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2019-2023 Mazda 3 - CX-30 - Short Ram Intake System for 2.5L Non-Turbo

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Best short ram intake for the 2019+ Mazda 3 and CX-30
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Upgrade your Mazda 3 2.5 liter engine's horsepower, torque, and sound by installing the CorkSport Short Ram Intake designed for the 2019-2023 model. The factory airbox and filter are known for limiting performance and creating a dull noise. With the CorkSport intake, you can enjoy the thrill of the ride with power gains from its high-flow filter, billet MAF sensor housing, and a custom-reinforced silicone coupler. Don't settle for mediocrity, get the CS short ram intake and unlock your Mazda's full potential.

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2019-up Mazda 3 Short Ram Intake Informational Video

The CorkSport Advantage

2019+ Mazda 3 Cold Air Intake

Performance Gains:

The GEN4 Mazda 3 looks sporty but lacks a little in the performance department. If you’re looking to fix this issue, we’ve got your first step! By installing the CorkSport Mazda 3 Short Ram Intake, we saw gains of 5-7WHP and 5-7WTQ when testing back to back on our dyno with no tuning changes. Note: the vehicle tested did have a prototype CorkSport Axle Back Exhaust installed for both OEM and CS intake tests.

2020 Mazda 3 Short Ram Intake

Sound and Style:

The CS Mazda 3 short ram intake has “show” to match the “go”. You gain a nice visual boost to your engine bay with the CS intake, especially since you can personalize your look by choosing your silicone, filter, and clamp color. The appearance and power come with a nice boost to sound too. When you get on the gas a nice growl from the engine can be heard which adds some excitement to driving your Mazda 3.

4th Gen Mazda3 Intake System

Precision Machined:

Each CorkSport cold air/short ram intake has a precision-machined billet MAF housing. We use a billet MAF housing to ensure the diameter of the intake where the MAF sensor is located is exactly the same diameter as the OEM intake. This ensures no check engine lights and keeps fuel trims in check. We’ve had 5 cars testing prototype intakes for hundreds of miles to confirm no check engine lights, even with Mazda’s sensitive new MAF sensor.

Mazda 3 Cold Air Intake Horsepower

Dryflow Filter:

To ensure a long-lasting cold air intake system the CorkSport SRI uses an AEM Dry-Flow filter. This style of filter offers high flow capacity with great filtration to keep your engine breathing clean air and without the use of oil for filtration your MAF sensor will not get dirty and compromised. Plus, the filters are washable and reusable!

2019+ Mazda 3 Intake Dyno Sheet

Fit and Finish:

Rounding off the CorkSport short ram intake is a custom-designed silicone that connects to the throttle body and valve cover breather hose. This silicone is reinforced with 4 layers of nylon weave so you know it will stay strong for years to come. It also is completely smooth on the inside as opposed to the ribbed OEM rubber to encourage airflow. Finally, everything is tied together with stainless steel t-bolt clamps to ensure a leak-free installation!

advisory notice
  • No tuning required.
  • Does not work with 2024 or newer models
  • Does not work with engines equipped with the EGR Cooler located on top of the intake manifold.
  • Not confirmed to work with 2.0L engine. Use at your own risk.
  • Some early production models may experience a CEL (Check Engine Light) with the use of the Short Ram Intake. If you have an early 2019 model you may need to get an update PCM ECU flash from your dealership to prevent this CEL.
  • Solution: With OEM components installed, schedule an appointment with your local dealership. Request the updated PCM ECU flash for TSB #: 01-015/19.
  • There will be some minor added engine induction noise as a result of installing this intake.

Additional Features

  • Vehicle Fitment: 2019 - 2023 Mazda 3 with 2.5L Engine
  • Designed & Developed in America: Designed, tested, and validated in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.
  • CorkSport Service & Support: 2-year limited warranty, full-color installation instructions, all necessary components, and knowledgeable telephone support at (360) 260-2675.

How To Install 2019+ Mazda 3 Short Ram Intake

It will take you 30 minutes to install the CorkSport Mazda 3 SRI with our easy-to-use instructions.

30 Minutes Install Time

30 Minute Install Time

Difficulty: 2/5

2/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



How to install 2019-2021 Mazda 3 Intake System

The CorkSport SRI has been a great addition to our 2021 Mazda 3. It adds a more aggressive engine sound and improves throttle response, especially at higher RPMs. Installation was easy, and the build quality is excellent. Overall, a worthwhile upgrade for performance and sound enhancement. Our car can definitely breathe a lot better!
I recently installed the CorkSport cold air intake, because I was told by My tuner that the K&N intake system was causing my air fuel ratio to run too lean. The mass air flow sensor couldn’t get accurate data as the mass air flow housing of the K&N system has too large of an inner diameter.

The CS intake is very easy to install, absolutely flawless installation process. The cold air box needs the OEM rubber isolators from the OEM box so make sure to keep those. I had to order three new ones from the dealer as I hadn’t kept mine.

Upon receiving my intake and cold air box I immediately wrapped them completely with DEI cool-tape on the outside. This proved to be problematic as I had wrapped the pipe that goes from the throttle body to the maf housing from end to end. As such the clamp had to go on top of the cool-tape, this actually caused the clamp to slip while driving and made the maf housing fall. I removed the cool-tape from under that clamp and there is no slippage since then.

I am using a different filter than the one that CS provided which is a very good filter. I am using the larger Injen X-1103-BB, which was recommended to me by Mazda Sauce Tuning.

I installed the intake without the box first and drove the car. The car was a noticeable smoother and had a little more throttle response. After I added the cold box, it ran slightly smoother still at very low rpm.

All in all, I think the CS intake with the cold box is the best kit out there for this car. Well done CS.

If you were to buy your own parts individually from China, there is a possibly better intake kit you can make. But it’s debatable, the CS kit can house a bigger filter whereas the Frankenstein intake has very slightly better flow dynamics.

Compared to the K&N intake, the CS is the clear winner here, unless you like more intake noise, then the K&N wins hands down as it is as always the king of intake noise.
UPDATED 11/10/23: took a while to getting around to installing it because I wanted to dress up the CS CAI a bit to maximize the heat resistance, but man oh man...(with an additional mod to the stock snorkel) my Mazda3 growls now on light acceleration and roars quite a bit on overtakes. There's an eagerness in the car now to get to the next gear, whereas before it was more of a stroll. Incredibly happy with the install, sound and performance!
The SRI is incredibly easy to install and there's no doubts as to it's performance, but I'm even more impressed with how quickly I got it compared to another that was ordered around the same time. Very happy and can't wait to place an order for the CBE!
I had this on my 2019 as well as my 2021 Mazda 3. Made acceleration smoother and got a couple mpgs too. Power in the upper RPM range was nice as well.
Easily one of the easiest install ever. (provided you have all the tools that are listed at the very first page of the installation guide and you have some muscle power to get the silicone intake on the engine) This was my first mod to my Mazda and I really enjoyed doing it. A noticeable growl from the engine and a better visual of the engine bay makes this a "must-have" for all the Mazda enthusiasts.

Kudos to the Corksport team for creating such a high-quality product that screams classy from the minute you lay your eyes on it. Top-notch packaging ensuring the product was delivered safely and an on-point installation guide that makes the whole process fly by like a breeze and actually lets you enjoy the process of doing it yourself.

This surely is the first of many I would do to my ride. Thanks guys.
High quality product, easy to install, looks good, sounds amazing.
Also no video you find will be able to translate how good it actually sounds in person. Highly recommend.
So easy to install, great instructions (Thanks Barett!) Took us all of 20 min. High quality materials, great sound and I can feel the low end difference.
i have a 2021 cx30 love the intake easy to install i have a custom exhaust and a pedal commander and the intake really helped the only problem i have with it is because of the radiator fan location my intake temps have raised about 10-15 degrees depending on the temp outside because of it so i would love to see like a cold air intake box or some kind of shield to combat this issue other than that its perfect
The installation was very simple with the detailed instructions and high quality pictures showing each and every step. It took me about 25 minutes to remove all the stock parts from my 2021 Mazda 3 Sedan and install the new Corksport air intake. The engine has a more deep throating growl to it when in the 2,500-3,000 RPM range. The engine is more responsive without the stock air box.

Currently waiting for the axle back exhaust to be back in stock so I can complete my hardware mods before moving on to my software mods.
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Can I oil the filter?

Asked by User | 05/31/2023, 07:12 PM | 1 answer(s)

How do I wash and reuse it the filter ?

Asked by Devin Talbot-Collins | 05/25/2023, 11:53 AM | 1 answer(s)

Do you have any recommendations for water resistant socks that'll fit this filter?

Asked by Anirban Mukherjee  | 01/31/2023, 08:14 AM | 1 answer(s)

Is the Short Ram Intake System compatible with 2022 Mazda3 2.5 (Non-Turbo)

Asked by Tino | 06/20/2022, 12:17 PM | 1 answer(s)

Can I just purchase just the cone filter?

Asked by keith | 05/22/2022, 06:36 PM | 1 answer(s)

IS compatible with my mazda 3 hatch Back 2.5 2020 year?, my concern is that the CEL turns on, if this is the case, can I return the product as a guarantee? thanks.

Asked by Hector Soto | 05/10/2022, 10:07 PM | 1 answer(s)

Is this compatible with the 2.0L sedan version?

Asked by Jordan | 09/01/2021, 12:24 PM | 1 answer(s)

I have a 2019 3, 2.5 FWD non-turbo. Assuming you develop a turbo for this, do you have any idea if it would change the intake needs, or would this intake still be the one to have?

Asked by James | 09/04/2021, 07:43 AM | 1 answer(s)

When will you guys be coming out with 2021 Mazda 3 2.5 turbo intakes and parts?

Asked by George | 06/24/2021, 11:08 AM | 1 answer(s)

Do you have a black version of the filter rather than red?

Asked by Don Ross III | 05/11/2021, 04:18 PM | 1 answer(s)

Is this California legal? And does it come with the smog certificate?

Asked by Dennis D Hobson | 05/09/2021, 10:16 PM | 1 answer(s)

when can the 2021 mazda 3 turbo version be expected?

Asked by andrew | 05/05/2021, 07:19 PM | 1 answer(s)

Is this compatible with my 2019 Mazda3 Hatchback Preferred? Specs are: 2.5 L 4-cylinder 186 HP 6-speed automatic

Asked by Don Ross III | 05/04/2021, 05:23 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit on my 2021 Mazda 3 turbo?

Asked by Ariel | 04/30/2021, 10:07 AM | 1 answer(s)

Do I not need a Cold Air Box with this SRI? High temps hit 90° F in my area. Should I not be concerned?

Asked by Saman Shamim | 04/01/2021, 12:14 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit on my mazda 3 2021 2.5L not turbo ?

Asked by sam  | 02/25/2021, 11:08 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this intake system be compatible with the 2.0L engine as well?

Asked by Daniel | 06/17/2020, 01:07 AM | 3 answer(s)

Curious if you know if this will fit the 2021 2.5 turbo Mazda 3?

Asked by Andrew | 11/18/2020, 07:14 PM | 1 answer(s)

Specs say this engine is 186 hp. You have stock 168?

Asked by Brandon  | 10/19/2020, 05:03 PM | 1 answer(s)

Is this filter clean and reusable? If so are cleaning and maintenance instructions included?

Asked by Adrian Zamudio | 08/05/2020, 12:12 AM | 1 answer(s)

How much will this affect my cars current MPG with the increase in WHP+WTQ?

Asked by Rick | 07/09/2020, 09:37 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this void out man. warranty?

Asked by Jenn | 07/06/2020, 10:40 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will the SRI be CARB certified?

Asked by Alan | 06/19/2020, 11:17 AM | 1 answer(s)

Two part question. 1: Does this go with Automatic transmission on a 2020 GT AWD Hatch? 2: Would it void my warranty (Ontario,Canada)

Asked by Manny  | 06/11/2020, 01:02 PM | 1 answer(s)
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