The Art of Mazda Performance

I happen to be reading “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” right now. It’s basically a philosophy book wrapped around road trip and motorcycle maintenance.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I thought I’d share an interesting paragraph from it as it well illustrates what we are up against from the perspective of a customer as well as a supplier of parts. The author, Robert Pirsig, is discussing all the various sources of the problems we encounter when trying to repair a machine when he fires off this gem…

One more hurdle yet. The part may not fit. Parts lists always contain mistakes. Make and model changes are confusing. Out-of-tolerance parts runs sometimes get through quality control because there’s no operating checkout at the factory. Some of the parts you buy are made by specialty houses who don’t have access to the engineering data needed to make them right. Sometimes they get confused about make and model changes. Sometimes the parts man you’re dealing with jots down the wrong number. Sometimes you don’t give him the right identification. But it’s always a major gumption trap to get all the way home and discover that a new part won’t work.”

We’ve all been in that spot. Sh*t, the part doesn’t fit.

What’s worse for me, is being on the other side, we now cause this to happen periodically!

It’s uncomfortable for everyone. We’ll try our best to make it right when it happens.



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  1. Lol, Rich I read that in 1988. I wanted to sell my GSXR-750 after that and get a Triumph. But I can see your point in quoting that selection.


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