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2018+ Mazda 6 Turbo 2.5L & 2016+ CX-9 - Short Ram Intake System

Price: $189.99
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Designed specifically for the turbocharged 2.5L SkyActiv.
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The CorkSport Mazda6 Power Series Short Ram Intake replaces your restrictive factory airbox with a free-flowing intake system to get more power and sound out of your 2.5L SkyActiv Turbo.

Increase efficiency, power, and style under your hood with the CorkSport Short Ram Intake. Each component in the CS intake system was designed for function and fitment to get the best out of your Mazda 6 Turbo.

Dynamometer testing showed gains of 8-12WHP and some of the best sound we’ve heard from a short ram intake that installs in as little as 30minutes!


The CorkSport Advantage

Fit, Function, and Performance

The CorkSport Short Ram Intake was specifically designed for the 2018+ Mazda 6 2.5T.  The combination of a precision machined MAF housing, laminar flow silicone elbow, high flow dry-element air filter and formed anodized mounting bracket.

Performance and Sound

The factory airbox in the Mazda 6 not only restricts airflow, but also the many turbo induction noises. As an added bonus, the audible turbo and bypass valve sounds are greatly improved and increased with the CorkSport Short Ram Intake.  This will put a smile on your face whether you’re commuting to work or attacking a backroad. We highly suggest you watch the product video above if you haven’t yet.


The increased efficiency of the Short Ram Intake System provides an 8-12whp increase from 3500rpm to redline. No tuning required for results and no check engine lights.


Precision Machined

CorkSport MAF housings are CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum for precise dimensional tolerance.  The MAF sensor monitors all airflow entering the engine, therefore MAF alignment and consistency of the MAF housing inner diameter is critical for proper air fuel ratios and ECU engine management.


Laminar Flow

Turbulence and flow resistance is the #1 leading killer of performance from your Mazda.  The CorkSport SRI replaces the turbulent ribbed rubber coupler with a 4-ply reinforced silicone coupler.  This reduces turbulence within the airflow entering your Mazda’s engine, thus increasing efficiency and power.  

Dry Flow Filter

Filtration is key to a long lasting and reliable performance intake; that’s why every CorkSport Intake System utilizes an AEM Dry-Flow Air Filter for its superior filtration and airflow.  The dry-flow filter is washable and reusable.

Additional Features

  • Vehicle Fitment: 2018+ Mazda 6 2.5T & 2016+ CX-9
  • Designed in America: Designed and tested in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.
  • CorkSport Service & Support: 2-year limited warranty, full-color installation instructions, all necessary components, and knowledgeable telephone support at (360) 260-2675


  • No Tuning required and no Check Engine Lights.
  • There will be added engine, turbocharger, and bypass valve noise as a result of installing this intake. “Whoosh” or “psshh” sounds are normal and do not need to be worried about.

How To Install Your CorkSport Mazda6 Power Series Intake

It will take you two hours to install the CorkSport Power Series Intake with our easy-to-use instructions.


1 Hour Install Time

1 Hour Install Time

Difficulty: 2/5

2/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



speed spacer plate

Excellent product. No issues with the install and the engine runs great. Don't let the video fool you, the sounds are very subdued. Actually can't hear a thing inside the car with the sound system on low volume, and with the sound system on mute you can barely hear it. Roll the windows down and you can hear it, but it is not ricer at all. Very classy and fits the nature of the car perfectly. Love the bracket, BTW.
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