The Real Costs of Being a Car Guy

Dear Car Guy,

We’ve recently been talking a lot about the costs associated with being a Car Guy. Although many of those are monetary, I wanted to point out a few that perhaps get overlooked from time to time.

Here are some of them, plus some other signs you know you’re a Car Guy:

1. You cancel weekend plans when you get a new part in the mail.

Waiting for New Car Parts

2. Your knuckles look like you could possibly be a bar brawler… Slipping with one too many wrenches, eh?

3. After a race weekend your neck or back is sore whether or not you crashed… things can get tense when you’re invested.

4. Your finger nails haven’t looked ‘clean’ since your wife made you scrub for a couple hours to go to a wedding last month.

Dirty Mechanic Nails

5. You’re just as possessive of your tools as you are of your car.

Tool Possession

6. You can handle a fight with your lady, an overzealous and annoying boss, and your best friend being flakey, however there is no excuse when car parts are delayed.

Delayed Car Parts

7. You know your acquaintances by what they drive—not what they’re named… You know: Luke with the Red Gen1…

8. You plan your vacations around the next big car meet.

Next Racing Weekend

9. You have never understood why people use a tax return for anything other than car parts.

New Car Parts Tax Return

10. You get offended when people say DIBS at the possibility of you parting out.

Part Out



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