because I'm that blown away. Very excited to do business with such an awesome bunch.

You guys really do have this platform figured out and your customer service is the BEST. Period.
I have run this setup for over two years without any issues after installation. The only things that keep me from giving this a perfect rating is that the plastic air straightener had to be epoxied to keep it place and the silicon vent cover hose split down the center.
Pheww, took me about 2½ hours to install. Pipe going to the boost control solenoid was stuck, took my time to not break the nipple. It is super cramped in the engine bay, but totally worth it. Instructions were very clear. No CEL, and can feel the gain in power immediatly, plus the sound is great. I see many heads turning when i drive by people. Great product. Thx Corksport.. next mod, HPFP and Racepipe + CBE.
My first mod on my 2011 MS3, incredible quality for the price.

It really brought out the sound of the turbo and the stock BPV. Not sure about the horsepower claims, but definitely notice some improved responsiveness. Install was very simple, shipping was incredible, received it in 2 days, definitely going to be a regular customer. 5 stars!
My car was brand new when i first purchased the turbo inlet pipe alone. I chose to wait on the sri, due to hearing about all the pu fuel pump issues. Finally decided to go ahead and do it now. (car is a 13' with 6000 miles) And all i can say is wow. The sri mixed the my forge v1 (still has the sching sound) is excellent. Sounds like i just went from a na car to boost! Love it guys great work!
Do you need to upgrade fuel pump internals with stage 2 sri?
For real one sticker??? All good can't wait to install on Saturday!!
I just installed it, annoying on the TIP end of it but overall amazing sound and a little gain is always awesome! Thanks corksporttt!
Very easy installation. Hardest part was getting the stock intake and battery out. The stock turbo inlet was very loosely attached. Once it was all out, the install was very simple. Can tell the performance increase immediately, and it sounds great.
Intall was pretty tough to get your hands in there but the stock tip ended up barely even being tightened down D: Luckily now I know I got a nice seal on it and it sounds amazing! I almost cried when I broke my nipple off my boost selonoid but stay calm if you did this jsut get it replaced asap! I had to put some sealant on the tube and put it on whatever was left of the nipple on the selonoid. Other than that scare it is well worth a first mod!
Intall was pretty tough to get your hands in there but the stock tip ended up barely even being tightened down D: Luckily now I know I got a nice seal on it and it sounds amazing! I almost cried when I broke my nipple off my boost selonoid but stay calm if you did this jsut get it replaced asap! I had to put some sealant on the tube and put it on whatever was left of the nipple on the selonoid. Other than that scare it is well worth a first mod!
I was going slow and methodical with my installation because I'm not too savvy with tools, but this was a piece of cake. It took me about 2 hours, mostly because on my 2009 the engine bay is so tight I could barely reach some of the components. While a universal-joint ratchet extension isn't required, I would definitely recommend having one on hand, it made things much easier for me. I love the sound this generates, you can really hear the turbo spool, and the car definitely seems more eager and responsive.
does this fit the mazda 3 sp25 2012
Bought this short ram intake to replace the k & n intake that was originally on my 2012 mazdaspeed 3 and it was a perfect replacement. Installation was extremely simple, took me about 1 hour and a 1/2 and that's with never ever working on a car or with tools so I'm a nooby and had no trouble at all. Part looks wonderful in my engine and I noticed a very significant increase in power. Extremely satisfied and highly recommend this piece...thank you corksport
Just started modifications on 2010 Speed3 and this is awesome! Huge difference in sound and power, major improvement!!
I installed this yesterday and drove 100+miles already with no CEL or any issues.


SOUND!!!!! Amazing

You can feel a difference.

1st mod :)


I am coming away from the mustang world so the workspace felt super cramped.

Other than that nothing


Had to trim the crank case vent hose. was about 1 1/2 inches too long no issue though.

Only got 1 sticker :( Guess my second one is coming with the BPV....

Time to save up for my AP, FuelPump internals and Cat Back system :) Love this company already will be doing business for a long time to come.
Love the sri! The sound is awesome n just got my MZR Bypass Valve and holds the boost perfect! Thank you for the great products.
Got my car in mid Sept, installed the SRI sometime in October. I love it, install was easy, I did it alone, I am handy but I have never done anything like that. No complaints, my only question is why do you advertise +25 torque when we actually lose (low end) torque? What are the actually gains from it? I expected to see a difference but I didn't really notice too much. Thanks.
Bought this a few months back and loved it then and still love it. Added Corksport BPV and makes it sound so much better!
Are Turbo Inlet Pipe and Turbo Inlet Hose the same thing?
Installed yesterday and so far so good, install was interesting but got it done with minimal mechanic skills. Sounds amazing definitely can tell a difference in power over stock intake/inlet pipe. Will be getting an AP soon but definitely pleased with the SRI and inlet pipe.
Installation was reasonable. Hardest parts were removing the stock gear, once that was out the TIP went straight in. Tight squeeze but with some coercion went in OK. Idled for 10 minutes after installation to assist with air calibration in the new housing. The sound is amazing, you can hear spool across all boost until the exhaust drowns out the engine noise, and compared to stock intake, this almost sounds like full VTA when you shut the throttle. One thing I would advise to double check, is the final t-clamp at the top of the TIP - ensure the thread does not end up in the wiring looms for the ECU. I adjusted mine as a precaution as under constant load I felt that the t-clamp may wear through the wires.
Love this thing. The stock box is a power thief. This was pretty easy to install. The sound is is a great as the added power.
Had this on for about a week already and wow just wow! The sound is amazing and the power is amazing. You can feel the difference from stock. Amazing!
Install wasn't too bad except for the clamps and the tight space to clamp the TIP. Great fit, Look, sound and feel. dont think I feel the +25 lbs of tourque but i would like to have it put on the dyno. My only downfall was the fact they did not have the black hose clamps =-( at least I got a phone call asking if it was ok to ship it with the silver clamps or wait another two weeks to get the black ones. I couldn't wait....LOL Great customer service!
Very nice product. Very good customer service. Install wasn't hateful, pcv connector and boost solenoid hose was kinda difficult. I would suggest a pick set and locking forceps for the boost solenoid. Took about 90 minutes taking my time not rushing anything. After install I drove it about 100miles let the ecu adjust. Getting about 3mpg better fuel mileage, increased throttle response, sounds amazing. Can feel a little more power. I would be curious what a tune would do. Also no CEL. My fuel pump is holding 1680psi @ 6000rpm and my LTFT is around 3% according to my diagnosis reader. No regrets buying this product.

I was very happy with the very fast shipping. Then I installed it.... Other than the tight space to work with; HOLY S***!!!! This thing sounds amazing and you can feel the difference in throttle response immediately! I would recommend anyone this product and the company is a great company to work with! I will deffinently be making more purchases with corksport very soon!
Installed SRI+TIP no CEL but got no boost 1st and 2nd gear 3k-4k RPM 3rd-6th working fine am i missing something here?
If I get this intake in combination with the corksport catback exhaust for the '13 speed3, will I need to get a hpfp and an accessport/tune?
Easy install and great quality. This intake really gives the ms3 a unique sound, you can hear the turbo spool much better now.
Will I need to upgrade to HPFP if I install this on my completely stock 2012 MS3
Easy install. Excellent quality and superb performance gains!
Does this intake, compared to the stage 1, do any damage to a stock Speed3 because of the TIP?
Is it safe to run a stage II intake and your catback exhaust without a tune or upgraded fuel pump?
Will this be dangerous on a Stock 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 without a tune? Could I install this without any additional mapping?
If you like whoooosh n power get this today
Installed SRI/TIP today. Damn I love this thing. And after loading the new cobb map my fuel pressure holds up just fine. I had the factory map in before this install and my pressure was running low. Constantly dipping into the 1500's and 1400's. Not sure why it sits at 1600-1700 now with this. But i'm loving it. And no CEL!
Installed SRI/TIP the other day. Did it in about 2 hours, as I took my time. Instructions were straight forward and easy to follow. Some steps are a PIA, due too cramped areas, or big hands. No CEL. The sound is awesome. I find myself accelerating more than usual, just to hear it. I also installed safe mode map, until l I put in the HPFP. Great product Corksport.
Does anyone Know if this would void my warranty with the dealer

CorkSport Reply:Check out the blog post we wrote about it.
I have a 2013 Speed3. Will the CORKSPORT Stage II Power Series Short Ram Intake void my vehicle warranty?
How big of a risk, if any, will I have if I run JUST the stage 2 intake without an upgrade in FP. Everything else is stock.

CorkSport Reply:There should be no risk.
Great upgrade! Took about 2 hours to complete. Awesome sound and noticeable power increase.
+1 on the rotating of hose clamps that was not mentioned in the instructions. Also I'd recommend not installing the battery box until you have the entire intake complete. Had a couple hiccups with the installation but other than that it was pretty straight forward. Either way I'm a 100% satisfied with it so far. Butt dyno checks out, and the sound is great, stoked to finally hear the turbo and stock bpv. Feels like a whole new beast.
completely satisfied with this product. install took about an hour and sounds great can hear turbo spool up and bpv will definetly be back for more parts. next will be cs internals when available thanks corksport
Had it for about 2 weeks now, install was a pain. Theres a lot of clearance issues not mentioned in the instructions where you will have to remove and reconfigure hose clamps and ect, i was also one who broke my boost control solenoid during the install. but after finally getting it in, i love the sound it makes, i WOULD NOT upgrade any further without getting the High Flow Fuel Pump internals first, no cel, excellent induction and turbo noises and it looks great.
Installed myself in which I'm no mechanic and have driven it for about two weeks now. Very impressed. Noticed a 2mpg increase as well as much more power. Sounds great too! Have not tuned it or anything yet but I wouldn't go much further without either getting a CDFP or an AP safe tune. No problems.
Very impressed with the product, not only that but they worked with me on a shipping issue. Thus intake is high quality, being an engineer I can tell you this was well made and engineered to fit the speed. A lot of systems are generic and take some buggering, this one didn't.

After install, took her for a test drive, defiantly a big improvement, pulled harder, not to mention sounded great.
Excellent customer service, Fast shipping only a few days just after Christmas and Im on East coast, Easy Install, Excellent Quality, Sounds great , No CEL, Cant wait until I get AP V3, TMIC, Down Pipe, Cat Back ,CDFP Internals, RMM, Transmission mount inserts, Passenger Mount, OCC, Rear Sway bar etc..... CorkSport will be my one stop parts shop .
Just installed this morning! Another great product from CorkSport! can hear the turbo breathing significantly more. The install was fairly easy, took me about an hour and 20 minutes doing it by myself. Mazda definitely makes it a bit of a pain in the butt with all the wiring and clips that you have to go through.. but its all worth it! Definitely a fantastic product and an amazing company to buy all your mazda parts from!! Thanks CS!!
Sounds great, looks great and performs great 5 stars all the way!
Amazing product. Love the sound, the turbo can breathe much better. Installation was not difficult by any means, but I wouldn't call it a breeze. Took me and my mechanic friend 1.5 hours with an extensive tool set.

I'm glad I held off on giving a mediocre review when i first put it in. Originally no noticeable power gains and no change in fuel economy. But then I got a tune and wow what a difference!!
I LOVE CORKSPORT! Received my stage ll two days after ordered, minus the weekend. Even during the holidays it shipped quick. Everything was packaged nicely I even got a candy cane haha thanks Jennifer. The install was straight forward. No CEL, no tune, no issues and lots of smiles. Spool is undeniably noticeable and power gains as well. Overall extremely satisfied.
In love with the sound and power produced by the Stage ll intake. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Took about 30 min to install. Keep Making things like this CorkSport and I am going to have a car made of CorkSport parts.
PROS on a 2010 Mazdaspeed 3

1) Well built

2) Noticeable power gains

3) Beautiful hissing sound

CONS on a 2010 Mazdaspeed 3

1) Says "no tune" required. After installing mine I was running a little rich and would backfire a bit out of 2nd gear. I emailed Corksport and was told the sensor would compensate. I even unplugged it several times and it never did.

I now have a 2013 Mazdaspeed 3 so I wonder if it was a 2010 thing or not. The Stage II system is fantastic. The popping is my only complaint.

CorkSport Reply:Joseph, give us a call, something is not working correctly, 360-260-2675.
CS Intake + CS TMIC + CS BPV = Amazing! My car pulls like a freaking freight train now. The sound is unbelievable and paired with the CS BPV it is even better. If definitely sounds like I have a BOV or a 50/50 hybrid, but I don't. Also, my gas mileage has improved by 3 mpg. The intake will soon pay for itself as long as I can keep out of the boost which is really becoming difficult to do.
Great intake, install was pretty painless. Totally worth the sound the car now makes and the power it feels like it adds. 100% addicted to hearing the turbo spool, then hearing the Forge BPV cycle!! Love the part!!
Added this as a first mod to my 2012 MS3 - Now I spend more time driving with the radio off and windows down to listen the car breathe.. Mileage is up from 28.3 AVG to 29.2 on summer tires. Paid for itself in less than 2 months. Adding a full 3" exhaust and down pipe along with a new rear motor mount next..
OMG!!after i install this and hear the sound first i'd say is shittttttttt!!!.....this intake is fuc**** AWESOME it's like i have a aftermarket bov but i don't and i really really love it..if you do not have a cs tmic u should get it u can tell the difference of the power too..thanks a lot corksport i just order again today and i will be ordering more soon...;)
Wow! Awesome sound, and more power! Tomorrow I will see if it really does help with fuel economy as well, as I am doing a 200 mile highway drive. But really, who cares about fuel economy when your car sounds this good! Thanks Corksport!
Wow! This is my first turbo car, and my first upgrade ever! I love the sound of the engine sucking in the air now, I have a bad case of perma-grin :D Thanks Corksport! So now the question is, what's next??????

CorkSport Reply:Engine mount and a racepipe.
I have a stock 2013 Mazdaspeed3. What kind of guarantee do I get that I will see dyno increases of 25 lb torque and 33HP over the stock setup? In fact, lets be conservative and say just 20 lb torque and 25HP over stock?

CorkSport Reply: There is no guarantee, we have shared the information we have on our shop car. Customers have been able to replicate the gains we have seen.
Will this be a safe first mod for my stock 09 ms3

CorkSport Reply:Yes it is and a great first mod.
Have had my stage 2 for about 6 months and its awesome!!

great power increase and sound.

best upgrade for the money.
great product shipping to Canada simple an overall awesome experience thanks. Will be looking into future upgrades soon.

You guys rock!
Very Satisfied with the product. Great product, well explained, and looks sexy in the 13' MS3. Sound is outstanding.
Hey any chance of CS making a 3in or bigger intake? Or a support bracket to the intake?

Also the person bekow asked if it voids warrenty. I just wanted to throw my 2cents and mention iv got a friend who works at a mazda dealership and his boss said as long as it doesnt cause "the problem", (just meaning like if say a strut gos out thet cant be like "aww no, youve got a intake screw that ur outta there no strut for u." Maybe a little extreme but you get the idea and he even had the smoking turbo they gave him brand new ko4 and since basically brand new Alot of parts Im still in shock I want brand new engine :D o well mines faster ty CS ;)

CorkSport Reply:They are in development, keep an eye out over the next few months.
Can this product void the warranty?

CorkSport Reply:The intake is CARB approved so it will not affect emissions if installed properly. We find each Mazda dealership is different in regards to aftermarket modifications. Check out the blog we post about it,
awesome price for an awesome part. you can hear the turbo clear as day with this intake set up. you get roughly 2-4 more highway mpg with this intake if you can keep your foot off the floor! the power increase is very noticeable and i love the ability to customize the colors of the intake to your liking. Thanks again corksport for an awesome product!
Which color combo would look awesome on a white ms3??

CorkSport Reply:Blue is a popular color under the hood of white models.
Easy to install love the turbo noise I can now hear from the intake. I had to cut and shorten the PCV hose that comes with the kit but that is no problem.
Very good deal for the price. The MAF housing is built to last and the kit comes with t-bolt clamps rather than worm-gear so you don't have to worry about anything slipping off once its properly secured. Sounds great as well and is more than noticeable. You won't be disappointed. Probably the best mod for the price on the speed 3 IMO and Cork Sport one ups that with the inclusion of the TIP with this kit at the price :)
Install was fairly easy just time consuming. You have to remove a lot to get to the turbo.

Amazing sound from the turbo spooling, you can actually hear the stock BPV.

Now I feel like i'm driving a turbo car!
hey, so i was wondering if the TIP will void the warranty on the mazdapeed3?
Just installed stage 2 short ram on 13 MS3. Awesome product, really opened up the power and sound is shag-wheat! Read instructions letter by letter and it's a cake install. Now Cat back exhaust and I'm done.

Awesome product! You can definitely feel the difference! Looks great, sounds great! Install is pretty straightforward, just like anything else, getting to some of the bolts in a crowded engine bay is a pain. I'd recommend the polished clamps, it's pretty easy to scratch the black ones up during install.
Just finished installing the stage II SRI with the TMI on 2013 Mazdaspeed3. Love it. Did a quick test run and wheels starting breaking loose between 1st and 2nd even with the traction control on. Was at 80 before knowing it. Lots of fun!
Excellent quality! Fit and finish is fantastic, and the performance gains (verified by butt dyno) were apparent with the stock tune. After adding some HFPF internals and an OTS tune, you can definitely tell that it changes the car quite a bit. I love hearing the turbo spool up with this intake though. This product definitely got me hooked on CorkSport as a brand.

As a side note, for whatever reason, I could not adjust the TIP so that it was far enough from my ECU wiring harness. It does not rub, but it was a little close for my taste. I added some split loom over my wiring harness for peace of mind, but it was definitely a preference thing and not a requirement.
Just installed on my 2013 MS3 in combo with the stage III CAI upgrade and TIP. Love it. Spools much faster! Look and construction were top notch. It breathes louder than expected but sounds great.

Barry - slight whistle is normal.
As someone who has never worked on a car in their life, I was able to complete this with a lot of help from my Dad. Honestly, this is pretty hard to do by yourself, if you've never worked on a car. The instructions could be better, and I still can't find how to watch the video links that go along with each step... however, we finished up and I have to say, the sound this creates is absolutely incredible - it's simply amazing.

I haven't noticed a significant increase in torque or horsepower, but I need to drive it more for that.

All in all, the paper instructions could be better, but with enough sweat and tears you'll be able to do this... I just recommend having a friend help. And the sound and end-result is worth every second of the work needed!
DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT...because you won't be able to stop wanting more!! This is the first step on the road to addiction!! After installing this product, starting the car up and literally hearing your car suck air out of people's lungs you will want more and more!! Great product, great performance, great sound, but now I have the chills and shakes!! I need more!! You have all been warned!!
LOVE Corksport products. Had a protege, now have Speed3 and I've tried a few other companies for Go-Fast parts. Corksport is THE SOURCE for MAZDA.

Intake is AMAZING but...

I found I needed a tune after the Sg.2 intake got a hypertech runs better than my dreams
Absolutely mind blowing sound - combined with a race pipe, rear motor mount, short shift plate and a cobb tuner = What a combo!
wwwwWWHHHHOOOOOOSH->PHSHHHH. Need I say more? Seriously awesome product, much better than (@&&'s IMHO
I have a question i cant find an answer to. Do i need an AP if this intake is the only mod on my car? Will everything run ok or is a tune a must with even one upgrade?

CorkSport Reply:You will not need an AP to run our Stage II SRI on a stock Mazdaspeed 3.
Just installed the intake on my speed3 , pretty straight forward instructions , never have really worked on cars and installed it pretty easy , took about 2 1/2 hours but I took my time to make sure I did it right plus it was really hot and humid in my garage so I took some breaks , better throttle response and sounds really awesome to hear the turbo spool up. Thanks a lot corksport!!!
Absolutely awesome, can definitely hear, feel and see the difference. First mod out many too come. Thanks CS !
Just installed this in my '13 MS3 this week. Looks and sounds great, and I definitely did not expect to hear the turbo spool and stock recirculation valve the way that I do. Noticeable power gains, no CEL since that is a common question I see coming up. The hardest part of the install is definitely getting the stock TIP out and attaching the new piece to the turbo inlet. I am still slightly paranoid that it is going to pop off, but the whole assembly is very sturdy so I should be good. Thanks for a great part.
I have a question CorkSport, will this system fit with a 2009 model without throwing CEL? i want to know this because all the reviews and pictures say/show the 2010-2013 models. i want to make sure it fits and works PROPERLY with my model, before i purchase the item... Help is much needed!! please respond ASAP

CorkSport Reply: The intake works great with all model years of the Mazdaspeed 3 with no check engine lights.
Absolutely amazing!! Sound is incredible u can actually hear the stock bov clearly
Just Excellent!!! Could not ask for a better quality and customization. Couldn't say more about this product. The sound is absolutely amazing and substantially louder..
Did not realize so many people had install troubles or doubts on this product. The install took me about 45 minutes and I consider myself a "novice" at such things. The sound is great and I can definitely tell a difference in power. This was the first upgrade I did to my 2010 MS3 (in 2010) and I'm glad it was. Thanks again CS for an awesome product!
Cobb claims that installation of an SRI, similar to this, will require remapping of the ECU for safety of engine and max performance from the part. Do you guys agree? Will purchase and installation endanger safety parameters of engine? Thanks for the help, looking forward to buying this for my '13 MS3.

CorkSport Reply:Andrew, give us a call, we could write a novel up about this, 360-260-2675

great product I could tell the difference in sound...I messed up and placed the MAF on backwards so the check engine light came on while I was driving it....I went back through and fixed it and now the car wont start...any suggestions

CorkSport Reply: Quin give us a call 360-260-2675, we can help you out.
Wouldnt a sri suck in warm air therefore lowering performance compared to a cai?

CorkSport Reply: If your car is not moving yes the SRI will pull warmer air. When you are moving the performance is really close between a CAI and the SRI.
Does this part come with something to stabalize the intake from moving around?

CorkSport Reply: The intake it supported at the front of the turbo inlet pipe against the motor on the stock bracket. This allows the intake to move with the engine.
Will this part require an engine tune i.e. changing fuel/air ratio? Is this street legal in CA?
Does this intake effect your gas mileage ?? I have a 2013 mazdaspeed3

CorkSport Reply:Our engineer did a blog post about this, check it out
Mandatory first power upgrade. Great solid fit. Good power gains. Great sound. Why would anyone go with competitors silicone hose intakes when you could have this slick aluminum one. BTW consider the CAI. I ended up buying the extension later and it costs more.
This is the first mod I put in my speed3 and let me tell you, I didn't know what to expect. The first thing you notice is the powerful air suction hissing through your intake around 3k rpm, immediately followed by a noticeably STRONG pull throughout the whole gear (noticeably different from stock!) and then the powerful realease of the BOV (that you can all of the sudden hear!) it's amazing how much this frees up the motor! It feels like you modded your engine more than you did. On my opinion this should be the first thing anybody should do to their speed3! There is no better value for the power return you receive than with this SRI! A+ well done cork sport!
Corksport is the best car parts I have ever got in. They know there stuff and thank you. Can't wait to buy more
Thank you corksport I put this part on my car yesterday and it is amazing. the sound is awesome and the performance i'm still trying to get used to. Wasn't expecting everything I got from this part.

the only hard part for me was fitting the TIP on the turbo and mounting it up. other than that it was pretty easy. the only reason it took me almost 3 hours is because I cleaned all the plastic parts and made my engine bay look really nice!

thanks again corksport this was amazing I will be back for more!
Just finished the install, very easy even for someone who has never touched an engine before. directions were very helpful and the finished product performs amazing and sounds great. thanks CS
MUST BUY! Wonderful for anyone! (also people who don't know anything about cars-easiest instructions provided by the best over at Corksport.) The sound alone should be enough to buy this awesome product; the actual power gain is an amazing plus! Looks a hell of a lot better than that big clunk of plastic. Kudos! Thanks A LOT Corksport!
Installed the Corksport SRI on my 2013 MS3. Very impressed, sounds great with the turbosmart bov. Very very happy and will be buying from corksport regularly!

This setup is freakin' amazing. It really is like night and day. It seems like the stock airbox must have been created in a manor to completely block out the sound of the turbo and BOV because you can hear it inside and out of the car even with the stock BOV. The aggressive spooling sound of the turbo has made friends thinking I swapped the turbo to something bigger. People on the street say I'm full of sh*t when saying its just an intake.


The power is considerably noticeable, and throttle response is definitely improved. Most of the added power is felt after about 3000 RPM. I just added the Stage 1 AP tune for the specs of this RAI+TIP, and I spin the tires at the top of 1st, 2nd, and feel torque steer at the top of 3rd. It's ridiculous!


I'm a gearhead that has replaced pretty much anything on an car including engine swaps, dropping transmissions, installing cams, installing internals, etc. On a scale of 1 to 10 for someone who may not know their way around an engine bay, I'd give this install a 4. That rating is drastically dropped due to the thoroughly explained instructions. I would suggest that anyone who is iffy about the install to follow the instructions word-for-word.

The install took me about 2.5 hours only because I spent an hour running around trying to find added ratchet extensions. Believe me when I say make sure you have AT LEAST two 6-inch ratchet extensions in order to reach the clamps on the turbo inlet.

Be sure to check all of your connections are tight! I didn't have this problem, but have seen others talk about it. If you have a loose connection somewhere down the line of the piping, you will likely have to pull the battery out and all that crap.


It isn't with the setup, but with CorkSport's choice in shipping costs. Come on, $21 (they choose) shipping from WA to IL being the cheapest? UPS 2-day shipping was something like $60! Amazon Prime costs $70 for a year, and gives you free 2-day shipping on almost all products.

I get it that you guys might want to grab a couple extra bucks out of a purchase, but it's a turnoff. I have my eye on the race pipe, but already see I'd be adding $26 shipping.

Still gets 5 of 5, but I hope someone here at CorkSport addresses the crazy shipping costs.

CorkSport Reply: The Mazdaspeed intake will trigger the CEL in the 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 due to the size of the pipe where the MAF sits. Our intake has the correct size and we use an air straightener to measure the air properly to ensure no check engine light.
An absolute MUST HAVE! My car is otherwise stock and with this intake installed, the results are incredible! The car pulls hard throughout the entire RPM band now and sounds AWESOME! The install was easy with the exception of tightening the TIP to the turbo itself. As others have stated, this is the best bundle on the market and I'll certainly be recommending this product to everyone I know!
First of all I received it super quick. Second of all the look of the parts are amazing, and finally I installed it and it looks and sounds awesome. Thank you Corksport, looking forward to buying more parts from you guys for my MS3...
I have had my SRI/TIP on my car for about two weeks now and I love every bit of it. This is a great product for a great price. I can actually hear the turbo now! The instructions to install were SUPER easy and that was great. This is worth every penny!
This was my very first purchase from Corksport and I am very highly satisfied and the sound you get out of the stage II intake is fa-nominal.. If you don't have this you need to bottom line
Not sure if it was suppose to come with Instructions but honestly didn't really need them :) Was a breeze to put it.

I received my package yesterday (TIP, SRI, Forget Vrs 1 BPV - Purchased additional red hoses for BPV and TIP) Sounds and Looks great.

Recommendation: Anyone with a 2013 MS3 you will notice that the tiny hoses towards the Turbo inlet will not reach when you replace the inlet pipe. I would recommend getting the New Hoses when installing the TIP - Plus it just looks nicer :) Over all VERY happy with the sound and appearance.

Installed a Cork sport intake and TIP on my speed3 this weekend. Just wanted to make a few comments/tips:

- Its hard work getting the old TIP out its tough.

- If you have leaks it takes a ton of time to strip everything back down again to get to the clamps, and if the connection between the turbo and the inlet pipe is leaking you have to start from scratch tearing everything apart to get to it after you have spent hours putting it all back togetehr. even more time and frustration if you have to retighten those first two bottom clamps.

- you must take off the turbo intake cooler to get to the back of the engine to tighten up the clamp on the turbo entrance.

- be sure you do not drop anything on top of the that turbo intake cooler the fins are extremely delicate and you can easily put a major dent in that with anything that falls on it. I put boards on top of the intake cooler to keep anything from dropping on top of the cooler.

- be very careful not to drop nuts, washers, screws ect down the intake tube when reassembling otherwise you will be buying a new turbo, and anengine if any of those go thru the turbo and get into your cylinders.

its a definite increase in Horsepower and sounds great as well. Your speed3 will barely be able to keep itself on the pavement after this baby is instaled fun stuff.

but don't be fooled its alot of work getting that stock intake tube out of there.

Just installed today. Love the sound from the intake and tip just amplifies it. Performance is definitly noticeable as well. Great deal and great price!
Just WOW! Best bundle on the market. The sound is sexy as well. Totally worth it. I used to be a big COBB fan but now I am sold on just corksport. Thanks guys.
Got all my pieces for the intake in black and it looks amazing first off, after a quick dyno, saw around 20hp improvement from the stock intake and you can head the turbo spool, along with a blow off valve (HKS SSQV) the sound is really nice.

Fairly easy install and no issues. One of the cheapest, most effective parts out there for the car, have to let the engines breathe!
Great product! The TIP was the trickiest part of the install, but overall it was not a tough job. I was in shock when I heard it for the first time. The turbo spool sounds great and there are noticeable performance gains. Definitely recommend this product. If this is your first mod, get the Cobb AP Tuner next. You will not regret it!
LOVE this intake! The TIP is a hug improvement over the silicone one that I had. SRI came off twice on the old TIP. This one, it's not coming off unless I take it off.
just recieved this part a couple days ago along with the hks ssqv bov and all i have to say is look no further if you want bad ass sound and a noticable power gain! i turn heads everywhere i go! the vta system hasnt thrown cel at all and so far i havent wanted to turn the radio on because of the music the motor makes! i look forward to doing business with corksport in the future! thanks guys, jason.
I just received my SRI for my 2010 MS3....and the only thing I can say is WOW. It was super easy to install (thanks to the detailed instructions) and the sound, it is AWESOME! It is the first of many upgrades I can see in my future! I would recommend this upgrade for anyone that wants to hear the beast under their hood!
Anybody that owns a Speed3 and does not have at least the Stage II setup is CRAZY! The gains are inpressive and the sound is incredible. The turbo also spools a bit sooner. You will not be disappointed and is well worth the money!
Its been about three months since i installed the stage 2 intake system and i have nothing but good things to say. i have no issues with the car and it runs great. the sound is amazing when coupled with a forge bpv v2. runs great and pulls hard you can notice the power diffrence.
Had to wait a little for the product to get back in. But when it did the shipping was pretty quick. Took awhile for me to put it on but when it was all done it sounded great and I can definitely feel the power from it.
got this installed yesterday.the turbo can realy be heard spooling up even before you start to hit boost.its an amazing piece.fits well and makes such a big difference.once i flashed a stage 2 map the car is spinning wheels even in third gear
Just Received the Stage II SRI and installed it right away and WOW! what a diffrence, deffinently a must have for all ms3 owners,

Sounds like an absolute Jet, + with the HKS Bov, its just the best sound i've ever heard...
Excellent product turbo boosts up way faster and the power delivery is much smoother and it sounds amazing! Overall a great product and definately should be one of your first upgrades
Love this product!!! Looks great, sounds good, can really hear the turbo now and there is a definite increase in power. Install was super easy also. Overall a great product!!!!
HOLY S***!!! I love this thing! Sounds like a hurricane for an intake and the turbo spool is very noticeable definitely what the car was missing. Even with windows up there is no doubt this car has a turbo! The power gain is obvious as well! I love how you can piece together the colors to your taste. I won't buy anything from anywhere other than corksport! Awesome work guys!
I received the stage II intake today and installed it right away. I was really impressed by the quality of craftsmanship of all components. The packaging is nicely done as well. The inlet pipe went on quite easily, to my surprise, and the car sounds amazing, even running stock bpv. You really can't beat this setup for the money. Keep up the good work guys!!!
Well what can I say...Received my goods and everything well packed and allocated for. Living in South Africa thought package would take forever but did arrive in good time.

SRI was installed today and was no hassel and with some help of friends who have installed it before, was done quickly and perfectly.

The sound and quality from my ride is greatly noticed - Just a Big thanks to CorkSport for their excellent service and product.

This is truely a must for first mods and can't wait to do my cai upgrade which I purchased also. + so many more items will be on my shopping basket.

Thanks CorkSport you rock.

This was the first thing i added to my 2011 MS3, a great investment. Corksport sent directions that made it very easy to understand and follow. After it was installed i noticed a big difference. Very happy with the product, and will continue with a downpipe all the way back. Thanks!
Install was a little tougher than I was expecting, but all in all the performance improvements are totally worth the cost and install time of this.

I love the way it sounds....
Easy instructions and great power gain, highly recommended!
Installed the stage II SRI and TIP on my 2012 Speed3 three days ago. The directions that came along with the kit were very well laid out and easy to follow. I was quite impressed. Took about 3 hours to complete, (Including test drive) and I'm not exactly a seasoned mechanic so extra time was taken to make sure it was done correctly. I have had no check engine lights or rough idle - smooth sailing from the start.

Turbo spool is extremely audible and the stock BPV is noticeable now. Power gains are obvious and it seems to take less effort to power through the rpms. It's almost like driving a brand new car. I adore the additional power, speed and sounds the SRI and TIP bring.

In my opinion, if you're looking for more power with minimal effort, this is the best 250$ you can spend on your Speed3.

If I knew anyone else here in Vermont that drove a Speed3- I'd be recommending you folks in a heartbeat.

Thanks Corksport!
A friend and I (thanks PJ) installed this with the Corksport Airbox and it really woke the car up!
I bought my Speed3 in July, and these two parts were the first ones i got and wow it sounds incredible!! My engine really comes alive ! once you combine this with a BOV like i did you can really feel and hear the power and ppl know that you have a turbo under there. The install was a bit tricky to get the TIP onto the turbo but once its on there your good! I just got Motor mount inserts today to im gonna throw those on soon!
You cant ask for more. The price combined for the inlet pipe and the intake is amazing! It's a lot easier to install (although the reach for the TIP is a little tough for big hands) than I thought, and the instructions it comes with are nice and clear.

The sound this thing produces is pure sexy, and my car feels completely alive vs stock (esp with COBB AP). $/power value is amazing, and I am a Corksport customer for as long as I own a Mazda. I called them, and got answers within 2 mins. And shipping was super quick! Got my product in 3 days!
one of the best mods I did so far the quality was some of the best I have seen the instalation was farely easy took about an hour and a half (took time to eat lunch) the power gains are amazing this mod as other people have stated will make you want to drive with your windows down and the radio off cant wait to do the down pipe now .
I am no mechanic. The directions were very detailed and well written, but alot of the nuts and clips are near impossible to get too. Install took me about 3 to 4 hours...i had a REALLY hard time with a few things. But the sound of the car once completed is worth it....what a difference!! Make sure you put the clamps on tight as i had the silcone part of the intake fall off and caused me to get a CEL and basically lose all power. Had to reset the ECU and it fixed the problem so far. Turbo does spool up quite abit quicked....say bye bye to a good part of the turbo lag you once had. Great Product, hard install for me anyways....but not Corks fault.
I have owned my 2012 MS3 for a couple of months now and I was itching to make my first mod. With quite a bit of research, I decided to go with this product and I could not be more happy. My MS3 now announces the presence of it's turbo and it makes the BPV sound amazing. Install was incredibly easy and the instructions were perfect. It took a bit for my ECU to re-calibrate to the increased airflow, but once it did, the power gains were easily noticed. NO CEL!!! The alligators on my box were a great touch CorkSport!
You just cannot go wrong with it!
pretty tedious but simple install in my opinion love the bypass sound and spools up much quicker
I'm going to start by saying that this is a great deal. For an SRI and a TIP both for the price is very exceptional. Plus, the ability to customize the colors is just icing on the cake. My car sounds great with it on and no problems at all with the MAF sensor / no CEL's.

Now for the negative part of my review: the clamp that's provided to connect the SRI to the TIP is too small. I had to use the stock clamp, but it worked fine. The breather hose was also too long, resulting in me having to cut it so that it doesn't kink. Lastly, one last (but small) gripe: the instructions state to install the MAF sensor in the housing so that the wire connector is on the opposite side of the airflow arrow, this isn't the case.

In reality, my complaints are tiny drops in a bucket. The Corksport Stage II SRI and TIP are a great investment.
I installed the stage II SRI and TIP on my 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 tonight and it's amazing!

It's a well built kit and the sound of my turbo spooling is so noticeable now:) Under hard acceleration you can really hear the thing!

Only thing I noticed was that coming out of first gear into 2nd, there is a single backfire. Just waiting to make sure the ECU clears that up. If it does this this review gets an easy 5 stars from me.
I have done my fair share of modifying over the years and there is good quality in this company's parts. I took my time installing, and I read the instructions to make sure I did not miss anything. I put about 100 miles on my car before going wide open throttle and it was well worth the wait and time to do this right. I did not get any check engine light like what can happen if you rush. I love the sound of the turbo spooling and the throttle response is amazing. Great job guys!!! I look forward to buying more from you.
I purchased the PSSRI with a few other modifications two months ago. Because I am a first time turbo charged car owner I had a large number of questions for Tyler (the gentlemen that helped me thru my modifications). Tyler spent a lot of time explaining all of the modification I wanted to make to me 2010 MS3 (thank you for all of your help Tyler!). I received my LED fog lights, short shifter plate, Cobb Tuner Access Port Tuner and Stage 2 Power Series Short Ram Air Intake at the same time. After receiving all of the parts, I was rather overwhelmed as I had never actually wrenched on my car before. I was extremely satisfied with the instructions sent with each part. Start to finish to install all of the mentioned parts took just over two hours. Once I took the car out for a drive, I immediately noticed a huge difference in throttle and turbo spool response! I also noticed an instance increase in horse power, as well as the ability to listen to the turbo spool! I highly recommend this intake as well as all other mentioned modification provided by Cork Sport. I have now ordered a downpipe with the high flow catalyst and race pipe as well as the Cork Sport full Cat Back exhaust. I a looking forward to receiving these new modifications for my MS3!
Love this intake! It was the first mod I did. I love the sound it makes. Ive had it on for 3 months now and still drive with the windows down.
Absolutely amazing! The sound and power that you get out of this is worth every penny. I've owned my speed for almost a year now and this made it feel like a new car. It's so much more full of life. Do yourself a favor and get it.
This is an awesome mod, let me start out by saying that besides installing RMM and SSP I have never modified a car. The instructions were great and led me through every step of the way. The sound is fantastic and way different than stock, the spool-up is quite loud and you can actually hear the BPV! Great buy, hoping to get this thing paired with CBE and RP soon!
Just installed on the weekend. Took just over an hour...first time mechanic though. After installation....took it out for a spin....absolutely unreal!!! Power gains are noticeable right away! Turbo spools a lot quicker and the sound is addicting. Great quality products from Corksport...Mazda magicians!!!
Love this SRI, you get to customize it out to your specs and it sounds like your going to suck in a small kid or dog into the engine of your car!! Great Job Corksport!!
WOW, thats all i can say, turbo spools up even faster. Car sounds amazing i cant believe i didnt buy it sooner. This has to be one of your first mod. Easy install and great instructions.. the paperclip part is hard to do but other than that it was smooth install. Cant wait to dyno and see the gains. I bought mine in black and it didnt get scratched a bit installing it in the tight area very good quality.
This should be the first thing bolted to your MS3, installation is simple with Corksports detailed instructions. Boy now you can hear that turbo spool. Thanks corksport!
I've put quite a few CAIs on Mazda3s over the past 6 years but this is the first MS3 I've done. Man was it a pain in the butt compared to a naturally aspirated car; nevertheless, it was worth it. I'm about 600 miles away from my home and tools and was able to use a tool kit purchased at the local gas station, some pliers, and a crescent wrench. I would suggest having what it recommends but I'm an AmeriCan, not an AmeriCan't. 2012 MS3 sounds awesome and pulls like hell.
Just installed this on my 2011 speed3. I bought the car brand new in August of 2011 so it has less than 8,000 miles. Immediate power gain and incredible sound. Not only does the turbo spool up faster, it also holds boost much better than with the stock air intake. Took longer to install than the estimated time on the instructions, but not difficult. Instructions were easy to follow and had great diagrams. Glad I chose this as my first mod.
real quality parts and great shipping customer service cant be beat and if mapped with the cobb tuner this intake is the best
My first mod on my 2012 ms3. Excellent quality. Best bang for the buck. Easy install. Love the sounds. Good job Corksport... :)

this is a great product for the money adds great power, and sounds great to boot........ however the first mod should be the motor mount insert, but this for sure should be the second.
This is the first mod that you should do on your Mazdaspeed3!! What a difference it makes and the sound of the turbo spool makes driving your speed a whole new beast. The installation instructions that are provided by Corksport are perfect and easy to follow so installing this mod is no problem. Thank you Corksport for making such a high quality mod! Don’t wait, the SRI and TIP are worth the money and it is the best value compared to any other company. Stop reading reviews and pick this up now!!
I would like to start this review by stating my mechanical experience:


With that being!

I ordered the part on Sunday afternoon and received it Thursday (in Florida). Everything was packed with care, including the instructions. When the weekend finally rolled around, I requested a helping hand from my father-in-law and his tools. Seeing as this was my first installation of an aftermarket part, I thought I needed all the help I could get. Even though his help was greatly appreciated, looking back on it now, I realized I could have taken care of this myself. The instructions were perfect. From start to finish, everything was laid out in such an intuitive manner in the instructions, it would be difficult NOT to install it correctly! It took a little over 1 and 1/2 hours (if I had any prior mechanical experience, I'm sure it would have only taken about 40 minutes or less, but since I kept on referring back to the instructions every few moments to ensure a proper install, it took me longer). It really is shocking to see the factory parts that Mazda used. And when comparing them to Corksport's parts, it is a wonder the car even ran! When installing the parts, you can see the meticulous details that Corksport put into their parts, from the welding and bends, to the quality raw materials to make this Mazda scream now! And man does it scream! After installing the parts and ensuring everything was secure, I cranked her up and let her sit at idle to make sure I didn't get any CELs. After that period was over, it as time for the test drive. I wanted the full experience, so I rolled the windows down to hear the SRI and TIP pull in the air...but it wasn't my ears that caught the first difference, it was the "butt dyno." When I gave her some gas, I was grinning from ear to year. The additional power and sound still gets me every time. The car has more pull and a beautiful "Whoooosh!" sound kicks in when you give it some gas. Along with this, if you drive "like a normal person" you improve your gas mileage by a few mpg...but with the power and sound, it is awfully hard not to push the accelerator a little harder than normal.

After it is all said and done, I couldn't be happier. From detailed instructions to noticeable power gains, the total experience was flawless. Corksport has a customer for life! Great product and great service!
This item arrived quickly and well protected. The install went smoothly and the fit was very good. My expectations were modest even in light of the hefty power gains claimed by CorkSport. My expectations have definetely been exceeded. The power increase is phenomenal. The sound of air rushing in is addictive. I typically leave the radio off now with the side window down just to enjoy the sound. while unscientific, my "seat of the pants" dynometer confirms CorkSports power claims. This is a terrific modification and worth every penny at twice the price.
good install and excellent quality. the sound is pretty cool
Took me a little longer to install but was well worth it, Chris at corksport was super helpful and I'm so happy with how the car sounds and performs now, hands down amazing part!
Installed it last weekend! My butt dyno definitely can tell the difference. The sound is brilliant. There is quite a bit less lag with turbo spooling. 2nd and 3rd gear pull really nicely.

I've been driving with the window open to hear its song.

It took me quite a bit longer to install than the instructions laid out, but it's done and I am extremely happy!!!
Actually feel a few more horses and it sounds amazing

You can't ask for a better value! After I installed this I noticed an amazing HP gain and It sounds so freaking cool now. You can really hear the turbo spooling. If you haven't bought one, do it NOW!
No check engine light, easy to follow instructions, great gains, free sticker in the box! I am thrilled with my sir/tip and will gladly buy more fromt his great company.
This was my first mod and I LOVE IT! I think that every one should do this mod first. Worth the money hands down.
Great product, impressive results. The sounds is great and coupled with other intake/exhaust mods and a tuning solution your MS3 will really put you in your seat!
For all of you who have been kicking around the idea of an intake (like I did for 9 months) just do yourself a favor and buy the Corksport intake/TIP combo. I cannot tell you how much of a blast the car is to drive now. There is a noticable increase in acceleration over 3000 rpm. The sound is awesome and LOUD - you can even hear the stock BPV now! I suggest getting the cold air box also to fill the hole in your engine bay and to protect the filter from any stray water/dirt.

The guys at CS were awesome and magicked up an airbox for me even though I was origonally told it might be a three week wait. The parts are manufactured and packaged well and the install isn't to bad - just make sure you have a longnose set of angled pliers handy - the longer the better!

Cannot speak highly enough of Corksport and their products/customer service.
Wow, simply amazing... very well constructed... the gains they claim you can feel, turbo spools much quicker, car feels like it just woke up... one of the best performance mods money can buy, my Mazda dealer even likes it... they have no issues about it at all. btw the sound you get is well worth the admission ticket...Thanks Corksport for producing such an amazing product
I have bought this, installed it, and love it aswell. However, my mazda dealership says i have to take it off or it will void my warranty. Any advice/suggestions?
Amazing....the sound is great...the power is fun fun
Hardest part is removing the old parts. Installed in about 30 minutes. Noticable HP increase. Well worth the money.
Installation of the Corksport sri was a bit time consuming but straight forward and easy. For the money it is a very good product. Power gain is noticeable and the sound of hearing the turbo spool never gets old. If you get the sri also get the Forge BPV at the same time. They sound and look amazing together!!
I have had this intake on my car for over a week now and I LOVE IT!!!!! This was a fairly easy project to install and the quality and fitment are superb. I love the way it sounds and the power it has generated is wonderful. Thank you Derrick for all your help and a great product. This intake is def what my car was missing.
As the previous reviews have listed, the worse part is removing the stock parts. After that the CS SRI/TIP goes on quick and matches up tightly. The sound is amazing. The only draw back is a slight loss of power in the lower RPM range. I am already contemplating adding the race pipe to try to regain my low end power. Hopefully CS has a solution for the CEL on the down pipe, as well! Nothing like 310+ hp in a hatchback!!!
THE #1 mod that should be installed onto this car is this here intake. The gains are noticeable, the sound is loud enough to hear the woosh, but quiet enough where it doesn't annoy you. Absolutely spectacular product!
Great product and great quality. The car feels really strong and the sound is awesome. Derrick hooked me up with some great service and answered every one of my questions. Thanks guys!
All I can say about this intake is WOW!!!! This system was very simple to install. The only thing that took any time at all was removing all of the stock parts. Talk about a very poor flowing stock intake system!! When that was all done putting the CorkSport on was a cake walk. The inlet pipe fit rite up to the turbo nice and snug. When I was all done instaling I took the car out for a little spin. The sounds this system makes are crazy!!! It put a big smile on my face. The performance is even better!!! The turbo is rite there from the dig and never drops or falls. This is the best intake system I have ever heard or felt.The power gain's you get from this intake system are AMAZING!!!. If you have a 2010 Speed3 then you need this intake kit. Great job CorkSport for a great intake system.
Great product. Warning, I am a driver, not an installer. I do not even like to look under the hood, I just like to drive my awesome 2k10 ms3. I pay for my parts to be put on.


-Great power increase starting mid-range and finishing through top of rpm range

-horsepower per dollar upgrade is as good as it gets

-more powerful sound than stock


-None, this is an extremely well priced and useful part, couldn't imagine the car without it.
I noticed after installing the intake that I lost a little power in the lower rpm range. However, the top-end performance has been greatly enhanced. Stock, it used to fall on its face after 4500 or so. Now it pulls hard all the way to red-line. I recommend buying the race-pipe as well to bring back some of the low-end power you lose.
Wow! The first time I heard the sound of the intake I honestly giggled. This intake paired with a Turbosmart Dual Port BOV makes some fantastic noise; almost sounds like a purring panther. Car pulls harder and turbo spools quicker. This is a no brainer upgrade. Excellent quality product. Easy install though takes some patience, the right tools and tiny hands are useful.
The CorkSport Power Series intake for the 2010 Speed3 is absolutely amazing. Car pulls a lot harder and doesn't fall on its face for the last 500 rpm to redline as did stock. Turbo sounds nice while spooling and you even get a little BOV noise. Makes me feel like I actually have a turbo now. Excellent product waiting for cat back. Thanks guys well done.
The power series Intake is very nice and well made from CorkSport engineers. Performance wise my car pulls a lot harder on top end and the turbo spools up a lot quicker compared to stock!!!! I love the sound!!!! Next step is down pipe once CorkSport figures out engine code, so that my Mazda dealer will work on my car under warranty. Lets get the speed 3 over 310 hp. Thanks CorkSport!

Robert B.
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Currently only have a TurboSmart Kompact dualport 50/50 BOV installed in my 2013 gen 2... Will this install be ok to run for about a month or so without HPFP?

Asked by Rafael | 02/16/2020, 11:38 PM | 1 answer(s)

What tune on AP would work with this? I have HPFP installed.

Asked by Cody Moore | 04/08/2019, 09:39 PM | 3 answer(s)

Do I need HPFP if the entire car is stock and I wanted to add SRI with turbo inlet pipe?

Asked by Nhia moua | 03/04/2019, 05:57 PM | 1 answer(s)

Package dimension? thanks

Asked by Szasza | 10/07/2018, 11:09 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this work on 2007 Mazda Axela right hand drive from Japan?

Asked by Travis Johnson | 09/06/2018, 08:03 AM | 0 answer(s)

Is this product for mazda speed 3 2012? How long will it need to be shipped to germany?

Asked by Roy | 10/06/2017, 03:34 PM | 1 answer(s)

This intake works for the MS3 gen1?

Asked by Edward | 09/03/2017, 11:19 AM | 1 answer(s)

What are the diameters of the TIP, MAF housing and the filter?

Asked by James | 07/09/2016, 10:59 AM | 1 answer(s)

I am looking at your HP and torque gains that you claim and they seem to be high. What other mods were done on the car that got +33 hp and + 25 lbs of torque? I am looking to purchase for my 2012 speed 3 but dont want to buy if all it does is make things louder

Asked by James Gross | 09/16/2016, 09:34 AM | 0 answer(s)

I have a 2012 ms3 and Just did a second cat delete. Car is bone stock otherwise. Will i need hpfp upgrades and/or a tune to run your sri safely. Thanks

Asked by Levi lansdown | 06/19/2016, 09:11 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this air intake have any noticeable difference in power over the Cobb Sf intake and Cobb TIH?

Asked by Tucker Foster | 06/14/2016, 02:50 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit my 2006 Mazdaspeed6?

Asked by Rich | 05/10/2016, 09:24 AM | 3 answer(s)

Will the Stage II SRI cause the engine light to turn on. (Stock MS3)

Asked by Joseph Saldivar | 04/29/2016, 03:29 PM | 1 answer(s)

What would be the best map to run when getting this if I already have boost tubes and a race pipe

Asked by Zar | 03/17/2016, 08:05 AM | 1 answer(s)

Would I need to run a hpfp with this intake. I have boost tubes and a test pipe

Asked by Caezar | 03/15/2016, 01:57 PM | 1 answer(s)

Does this intake create excessive noise when highway driving? I'm worried about a constant whining while cruising. Thank you.

Asked by Matthew | 02/28/2016, 12:47 PM | 1 answer(s)

If i install stage II intake will I need a Max Flow Fuel Pump Internals ? Or the oem one can handle it ? Cause i know with the cobb SRI + TIP you need one if you dont want to have fuel cut. Thanks

Asked by Gabriel | 02/14/2016, 03:45 PM | 1 answer(s)

will it fits in a 2016 mazda 3 ?

Asked by john | 02/13/2016, 05:17 PM | 1 answer(s)

Does this replace everything from the turbo inlet to the air filter? Will the air filter fit in the stock box? Will it fit in the CS air box?

Asked by Jon | 01/17/2016, 10:51 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit on mazda 3 gt sport 2.3L 2005?

Asked by Dusan | 12/30/2015, 07:45 AM | 1 answer(s)

Where can I order a replacement filter? Or what size exactly outlet filter do I need?.

Asked by Adam | 12/27/2015, 11:48 AM | 1 answer(s)

Is there a AP tune map I can download on here with this product for my 2009 speed 3?

Asked by Nick | 12/01/2015, 10:54 PM | 1 answer(s)

I bought this intake second-hand and the MAF housing doesn't have the CARB EO number etched in. Is this still CARB exempt? If not, can I purchase the MAF housing separately?

Asked by Enrique Razo | 11/30/2015, 09:38 PM | 1 answer(s)

Just purchased this SRI! So up top in the pictures I see you guys have a dyno run which shows an increase in power over stock with this intake installed. My main question is, is that graph a speed with a stock tune, or did you guys AP it after installation of this SRI to get those numbers?

Asked by Nate | 11/12/2015, 12:48 AM | 1 answer(s)

I have two questions. 1: will this work for my speed 6? 2: I just installed a turbo inlet pipe from you guys, since this comes with an inlet pipe would there be any disadvantage to just buying the stage 1 Sri? Would there be an advantage to using this tip instead?

Asked by Bo | 11/03/2015, 11:13 AM | 1 answer(s)

Can this intake be installed without having an acessport ?

Asked by Matthew  | 10/19/2015, 09:34 AM | 1 answer(s)

What tune on AP would be used to get max benefits from intake and tih

Asked by Josue | 10/14/2015, 01:55 PM | 1 answer(s)

So I have been wanting to get one of these set ups from you guys for a while now but I've been holding off because I'm hearing that these cone filters don't filter as well as the stock air filter and let more dirt into the engine. Is this true or do they filter just as well as stock??? I don't want to hurt my engine.

Asked by Dave | 10/08/2015, 04:38 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this stage 2 air intake work in a Mazda 3.2008?

Asked by Matt Hare | 09/02/2015, 06:17 AM | 1 answer(s)

I installed the stage 2 intake on stock 2012 speed 3. I am running average ~9.8 air fuel ratio whether its at idle or 75 mph. Do you have any ideas of what could be causing this?

Asked by kelly waters | 08/16/2015, 05:40 PM | 3 answer(s)

Is the MAF housing stock or 3 inch in diameter with the SRI stage 2?

Asked by Justin  | 08/12/2015, 11:44 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit a 2009 Mazda 3? But the nonspeed version? As this is the only Carb legal one

Asked by Jesus Guzman | 08/10/2015, 01:26 AM | 1 answer(s)

Is an airbox recommended to use with this SRI? I want to install this intake but dont know if it will be safe to install without an airbox.

Asked by Daniel | 08/05/2015, 10:32 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit my 2006 mazda 3 mps , as it only says 2007-2009 ? cheers.

Asked by Haiqal | 07/20/2015, 06:16 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this intake fit my mazdaspeed 3

Asked by Allen | 07/06/2015, 11:04 AM | 1 answer(s)

How does this effect gas mileage?

Asked by Dustin | 07/03/2015, 07:40 AM | 1 answer(s)

If I have a mazda 3 2014 and its the stock hatchback, can I buy the 292nd series intake or do I need to buy the first one.

Asked by Kevin Greaney | 06/09/2015, 05:39 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit a 2011 Mazda 3 2.5GT?

Asked by Gareth | 06/08/2015, 09:32 AM | 1 answer(s)

When it says that this SRI includes a turbo inlet pipe, does that mean that you can only use this if you have a turbo on your engine?

Asked by ther3dhood | 05/25/2015, 09:30 PM | 1 answer(s)

I bought the Stage 2 Intake locally, with no screws to the MAF Housing. What is the thread pitch/size of the bolts?

Asked by Andy | 05/24/2015, 06:11 PM | 1 answer(s)

Difference Between Stage 2 intake and the Power series intake?

Asked by William | 05/19/2015, 05:34 PM | 1 answer(s)

Is this carb approved?

Asked by Jason | 04/23/2015, 09:58 AM | 2 answer(s)

Do I need to do a MAF cal if i am running an AP and the SRI stage II? I have a HPFP and a Race Pipe.

Asked by Ian | 04/23/2015, 08:37 PM | 1 answer(s)

What diameter is your stage 2 sri ?

Asked by sergey golubenko | 04/11/2015, 10:04 AM | 1 answer(s)

On a stock MS3 can this be installed safely without a fuel pump mod?

Asked by Matthew | 03/04/2015, 07:27 PM | 1 answer(s)

Fit on a 2010 Mazda5?

Asked by Jim-ski | 02/18/2015, 06:28 PM | 1 answer(s)

what's the difference between stage 1 and stage 2 SRI?

Asked by Dav | 02/16/2015, 12:19 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this work for a Protege5?

Asked by Kris | 02/08/2015, 05:37 PM | 1 answer(s)

Looking at getting you CORKSPORT Stage II Power Series Short Ram Intake for Mazdaspeed 3, and the rear motor mount. It will be going on a stock 2010 MS3. Will the stock ecu/map handle the change without danger of damage? Or will a retune be required? Looking at getting an AP and FP upgrade before any other mods

Asked by Matt | 02/03/2015, 01:15 AM | 1 answer(s)

is there any air-box that you guys make to this product?

Asked by ESTEBAN JHAYA | 01/26/2015, 10:03 AM | 1 answer(s)

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