State of Business


Challenges abound in selecting employees that meet our internal needs and are capable of delivering exceptional customer service.

We find ourselves in a transition once again. Our good friend Chris T. has left us to pursue his dream of being a real estate agent. I fully support his effort to chase a more lucrative career, but still lament the loss of his contribution to operations and his cheery personality. Best of luck to you Chris!!!

As most of you probably realize from reading this blog, we brought Jason Griffith on as a Product Development Engineer a few months back. He’s already made a mark in the Northwest Mazda scene. His enthusiasm for performance engineering is inspiring us to look at all sorts of new products. I expect many exciting products to be released in the coming months and a few ‘I can’t believe they did that’ products in the next year or so. You won’t believe what we’ve got in store.

Customer Service

The remaining six of us continue to truck along, providing excellent products we stand behind with exceptional customer service. Providing the highest level of customer service is our top priority. We have not yet been able to solve all issues with 100% customer satisfaction, but hey, some of you are a bit demanding 😉 and we are human, but we won’t stop trying. We’ve got a great new system to track these issues and are bringing them to a close even faster than we used to.


Recently, we heard that a relatively new company in our industry went of business. In all reality, it was probably a product issue that did them in. My point is that we have been here for over 11 years, we know how this business works, and we know what it takes to succeed and continue to provide you, our customers, with the highest quality performance parts, and the best price. I believe there is value in that to you, our customer. If you have a problem, we will be there trying to fix it.

The economy right now is horrible, there is no doubt about it. I expect more businesses to fail. We are entering the slow season for sport compact performance parts, as less people modify their cars during the winter months than during the sunny summer months. Cash flow tightens, the bills keep coming in, and eventually you can’t pay UPS to ship parts. Being able to ride out the slow times and still make significant progress and develop new parts is one of the things we here at CorkSport pride ourselves on.

Protect Yourself

We’ll be fine. We’ll never take a customer’s money then close up shop without a refund as long as I’m in charge! My recommendation, regardless of what kind of purchase it is, is that you make sure that you purchase from strong companies in this economy. Or you could be left out in the cold when they suddenly disappear. It’s happened to me personally, and it sucks.

Our policy (except in the case of special orders where a down-payment is collected) is that we don’t bill you until we ship the part. This protects you from paying credit card interest on parts you don’t even have yet and also reduces the risk of your money disappearing. Of course, if you chose PayPal, we have little control over that. For this reason, recommend credit cards versus PayPal; it makes everyone’s life easier.

Finally, keep buying parts for your car! Chicks dig modified cars, I mean, look at all the import magazines, they’re all over them! 😉

– Rich

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