Five 2015 CorkSport Releases You Still Need to Buy

2015 was a good year here at CorkSport. We released a whopping 26 new products! With the New Year upon us, it’s not too late to snag some of our favorite new parts we released. Here are our top five picks for upgrades you still need in 2016.

Mazdaspeed 3 Adjustable Short Shifter 


Improve your driving experience with the CorkSport double-adjustable short shifter for the 2007-2009 MS3. You can personalize the throw distance and shift knob height just how you want it. Not only is your shift time faster with our shifter, it’s more precise and controlled. Got a newer MS3? Don’t worry, there’s a short shifter for you too.

Mazdaspeed 3 Front Mount Interiorcooler Kit


Cool down your boost air temperatures without compromise with our front mount intercooler kit with either the small or large intercooler. Featuring all new piping for better fitment and performance, our FMIC comes standard with the high flow small core or the optional big core with crash bar. Our FMIC Kit features a new variable diameter piping that reduces boost lag and improves throttle response.

3.5 Bar MAP Sensor


Introducing the first Plug-N-Play 3.5 Bar MAP sensor designed for the MZR DISI. The MAP sensor provides instantaneous manifold pressure information to the engine’s ECU. The custom injection molded body features the OEM style connection for a quick and clean installation; no adapter wiring harness needed! And we made it even easier for you by putting the necessary calibration scalars directly onto the MAP sensor, making tuning calibration a breeze.

MX-5 Miata Axle Back Exhaust

Great sound, great looks, and great quality. It’s that simple when it comes to the MX-5 axle back exhaust. We’ve tested multiple designs to provide you with an exhaust that delivers top performance without the annoying drone so typically found in aftermarket exhaust systems. Our exhaust is manufactured from T304 stainless steel, CNC mandrel bent, and TIG welded for a perfect fit and long lasting durability. Only the best for your new Miata.

Mazdaspeed 3 & 6 Drop-in Turbo Upgrade


You know we’re all about that boost life. Experience a serious boost in performance with our drop-in Mazdaspeed turbocharger. It easily bolts in and replaces your undersized OEM turbo with no mechanical modifications. Yes, you read that correct. No mechanical mods. Our turbocharger comes with all the necessities you need for increased power performance so there’s no need to buy additional parts.

What’s on your mod list for 2016?



Everything You Need to Know About the 2016 MX-5 Swaybars

Take control of your body roll with the CorkSport 3-Way Adjustable Front and Rear swaybars for the 2016+ MX-5. Tested on the track to ensure the best street performance, the CorkSport swaybars are a great compliment for the daily driver and the track rat.

Front and rear swaybars for the new 2016 Mazda Miata.

We spent a day at Portland International Raceway pushing the swaybars and CorkSport springs to their limits; we even bent the rear swaybar prototype! A failure in testing is actually a great learning experience. It allows us to improve the final design for you. With this intense testing, you can rest assured that the product you receive can stand up to the abuse.

Give your 2016 MX-5 more control with the CorkSport front and rear swaybars.

Both swaybars are manufactured from 4130 Chromoly Steel and CNC bent for a great fit. The FSB uses 1.125” hollow tube and ranges from 106% to 187% stiffer than OEM. The RSB uses 0.625” solid bar and ranges from 220% to 447% stiffer than OEM. Don’t let the percent increase scare you. The FSB and RSB are designed to complement each other. The RSB allows you to make big changes to the car’s under and over-steer characteristics and the FSB allows you to fine tune the big change. This is the benefit of the 3-way adjustability. So, whether you’re an experienced track day enthusiast or are buying your first sports car, the CorkSport swaybars have a setup for you.

Check out how the 2016 Miata swaybars look installed.

Included with every swaybar are a pair of 6061-T6 billet aluminum brackets and 90a durometer polyurethane bushings so you never have to worry about a broken bracket!

Our swaybars for the 2016 MX-5 include brackets at no additional cost.

Take your MX-5 to the next level with the CorkSport swaybars today!

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The Upgrade Checklist For Your Mazda to Kill It at the Track

Everything you need to kill it on the track and lower your track times.

“This is my race car. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without it I am nothing. With it, I am everything.” If you couldn’t tell, we love racing over here at CorkSport. It’s in our DNA, and after time, racing has become an extension of who we are. Most people count down the days until the weekend so they can go have a sex on the beach at their favorite bar. We’re the polar opposite. For us, we look forward to the weekend because we know when Saturday comes, it’s time to line up or shut up. It’s the time to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to shave off track times. If you’re a drag racer like me, there are a few things that make a big difference at the track that you should consider when trying to set new personal goals.

Money is always a hindering factor when trying to modify your car. However, if you have the Benjamins then you will easily be able to modify your car the way you want, and get the most potential out of the parts you have. There are a couple of key performance parts you can add to beat your track times:

1. AccessPort: This is the most popular tuning device used by Mazdaspeed enthusiasts. It lets you adjust parameters in the ECU to increase power and fuel economy. This is a must-have when modifying your Mazdaspeed.


What mods you need to kill it at the track.

2. Fuel Pump Internals: In order to run more boost, you want to be able to run more fuel. You have to upgrade the fuel pump shaft so the pump can flow more fuel. This is also a must-have modification when trying to put more power down.

Mods you need to dominate the track.

3. Rear Motor Mount: The stock rear motor mounts on the Mazdaspeed are known to be weak when the torque gets to a certain level. Rear motor mounts are a key modification to reduce wheel hop and put the power to the ground.

CorkSport Rear Motor Mount

Now that you have those three modifications done, you can have some real fun. You’re able to install the big power modifiers to really start increasing power and torque. Follow this list of modifications for maximum performance:

4. Full Intake: The stock intake is very restrictive. The turbo inlet pipe has a pancake design, which makes the stock turbo choke itself out in the higher rpm range.

Mazdaspeed 3 Full Intake

5. Turbo Back Exhaust: The stock downpipe has a huge canister catalyst right off of the downpipe flange. That catalyst makes the exhaust flow speed go slower which will take away power from the motor. By opening up the exhaust section, you’re able to let the exhaust gases free flow, creating more boost and more power.

CorkSport Turbo Back Exhaust

6. Upgraded Intercooler: The stock TMIC does its job fairly well on the stock platform. However, if you’re planning on running more boost, an upgraded intercooler will be able to handle the added boost without sacrificing cooling efficiency. This is a must-have part. The cooler the boost air temperature, the more power you can make.

CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 FMIC


Need more boost meme

Now that you’ve drained the bank account, you need to tie everything back together with a tune. To get maximum performance out of your Mazdaspeed, you want to be able to make the ECU recognize the performance parts you’ve added. If you want to squeeze the most out of your set up, you can run E85 fueling which allows for reduced knock which makes it possible to run more boost. Personally, I’ve noticed an extra 40whp going from my pump gas tune versus my E85 tune.

If you really want to kill it at the track, most people try to get their car to what’s called “fully bolted.” This means the car has every performance upgrade possible (minus an upgraded turbo, exhaust manifold, and intake manifold). Once you’ve become fully bolted, you should be able to slam down some really good times at the track. I’ve been able to get my car into the twelves on stock turbo, which is considered pretty good for stock turbo!

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The Good, the Better, and the Best Upgrades for Your Mazdaspeed

The good, better, and best upgrades for your Mazda.

Think back to the first day you bought your Mazdaspeed. I’m sure for most people, it’s a day you’ll never forget. What was your first thought about the car? I know my first thought was, “What aftermarket parts can I install on my speed?” Let’s be honest, when it comes to the boost bug, the bug always gets you. One can’t simply own a Mazdaspeed and not modify it. It becomes an addiction, a way of life.  If you’re like most Mazdaspeed owners, you can’t settle. You want to make sure you’re getting the best parts possible. So, where do you start when it comes to adding modifications to your speed? There are many ways to increase power with the Mazdaspeed platform, but finding the correct path can sometimes be a challenge!

Once you’ve bought your Mazdaspeed and you’re looking for the correct path to take, there are some specific modifiers you want to make sure you do first. If you have a goal of making your speed a fully bolted machine, the first thing you want to do is upgrade the fuel pump internals.


Everyone wants more boost, and with more boost comes the demand for added fuel. With that demand, you need to make sure your fuel pump pressure doesn’t drop below 1600psi. Some people can get away with doing big power modifiers without upgrading the fuel pump internals, but it’s highly recommended not to push your luck. A small investment to upgrade your fuel pump internals or drop the cash for a new motor because your fuel pressure dropped below 1600psi at WOT. Take your pick! The CorkSport Max Flow Fuel Pump Internals Kit is the safety net you need on your builds list. This kit adds up to 50% more fuel, which is perfect for people looking to get their speed fully bolted. Once you’ve installed the fuel pump internals, you’ll be able to safely reach horsepower numbers of around 350-380whp without any other modifications to the fueling system.

Now that you’ve successfully upgraded your fuel system, you’re ready to start making some power. One thing to keep in mind when doing modifications, is that the ECU needs to recognize your added modifiers such as a FMIC, down pipe, full intake, or any other performance part that will increase hp/tq. There are a few ways you can do this, but using an AccessPort is the most popular tool used on the Mazdaspeed platform.


Not only does the AccessPort allow someone to customize a tune based on modifications made, it’s also a great tool for monitoring different kinds of parameters as well as reading and clearing check engine light codes. You’re able to fully customize a tune for your car and make sure the car is running safely. Whether you want to have a fun street car or a full-out track car, the AccessPort is a must for any speed owner looking to add power modifiers.

Now that you have the proper fueling, and an AccessPort to make tuning easy, you can do anything you want to your speed. With that being said, my next modification recommendation would be a full intake for your vehicle.


Besides the fuel pump, the intake has one of the biggest restrictions for the turbo. Not only are there too many hoses running the stock intake, the turbo inlet pipe is designed flat like a pancake which chokes the turbo under load. By installing our stage II SRI, you remove the hoses, air box, and pancake turbo inlet pipe making the overall efficiency of the turbo much better. You may also see an increase in boost psi which is something we’re always trying to increase. After you’ve purchased and installed the intake, you will notice an overall increase in power and sound. A must-have for someone looking to start with a great power modifier.

These recommended first mods would be considered the good, better, and best modifications to start with if you’re ready to start modifying your Mazdaspeed. With fueling no longer an issue, having a way to tune your car, and allowing the turbo to breathe, you will definitely start to notice a gain in power, sound, and overall love for your Mazdaspeed!



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CorkSport Product Release! – CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Lowering Springs Now Available

CorkSport in pleased to announce the addition of the CorkSport 2007+ Mazdaspeed 3 Lowering Springs to its line of Mazdaspeed 3 products!

CorkSport Lowering Springs

By replacing the stock springs with the CorkSport Lowering Springs, the center of gravity is reduced on the Mazdaspeed 3 providing a quicker turning response and overall crisper road feel. It also has the added benefit of creating less wheel gap which gives the car a performance appearance and edge over the stock springs.

The CorkSport Lowering Springs reduce ride height by approximately 1.2” in the front and 1.0” in the rear resulting in improved handling and a more aggressive stance. The linear spring rate creates a consistent and predicable driving experience, all while maintaining excellent ride quality for your Mazdaspeed 3.

“I really like the way my ride handles with the new sport springs. I have better road feel and increased handling on corners,” said CorkSport customer Illiad Boyce about the new lowering springs, “Even my girlfriend commented on the way the car rode. They are stiff like they should be, but not too stiff to be jarring.”

Crafted from high tensile strength spring steel with an OEM finish to ensure long lasting quality and performance, this lowering spring kit is durable enough to offer quality performance for ages to come and priced at just $209.00 to offer CorkSport customers a cost effective way of improving the handling and look of their Mazdaspeed 3’s.

For more information or to purchase the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Lowering Springs, please visit our product page at