5 Reasons You Need The Cold Air Box Intake System for the 2019+ Mazda 3 Non-Turbo

The CorkSport Cold Air Box for the 2019+ Mazda 3 has finally arrived!  Long awaited since the introduction of the CorkSport Short Ram Intake for the non-Turbo Mazda 3, CX30 and CX50; the Cold Air Box is ready to team up with your SRI and give you the increased performance from cooler ambient air that you’ve been looking for.  

Installed for the Best Cold Air Intake Box

Designed For Performance

Designed specifically for the non-turbo models in conjunction with the CorkSport Short Ram Intake; this creates a complete performance cold air intake system that bolts in with ease.  

To maximize potential airflow AND keep the hot engine bay air away from the intake we incorporated the OEM intake snorkel and opened the airbox end to take in cooler ambient air from the fender area.  

Mazda 3 2019 and newer cold air intake box

Here you can see the open end of the CorkSport Airbox providing full airflow to the filter from the fender area and the opening on the front of the airbox for the snorkel to interface.  The result is maximum airflow and minimal hot air from the engine and radiator.  

Cold Air Box illustration of air flow

Tested & Approved

To validate this design we did on car testing in real-world situations.  Below you will see a graph showing air intake temperature of the CorkSport SRI only vs the CorkSport SRI + Cold Air Box.    Both tests use the same car and begin testing with an up-to-temp car in approximately 80 degF sunny weather.  

Cold Air Intake Data for the Mazda CS Air Box

The testing starts with a 5 minute idle period to simulate sitting in traffic or staging line at a drag race.  This is the “heat soaking” that is so commonly mentioned in social media channels.  After that, the car is moderately accelerated to 50mph which pushes fresh ambient air into the intake snorkel and fender area.  You can see that in both stationary and moving testing, the cold air box keeps intake air temperatures cooler by approximately 10 degF.  

CorkSport Installed on CX30 Cold Air Box

Efficient & Responsive

Is a cold air box necessary for your Mazda already equipped with the CorkSport Short Ram Intake?  No, but the cold air box WILL help your engine breathe easier, run more efficiently and feel more powerful and responsive in all driving situations.  It will help make your Mazda even more fun to drive, which is why we all do this!  

Mazda 3 Cold air box

Built CS Strong

Now let’s talk about the construction of the CorkSport Airbox.  CAD designed and manufactured via a rotor molding process allows us to create very unique shapes that can fit in the engine bay.  The material is XDPE plastic that is very durable and resilient to engine bay temperatures and chemicals.  In fact, it’s the same material we use for our Mazdaspeed Fender Fuel Cell and the 4th GEN Mazda 3 Turbo Inlet Pipe.  The translucent cover is a grey/brown tinted acrylic material that is durable and looks fantastic in the engine bay.  

Mazda CX50 cold air box installed

With the removable cover, servicing is super quick and easy, so you don’t have to remove the entire airbox just to clean your air filter. 

CorkSport Care & Support

Lastly, like all CorkSport performance parts, you receive color step-by-step instructions, all the needed installation hardware, and support from our knowledgeable team at CS HQ.  Thanks for checking out the latest and greatest from CorkSport!  

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  1. Just for curiosity would putting some sort of heat shield material on the sides facing the engine of the cold box be of any benefit.

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