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Mazda 3 Cold Air Box 2019+

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2019+ Mazda 3 Best Cold Air Box
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Keep your intake air temperatures in check with CorkSport’s Short Ram Intake Air Box for the 2019+ Mazda3, CX30 & CX50. The CorkSport Cold Air Box is a great addition to our already fantastic Short Ram Intake we offer for the NA Mazda3, CX30, and CX50. Our Intake AirBox helps block heat from the radiator, engine, and transmission, leaving the only source of air from two places: the fender and the OEM Air Scoop.

Read The BlogCold Air Box Intake System for the 2019+ Mazda 3 Non-Turbo

The CorkSport Advantage


Performance Advantage:

The CorkSport Airbox blocks out the hot air from the engine, leaving only the cooler, fresh air from the fender and OEM Air Scoop. This means cooler intake air temps and more power!

Mazda 3 short ram intake airbox data


Testing of the CorkSport SRI Airbox included spirited driving, as well as remaining stationary on a warm, sunny day (~80°F, 26°C). The graph shown depicts a five-minute period of idling, simulating heavy traffic (or even waiting in line at the drag strip), followed by a period of acceleration up to 50mph (80kph). In our testing, we have found the CS Airbox reduces the average temperature by almost 10°F, compared with our SRI on its own. Our testing was more demanding than you might experience, but we want to highlight how our Airbox performs under the harsh conditions that you might see sitting in traffic on a very hot day. Our Airbox reduces the heat-soak that the SRI can experience while sitting in traffic, giving you cooler intake temps and greater power output.

Mazda CX30 cold air intake

OEM Fitment:

Designed to be a direct OEM fitment, the OEM rubber isolators and mounting locations are used to provide the simplest installation possible. This allows the Airbox to install like OEM and allow for engine movement in operation. The OEM Air Scoop is retained for additional intake air, leading to multiple intake draw points.

cx50 cold air intake system for overlanding

Serviceable Design:

Once the airbox is installed, filter servicing is quick and easy, only need to remove the acrylic cover to access the filter and MAF housing.

Mazda CX50 cold air intake

Materials and Design:

The CorkSport SRI Airbox is made of Rotomolded 5mm (0.190”) thick XDPE Plastic. This is the same material that we use for our Auxiliary Fuel Tank for the Mazdaspeed3 and the Turbo Inlet Pipe for the 2021+ Mazda 3 Turbo. It is proven to withstand the elements, high temperatures, and even some abuse with ease. The cover lid is constructed of Acrylic, a material known to withstand high temperatures and provide a beautiful shine in your engine bay.

Mazda3 performance parts sri cold air box

SRI + Cold Air Box Designed to Work Together:

Designed specifically for the CorkSport SRI and taking full advantage of the OEM snorkel cold air inlet and the fender area for cool ambient air. Make sure to check out the SRI + Airbox if looking for a complete system!

Product Advisory Note
  • CorkSport Short Ram Intake is required. The CS Airbox will not fit with OEM intake systems or other aftermarket products.
  • Cold Air Box only, shown Short Ram Intake not included.
  • OEM Rubber mounts and Snorkel from the Stock Airbox are required for installation. If you already have a CorkSport SRI and do not have these parts, please contact your local Mazda Dealer and purchase:
    • One(1) “Fresh Air Duct”
      • Mazda3 Part#: PAH9-13-200A
      • Mazda CX30 Part#: PAJ8-13-200A
      • Mazda CX50 Part #: PX9X-13-200A
    • Three(3) Rubber Mounts
      • Mazda3/CX30 Part #: PE01-13-363
      • Mazda CX50 Part#: PX9X-13-363
  • Fits 2.0 and 2.5 non turbo petrol models.

Additional Features

  • Vehicle Fitment: 2019+ 2.5L and 2.0L Naturally Aspirated Mazda3, CX30, CX50
  • Developed in America: Designed, Developed, and tested in the USA.
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a 2-year warranty, full-color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support.

How To Install the Mazda Cold Air Intake Box

It will take you Approx. 30 minutes to install.

30 Min Install Time

30-min Install Time

Difficulty: 1/5

1/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty




Installation was easy, and it helps keep the muck off the filter.
Matched it with short ram intake and the cat back system. Sounds great it gives the car a roar it went from a kitten to lion. CorkSport thanks for making it.
Although the plastic has a rough surface that makes sticking a little harder you can still cool-tape it if you want to, which I did to the entire outside surface.

After I added the cold box, it ran slightly smoother at very low rpm.

All in all, I think the CS intake with the cold box is the best kit out there for this car. Well done CS.
So glad CorkSport came out with a box for their SRI as keeping the temps as close to stock are important for me. Not only does it look good in the bay, but the installation is plug and play.
I'm very glad CorkSport offered this. I have been waiting for this and I jumped at the opportunity to get the short ram intake and the cold box. The only problem I had ( it may not be a big deal ) was being able to tighten the back mount bolts because of the tight space between the cold air box and the battery box it was difficult to get a wrench ( being an 8mm bolt ) in the space. Other than that I love it. Christmas came early.
High quality and fits perfectly to the oem airbox mounts. Installation was very easy and it looks great in the engine bay compared to the open SRI with no box. Acceleration also feels noticeably smoother and the box has eliminated most of the whistle from the inside of the cabin. Overall 5/5 great job on this one CS
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Will it fit Skyactiv-X 2.0? the engine is different and also is the inteake location. The filter box looks smaller than Skyactiv-G

Asked by Pablo | 10/12/2023, 12:52 AM | 1 answer(s)

Do we need to retain the OEM air intake resonator (the bottom half of the inlet duct) during installation? The instructions specify to remove it, but do not specify if we are to install it with the inlet duct or not.

Asked by Kyle Myers | 09/06/2023, 03:49 PM | 1 answer(s)

Does this fit the 2019+ Mazda 3 Turbos? If not, what is not compatible?

Asked by fsport | 08/14/2023, 10:22 AM | 1 answer(s)

would this fit a 1st gen mazda 3

Asked by hudson | 07/26/2023, 02:20 PM | 1 answer(s)

Does it fit on 2.0L gen4 mazda3 ?

Asked by Eddie | 07/20/2023, 04:23 AM | 1 answer(s)
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Fits: 2019+ 2.5L and 2.0L Naturally Aspirated Mazda3, CX30 and CX50