Happy 18th Birthday CorkSport!


Today is officially the 18th anniversary of CorkSport! That means 18 years of eating, sleeping, breathing Mazda — and we couldn’t be happier.

Check out some of our employees’ favorite memories, seasons, and reasons for working at CorkSport.

Derrick Ambrose

I have plenty of great days at CorkSport. Several of the great moments are getting the first race win in the CorkSport Mazda 2 B-Spec car at Autoclub Speedway, the many customer events we’ve had at CorkSport in the past, and the opportunity to drive so many great cars. The best moments have been every time we’ve moved locations. It’s always been into better and better facilities, which gives us the opportunity to grow into it, make our company better, and know the future is ahead with limitless possibilities.

Dustin Berentsen

My favorite memory so far of my time at CS was in late 2011 when a bunch of us went to SEMA in Las Vegas. I had been with CS for almost a year at that point and, while I had hung out with almost everyone outside of work individually, it was the first real time that we had gone and done something big as a group. It was also my first time going to SEMA, which was a cool experience. The highlight was the opportunity for team building and getting to know everyone in a neutral environment where everyone was just having fun. That was great.

Kelly Harris

After a decade with CS, here’s my top 10 reflections/moments/cars/people:

10. Korean BBQ in Toyako with Derrick and Rich.
9. OCC.
8. All 8 of my Mazda’s.
7. Mad bathroom dash through Mazda US’s shop. The cars I saw, oh cars!
6. The Mazda community and the dear friends I’ve connected with.
5. CS parties, always fun.
4. Did I mention the cars?
3. The evolution of CorkSport as a business.
2. All present and past staff.
1. My husband.

Brandon Johnson

The NATOR BBQ. We got to see all the local community. I met new people that have become friends. These are people we talk to on a regular basis now!

Luke McCarvel

My favorite day working at CS has to be the company track day. I’ve never had an opportunity to attend a race day like that before. I learned a lot of things that day, which help my decisions in building my car now and down the line. One thing I’d like to note is how well a track day reveals the weaknesses of your car. I’ve always been into the 1320, so it was a huge eye-opener on how important something like brakes are. Looking forward to any future race days!!

Vincent Melon

My favorite season for working at CorkSport is always the summer. I’m as cold blooded as it gets and I really enjoy when the sun comes out so I can soak in all the warmth. Some of my favorite parts of working at CorkSport are staying late after work to build engines or work on some racecars with my co-workers and fellow enthusiasts. I love going out to all the events, shows, track days, and just meeting other Mazda fanatics. Making new friends and memories are the best parts. Oh, also did I mention summer is prime race season? 🙂

Kim Russell

I’ve enjoyed working at CorkSport and the hilarity that happens on a day-to-day basis. Not many know, but we’re a small company, more like a family, and that allows for some amazing conversations, work parties, get-togethers, lunches, and meetings overall. We definitely have our serious moments, but it’s the ones that bring us together that are my favorite. Especially the things we learn about one another through Cards Against Humanity battles, Nerf gun wars (surprisingly, I won our first one), and mandatory fun throughout the years.

Barett Strecker

There are many memories I could talk about, but probably the most hysterical was from the first company BBQ I attended a couple months after I started. The BBQ was at an employee’s home a bit out in the country. They have lots of acreage and a couple ATV’s. Being the country boy I am at heart, I hopped on the ATV to go exploring for JUST a few minutes. Two hours later, they finally found me and had to pull me out of a mud hole I was stuck in. I was covered head-to-toe in mud and had missed most of the BBQ, but it’s a CS memory that will never be forgotten.

Here’s to another 18 years of aftermarket Mazda parts!



Dear Car Guy: Engaging with the CS Fam

Dear Car Guy,

I was admiring how different all of your rides are. As a general statement, there are lots of ways to make your baby unique and personalize it to your style. At CorkSport, we try to do the same thing with our brand, our name and our reputation.

We love when we hear back from you that we’ve done great things with customer service:

  • Following up with your questions via email, phone calls, Facebook, forums, and face to face.
  • Sending out a little bit a joy with some of your packages.
  • Supporting you when something goes wrong and keeping in touch throughout your order fulfillment.
  • And just being a part of the conversations that happen within the Mazda platform.

We want (and try) to get you to engage with us too!

You frequently make us laugh by telling a joke or letting us know what you’re thinking in the comment section that comes with your order.

WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU and often we find a fun way to show you that we read your note, joke, sarcasm, or saw that you had a question.

Here are some of my favorites from recent months:

Jennifer sent out a “few” valentines to bring a smile and some happiness when you opened your order:


Our shipping team drew on some of your packages:


We sent out some extra goodies for you and your loved ones:


And we even shared a little bit of Mazda history with you!


We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! It makes the day go by that much faster and gives us an opportunity to really connect with you and figure out what we can do to best serve you and your ride! We’re here to help by bringing knowledge, parts, supplies, support, and hopefully good-natured humor and joy every once in a while!

ALWAYS leave a comment in your order. The more original you are with your notes, the more fun we can have in return!

Thanks for passing along the joy! Stay safe, stay fast, stay happy!

Kim Russell-01

And the Top Pics of the Week Go To…

Nathaniel Rideout with P.J. Wallington. Dope Mazda pics.

Congratulations to our double the Mazda, double the fun duo @nateridems3 and @pjwallington, shot by the talented @thatkevinc, for having our most liked pic this week!

Then @nichnobre just had to go and melt our manly hearts with his winter mode pic featuring his pup Zoey.

His Mazda and his dog. The two things a man needs.

We love growing our CS fam and sharing your great Mazda pics. Let’s keep them coming! Use #CorkSport for a chance to be featured on our page and maybe you’ll be our next pic of the week.



CorkSport Gets Down and Dirty… For the Community!!

A rainy afternoon playing in the mud, a sun-shiny day hanging out and making children smile, and another rainy morning, fighting a storm to pick up trash on a local beach. These are just a few of the ways that CorkSport gives back to its local community. Once every three months we put together a group of our employees to give back in some pretty unexpected and challenging ways.


In February 2013, we paired up with some local ‘pros’ through a program that rebuilds worn out trails in the local parks. We hiked 2 miles in with our tools and lunches in tow, dressed for what we were hoping was a fair weather day. Boy, were we wrong!

 CorkSport Gets Dirty

We repaired parts of an older trail, and put in a couple switch backs to help with draining in the future so the trail might have a chance of being a little less muddy. Tools in hand, we dug in some places a full foot of mulch and mud out in order to level out and give proper foundation to what will be a fully graveled trail in the future.

Trail Maintenence with CorkSport

Off and on showers, some ankle deep mud trenches, and some ‘Seniors’ who made us feel as though we were slacking for taking a break or two made for a memorable team building experience.  All in all it was a worth-while and enjoyable day, we felt accomplished and closer as a team after having completed some strenuous work with beautiful results.

Most Recently we took a Saturday morning and went to a local river-beach for some clean up.

CorkSport Beach CleanupAt the BEach CorkSportCollecting Garabage with CorkSport

Once again the weather laughed and laughed as we fought the wind, rain, and waves to find anything from cigarette butts and bed sheets to broken bottles and pieces discarded and forgotten clothing.

Wonderful to be outside, but we could have done without the temperatures and onslaught of the local weather system/left-overs from far away hurricanes.

Dirty Trashy CorkSpor

We have volunteered for the community with some children’s outings, given back to the local work crews, and done some trash digging at the beach. We always make sure to do this on our own time so as not to interfere with business, but the rewards that come from volunteering are worth it any day!