Protect Your Mazda with the All New Manifold Blanket

Got an eye on the CS Exhaust Manifold for your Mazdaspeed 3 or 6 or already have one? Want a way to further increase turbo spool and help keep engine bay temps down? You came to the right place because the CS Exhaust Manifold Blanket was made for this exact reason and gives you more power potential to further increase the efficiency of your setup. Continue on to see the details on the CS Exhaust Manifold Blanket and how it performs.   

The most important aspect of any heat blanket is the material that it is made out of. The CorkSport Exhaust Manifold Blanket utilizes an outer material made of volcanic lava rock that is manufactured into a fabric that has a rated direct contact temperature of 1800°F and can withstand radiant heat temperatures up to 2500°F. The blanket also features an internal layer of calcium magnesium silicate wool that works as an insulator that can withstand continuous temperatures of 1832°F and peak temperatures of 2300°F. This inner insulating layer is held in with high temp stainless steel mesh to further improve durability and makes sure the CS Exhaust Manifold Blanket can hold up in the most demanding situations. 

Now, for the design of the CS Exhaust Manifold Blanket, we focused on fitment and ease of installation. These two areas are crucial because it determines how good the exhaust manifold blanket will perform.   The CS Exhaust Manifold Blanket was designed so that it covers the exhaust manifold completely while providing a tight fit to provide the best insulation performance. We have also designed a separate blanket for the elbow that comes off of the manifold to further reduce the amount of heat loss before the turbo. For installation, the blanket comes equipped with stainless steel springs that hold the blanket tight to the manifold so the installation of the blanket is quick and can be easily installed on your Mazda. This also applies to the removal of the blanket so you don’t have to bother with undoing wire if you ever need to take off the blanket to access the manifold.

Once the CS Turbo Blanket is installed, how does it help the performance and efficiency of your turbo setup?  The basic idea is that since less heat is allowed to escape from the exhaust manifold before the turbo, the heat and energy are instead transferred into the exhaust turbine which reduces the time it takes to spool the turbo, making it more efficient. It also helps keep the compressor side of the turbo cooler since the heat is being retained in the exhaust system and away from the compressor or top mount intercooler which leads to colder boost air temps and the potential for more power. Another bonus of containing the heat from the exhaust manifold is that other nearby components in the engine bay also benefit from the lower operating temperatures seen when using the blanket and can help lengthen their lifespan.  

If you already have a CorkSport Exhaust Manifold for your MazdaSpeed or are looking to pick one up, the CS Exhaust Manifold Blanket is a great addition if you want to get even more performance out of your setup. Head over to the product listing for more photos and video on the CorkSport Exhaust Manifold Blanket and feel free to ask if you have any questions

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Back & Better Than Ever – The Mazdaspeed 6 Lowering Springs

CorkSport is proud to announce the Mazdaspeed 6 Lowering Springs are back and better than ever! We made some slight revisions to promote a more consistent ride and handling but kept the ride height drop about the same as our previous springs. If you’re looking to get rid of your 4×4 fitment and add some much-needed cornering ability to your MS6, read on for more details and check out our product listing HERE to purchase!

Focus On Design

We started off by focusing on the most important aspect of a set of lowering springs: handling. The CS springs lower your Speed’s center of gravity for less body roll and increased driver confidence. Stiffer than OEM spring rates further decrease body roll and provide a sportier ride for more feedback when on your favorite backroad. Final spring rates are approximately 5.1K front and 4.1K rear. Compared to OEM, this is a larger change in the rear than the front to promote more neutral handling and less understeer.

Springs That Work

Don’t worry though, spring rates were kept mild to keep the MS6 comfortable on the daily commute. It is a sportier feeling ride, but not too drastic of a change to ensure the CS springs still work well with OEM shocks & struts. Aftermarket units work even better as they have stiffer damping to match the stiffer springs. They are not required, however, we do recommend new OEM shocks and struts or aftermarket replacements if you’re still on the original (15+ year old) dampers.

The Right Height

Now let’s get to what most of you are looking for: ride height. The CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 lowering springs are approximately 1.6” lower in the front and 1.25” lower in the rear than OEM. This height gives reduced wheel gap that is even front and rear without being too low and having to worry about scraping on every driveway and speedbump. This is right about the same as our old lowering springs with just a touch more rake for less squat when the car is loaded up with people or tools.

Finally, the new CS springs are finished in a new color! Blue powder-coated finish ensures a great look and long lasting corrosion resistance.

Thanks for following along the CS blog and checking out the new CorkSport MS6 Lowering Springs. Be sure to check out the product listing HERE for more images and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, we’re always happy to help!

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The New & Bigger 80mm Cat Back Exhaust by CorkSport Performance

We are excited to announce that the CorkSport Mazda 3 80mm Cat Back Exhaust is ready for your AWD 2021+ Mazda 3. We have gone through multiple iterations of the CBE during its development to ensure it meets all of our requirements. The CS 80mm CBE replaces your factory mid-pipe and muffler section to provide extra sound and power from your Mazda. The large 80mm diameter pipe adds a deep and refined tone and a more aggressive note once it gets up in the RPM range.

Note: Review the Advisory Notes on our product page regarding 2019+ AWD Non-Turbo Models.

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Reduce Body Roll With The New CorkSport Rear Sway Bar

For the 2019+ Mazda 3, 2020+ Mazda CX-30

The wait is over, better handling for your GEN4 Mazda is here! Introducing the CorkSport Rear Sway Bar for 2019+ Mazda 3, 2020+ Mazda CX-30! Reduce understeer, improve your handling feel, and reduce body roll by adding the CS sway bar to your Mazda. We went through multiple designs to ensure the right stiffness to get the handling gains you want, without excess oversteer or effects on ride quality. Read on for full details!

Full product picture of the CorkSport rear sway bar in red and blue mounting hardware
Full product picture for the CS Mazda Rear Sway Bar
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