Turbo Kit in Development for 2014+ Mazda 3 & 2013+ Mazda 6

Since 2013 and the loss of the Mazdaspeed 3, Mazda has really left a lot to be desired as far as power goes for its line-up.

Don’t get me wrong, we love Mazda here at CorkSport; the interiors and exteriors are on point, they get great gas mileage, and are exciting to drive. We will always continue pushing and developing the platform that Mazda is kicking out, but let’s be real…we love power.

That brings us back to why I am writing this exciting blog… Sky-G is getting some TURBO LOVE.

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I’ll admit, we thought long and hard about moving forward with such a large kit. We hoped, we wished, and we dreamed that Mazda would eventually wise up and kick out a GEN3 Mazdaspeed, and we got really excited when we heard about the CX-9 Turbocharged 2.5L engine. Unfortunately Mazda chose not to go down that path; once we found out about that, we decided it was time to pull the trigger on the GEN3 Mazda 3 & 6 Turbo Kit.

Moving forward on a project of this size was not a trivial decision. There were many aspects to consider:

  • Do we make a complete kit or just design and manufacturing difficult components?
  • What is the right power level to shoot for?
  • How will the engine and drivetrain hold up to the increased stress of forced induction?
  • How do we properly tune the engine?

These are all important aspects we had to consider.

Let me lay out some details and choices we made.

The most difficult and time intensive aspect of the kit is designing the physical components that will make up the kit… the entire kit. And yes, we decided that a 100% complete kit was the only way to make this a great setup, so that exactly what we intend to provide.

A complete kit needs to include everything from the air filter to the downpipe, and everything in-between. This includes the intake system, turbocharger, intercooler piping, intercooler, exhaust manifold, downpipe, and all the necessary silicone couplers, hardware, and wiring extensions.

This will be the most complete turbo kit you can purchase for the 2.5L SkyActiv-G powertrain.


Right behind developing all the components for the kit comes the tuning. We are working with Versatune to develop the software to control the 2.5L Sky-G engine with forced induction. This portion of the project will be kicked into high gear in the near future once all functional prototypes are on our test car and strapped to the dyno.

Lastly, some thoughts to consider:

Will the engine take the added power?

How much will it hold till it pops?

Time will tell on those questions, but we do have some stuff in the works that will help. However, just spit-balling here, something around 280-300whp would be a lot of fun in the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6.

Stay tuned as this project evolves through testing and development in the coming months.

What are your thoughts on this new project? Questions?

Leave them in the comments section, we would love to hear from you.

I have only skimmed the surface of this project and I could easily write pages and pages if time allowed.

-Barett @ CS

Turbo Kit in Development for 2014+ Mazda 3 & 2013+ Mazda 6
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Turbo Kit in Development for 2014+ Mazda 3 & 2013+ Mazda 6
Replacement for the Mazdaspeed 3, CorkSport is building our own turbo kit the 2014+ 2.5 Skyactiv engine to be the 2018 Mazdaspeed 3. This will be the upgrade to have for the 2014-2019 Mazda 3 as a bolt in turbo kit. How do I turbocharge my Mazda 3? Will the Skyactiv engine support turbocharging? We answer those questions for you.
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215 Replies to “Turbo Kit in Development for 2014+ Mazda 3 & 2013+ Mazda 6”

  1. What’s up guys how is the testing going? I am looking into making this purchase once you have the 2.5 kit available. Keep us posted I need more HP fast!

  2. Come on guys, a year and a half with no update. Say something? Don’t you have any information at all like “its not working,” or “we changed our mind,” or “we have tested something.” I wanted a cork sport kit, ready to go. OV said they could help make it real, but they were not providing a kit.. I’ve been waiting for you. Now OV has moved on and it looks like you have too. There are products coming out for cars that did not even exist before this announcement with absolutely zero update from you. It is not even listed under your future products. Did you give up, or are you still doing it?

  3. We have hard parts made, just working out tuning etc. Its only been a year and a half. This is a very slow process! We talk about it now and again on Facebook, so follow on there for regular updates!

  4. Seen lots of hints on Facebook about the turbo kit for the Mazda 3! (Specifically a huge 80mm exhaust being released for it, and some hinting comments).
    Messaged you guys about an 80mm exhaust for the Mazda 6, and got a reply about “probably not, it’d be too much for an NA car.”
    I really hope that doesn’t mean the kit is going to be Mazda 3 only :(.
    Do you know by any chance? Thanks in advance
    – Matt.

  5. Still waiting, hoping, and saving. I can’t wait! However, I am also going too probably mail you a bag of dog poop, in retaliation for me wasting my money on a CAI, so be ready.

  6. Have you partnered with a company to provide the tune package that this will require? Only ECUTek and OV Tune have been able to successfully tune a boosted Skyactiv engine…

    ECUTek said they will not work on the Mazda 3 engine…

    OV Tune is no longer working on Mazdas at all…

    Are you guys SOL now?

  7. OK…you’ve made some parts… yet you are not posting any data or details about them or pics of them installed…

    That means you don’t have a working tune yet…CRUD…

    If OV Tune and ECU Tek can do, it is possible to tune a boosted Skyactiv engine. Make it happen!

  8. OV Tune announced today that they will offer tune packages for the Mazda again.

    I would recommend you guys give Matt and Rafael a call to get your tuning figured out ASAP… Enough BS… Let’s see some results.

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