My CorkSport Mods: Keith’s Mazda 3 Sport

I’ve met a lot of amazing people thanks to my Mazda 3 Sport, but Yolanda Sampson (Instagram: @bluehalogirl) is the one I blame for this addiction we call “modding.” When we met, I hadn’t done much to my car yet, just a couple minor things like tinted windows and tinted taillights. She had a feeling I’d be into meeting some more like-minded locals and invited me to a meet. We got along like only two Mazda nuts could, and it was game over for me.

Mazda 3 Sport

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Five 2015 CorkSport Releases You Still Need to Buy

2015 was a good year here at CorkSport. We released a whopping 26 new products! With the New Year upon us, it’s not too late to snag some of our favorite new parts we released. Here are our top five picks for upgrades you still need in 2016.

Mazdaspeed 3 Adjustable Short Shifter 


Improve your driving experience with the CorkSport double-adjustable short shifter for the 2007-2009 MS3. You can personalize the throw distance and shift knob height just how you want it. Not only is your shift time faster with our shifter, it’s more precise and controlled. Got a newer MS3? Don’t worry, there’s a short shifter for you too.

Mazdaspeed 3 Front Mount Interiorcooler Kit


Cool down your boost air temperatures without compromise with our front mount intercooler kit with either the small or large intercooler. Featuring all new piping for better fitment and performance, our FMIC comes standard with the high flow small core or the optional big core with crash bar. Our FMIC Kit features a new variable diameter piping that reduces boost lag and improves throttle response.

3.5 Bar MAP Sensor


Introducing the first Plug-N-Play 3.5 Bar MAP sensor designed for the MZR DISI. The MAP sensor provides instantaneous manifold pressure information to the engine’s ECU. The custom injection molded body features the OEM style connection for a quick and clean installation; no adapter wiring harness needed! And we made it even easier for you by putting the necessary calibration scalars directly onto the MAP sensor, making tuning calibration a breeze.

MX-5 Miata Axle Back Exhaust

Great sound, great looks, and great quality. It’s that simple when it comes to the MX-5 axle back exhaust. We’ve tested multiple designs to provide you with an exhaust that delivers top performance without the annoying drone so typically found in aftermarket exhaust systems. Our exhaust is manufactured from T304 stainless steel, CNC mandrel bent, and TIG welded for a perfect fit and long lasting durability. Only the best for your new Miata.

Mazdaspeed 3 & 6 Drop-in Turbo Upgrade


You know we’re all about that boost life. Experience a serious boost in performance with our drop-in Mazdaspeed turbocharger. It easily bolts in and replaces your undersized OEM turbo with no mechanical modifications. Yes, you read that correct. No mechanical mods. Our turbocharger comes with all the necessities you need for increased power performance so there’s no need to buy additional parts.

What’s on your mod list for 2016?



Everything A Noob Should Know About The Catback Exhaust

How to choose the perfect catback exhaust.

There you are, sitting behind the computer screen trying to decide which type of catback exhaust you want to purchase. It’s a stressful time considering you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible quality exhaust system.

So, what are some key factors that come into play when trying to make a decision? Is it the diameter of the exhaust that persuades you? How about the type of steel used? Do you care about perfect fitment? These are all things to consider when making a decision on an exhaust.

Here at CorkSport, we make it our number one priority to meet the expectations of our customers. Whether you drive a Mazdaspeed 3 or a regular Mazda 3, we’ve made sure to engineer a perfect fitting exhaust that maximizes engine performance.

Take the Mazdaspeed 3 for example: When you purchase a CorkSport Catback Exhaust, you’re getting T304 stainless steel piping that has been polished to a mirror-like finish.

Everything you need to know about upgrading to a catback exhaust.

You’re also getting true 80mm piping, which is slightly bigger than three inches, making our exhaust one of the biggest bolt on catback systems.

What to consider when choosing an upgraded exhaust system.

Fitment is also a big concern to us. We make sure our exhaust systems are mandrel bent and TIG welded to make a perfect bolt on fitment.

Now that you know our exhaust is 80mm piping, polished to perfection, and made to be a direct fitment, you can bet this exhaust will increase performance and sound. By installing our catback exhaust, you’re removing the secondary unmonitored catalyst making the exhaust flow much faster out of the motor. By increasing velocity of exhaust gases out of the motor, you increase power and make your turbo spool up a little bit faster.

Among the power gains you’ll see from installing the CorkSport Catback Exhaust, you’ll also have a car with a deep growl to it. Our exhaust has one of the best sounding tones on the market. With a quality made exhaust, comes quality sound.

When you’re ready for a catback exhaust, make sure to check out what CorkSport has to offer to ensure you get the highest quality parts.

Luke McCarvel-01

Product Release! CorkSport 2013+ CX5 Axle Back Exhaust

The new Mazda CX5 is a striking vehicle, the flowing lines of it’s “Kodo” design language are somehow angular and graceful at the same time. Such a design was begging for a quality exhaust to match its’ looks and enhance its’ sound. With that need established, the engineers at CorkSport attacked one of the first 2013 CX5’s in the United States and set to improve on an already stellar car.


CorkSport Mazda CX-5 Exhaust

Constructed using T-304 stainless steel from flange to tip and weighing a full 8lbs less than the stock exhaust, the CorkSport exhaust not only performs better but brings a deeper, more aggressive sound to the CX5 as well.

CorkSport CX5 Exhaust tip 600px

The CorkSport Guarantee

  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a 2 year warranty, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware and knowledgeable telephone support.

CorkSport Mazda CX-5 Exhaust installed

The CorkSport Mazda CX5 Axle Back Exhaust is available at our online catalog for only $599 and are available and in stock today! For more information please visit our product listing at:

Product Release! CorkSport SkyActiv Mazda 3 Power Series Single Exit Exhaust

CorkSport is pleased to expand our single exit exhaust offering to include the new Mazda 3 SkyActiv model!

The CorkSport Power Series Single Exit 60mm Exhaust has been designed to work with both the 2010+ sedans and hatchback trim standard 2.0 liter and SkyActiv engine models.

Featuring dual resonators, a slip fit compression connection to the aft end of the catalytic converter and a single tailpipe design, the CorkSport Mazda 3 exhaust replaces the factory tailpipe muffler with polished 2.4 ID stainless steel piping and non-resonated CorkSport dual wall 90mm exhaust tip.

During testing with the CorkSport SRI and single exit exhaust on the 2.0 liter model, the CorkSport Mazda 3 Power Series Single Exit Exhaust went from a baseline of 118hp/110lb ft. of torque to a respectable 135hp and 123lb ft. of torque at the wheels.

The 2.0L results are moderate at the bottom end (with around a 4-5hp/tq gain) below 4000rpm with the majority of the power coming on rapidly at around 4500rpm and held steadily to the 7000rpm redline demonstrating the constrained nature of the stock system for the smaller 2.0L engine.

As with all of our CorkSport exhausts, the Power Series Mazda 3 single exit design features mandrel bent, polished stainless steel T304 construction for corrosion resistance and a clean stylish look. It has a distinctive performance sound that is mild but noticeable at cruise and idle and a distinctive growl at wide open throttle and free rev.

The CorkSport Power Series Mazda 3 SkyActiv Exhaust includes an optional 60mm racepipe with or without high flow catalytic converter that attaches between the factory header downpipe flange and the front compression fitting of the cat-back portion of the exhaust system

The CorkSport Power Series Mazda 3 SkyActiv Single Exit Exhaust begins at $399 for the sedan model and $419.00 for the hatchback model. For more information and complete pricing, please visit our product listing page at