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Perhaps you’re expecting a bit about our political positions, considering the pending elections. We could make some recommendations as to how you should vote I suppose? Really though, we’d just like to encourage you to vote, both in your local elections and here at CorkSport.

We care about what you think. Your vote counts here. For instance, we just completed another focus group. Inviting customers to give us their honest feedback, and let us know what they really think. We asked them about what CorkSport means to them. We asked them about how we can improve collaboration with our customers. We asked them about our proposed new shipping policy.

Customer service, quality, value, collaboration, R&D and exclusive dedication to the Mazda brand (“Mazda Performance”) are some of the things we were told we excel at. After some consideration, we realized the most obvious answer to the question “What Does CorkSport Stand For?” is Mazda Performance. It has been true since our first days in early 1998 and will be true as far as we can see forward. We live and breathe Mazdas here. Each owner of the business and nearly every employee we’ve had has owned Mazda(s). I’d guess 50-100 of them have been through our hands over the years. I don’t think I’ll ever drive anything else.

This is a great benefit to our customers. If you call us, the person answering the phone won’t be a BMW expert or have just gotten off the phone selling Mitsubishi parts. Just Mazdas, all day, every day. We take our profits and reinvest them in making Mazda parts! We’ve got all sorts of Mazdas here, all the time.

In that focus group, we were told we do a pretty good job of collaboration. We’ve got this blog, a knowledgebase, Facebook, Twitter, and we spend a lot of time on the forums. One point that was brought up frequently: you want us to be more open about where products are at in our development process and pass along interesting details (like sketches, prototypes, test results, etc.). We’ll definitely work this in. Great idea!

The last topic we discussed was about how we can improve shipping costs. We talked about the previously proposed shipping policy. I don’t want to reveal all the details of that conversation just yet, but suffice it to say that we got some great feedback and we will use it.

Obviously, not everyone can participate in one of our focus groups. However, there are still many ways to give us your thoughts. On the internet you can send an email via Contact Us or Product Ideas. You can call us at 360-260-CORK, or IM us on the front page of our website. You can participate in our customer satisfaction survey we send to most customers after their order arrives. You can also drop a note on Facebook.

Your opinion matters here and we love hearing it.


– Rich

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