Best Mazdaspeed Turbo Upgrades – Choose Your Boost

May of 2015, CorkSport launched its first high-performance drop-in turbocharger for the Mazdaspeed platform.  Fast-forward almost 4 years and CorkSport again is about to redefine what a stock flange turbocharger for the Mazdaspeed platform can indeed be.

The Best 400 WHP for the Mazdaspeed  

The original “CS Turbo” is now the CST4 Mazdaspeed Turbo to follow the turbo line-up. It is the best turbo used to upgrade the OEM K04 Mazdaspeed Turbo. The CST4 took a fresh approach to “big turbo” with all the included hardware, gaskets, and, direct drop-in fitment.  It removed the guesswork for a quick and easy installation, but the benefits didn’t stop there. This “little big turbo” packs a punch for its compact TD05H-18G wheels.  We think it’s best for Mazdaspeed turbo to get started.

Best Mazdaspeed 3 Turbo K04 Upgrade for 400 WHP
Best Mazdaspeed 3 Turbo K04 Upgrade for 400 WHP

With the CST5 and CST6 just around the horizon, it would be easy to forget about the tried and true CST4, but don’t worry this Mazdaspeed Drop-In Turbo got some new love making it one of the best turbos on the market.  You will now have an EWG housing option for the CST4. You can pick it up in EWG setup from the start or if you already have a CST4 that you love, you can get the EWG housing kit to do the upgrade yourself.

Moving onto the CST5 & CST6 the possibilities for the MZR DISI have moved up significantly.  What started as a single “bigger big turbo” has morphed into two “bigger big turbos” that, we feel, better provide for the various power goals of the community.  

Best 500+ WHP Mazdaspeed Turbo

We present to you the CST5

CST5 is the Best 500+ WHP Mazdaspeed 3 Turbo

The CST5 Turbo bridges the gap between drop-in performance and Mazdaspeed’s big turbo power.  The journal-bearing CHRA uses a hybrid TF06-GTX71 wheel setup that provides more top-end than the CST4 with minimal spool and response penalty.  Upping the big turbo feel is a 4-inch anti-surge compressor inlet which will require an up-sized intake system.

Unlike the CST6, the CST5 turbo will be offered in internally waste-gated and externally waste-gated setups.  This provides you with the flexibility to set up your Mazdaspeed just how you see fit and both have been proven 520+ whp on our in-house dyno and tuning courtesy of Will Dawson @ Purple Drank Tuning. This has been the best turbo to achieve 500 WHP.

The Best 600+ WHP Mazdaspeed Turbo

Now… We present to you the Stock Flange Record holder…the CST6

Best Mazdaspeed 3 Turbo for 600 WHP

The CST6 redefines what the community thought was possible from the stock turbine housing flange, but first some details.  The ceramic ball bearing CHRA uses a GTX3576r wheel setup that clearly outpowers the CST4 & CST5, but that’s the point remember?  

The Mazdaspeed CST6 Turbo is a legit big turbo. The spool will be later, but still below 3900rpm for the full boost! However, a turbo setup is not intended for low-end response.  If top-end power is your goal, the CST6 is the best turbo for your Mazaspeed and will deliver. In-house testing has pushed the CST6 to 633whp at a fuel limited ~33psi and 7900rpm redline.

Unlike the CST4 & CST5, the CST6 will only be offered in EWG setup.

Best Mazdaspeed 3 EWG For Turbos CST4, CST5, and CST6

In the coming months, we will share more information about the CorkSport Turbo Line-Up; the design, the testing, and validation of each.  Check out these pages for more information about the Mazdaspeed CST5 Turbo & CST6 Turbo along with the new EWG turbine housing option. Get and boost on!

Thanks for tuning in with CorkSport Mazda Performance.

-Barett @ CS

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3 Replies to “Best Mazdaspeed Turbo Upgrades – Choose Your Boost”

  1. If I was to ask about a release time frame, would I get two weeks for an answer or is there an actual eta? Or maybe the EWG housing for the CST4 might be released before the new turbs?

    Thanks yo.

  2. The turbos will be released out in a progression as they are finished up. The IWG CST5 will be first in the next few weeks. The EWG CST5 within a month of that as well as the CST6.

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