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What is the key to getting sponsored? For us, it is value. What are you going to do for us? This may initially strike some readers as selfish but when it comes to marketing there are a million ways to spend money that don’t return results that justify the investment. There are lots of people that just drop us an email with something like “I’m going to attend some shows this summer, I really like you guys, I’ll put your stickers on my car if you give me some free parts.” While an appealing offer on some level, we can’t give parts away and expect to stay in business for very long.

There are a few people in racing and shows we sponsor. This typically involves a commitment from a motivated recipient to help us market our business in exchange for some free parts and/or other support. These people approached us with professionalism and understanding that they must help us market our business. They outline what they will do for us, what shows/races they will attend, and what sort of exposure is expected to result from those efforts. I’ve outlined one such case below.

Jesse Hennings (SDREV) is building up a MX-6 to race. He started with a well used MX-6 and is building it up on a tight budget to compete in races in Southern California.

We don’t even list parts for his car anymore but we love all Mazdas here. Jesse is clearly hoping for big things and understands marketing well. Check out this recent statement by him: “Once we’re able to update our website for Formula B, I’ll begin to post the log on every relevant forum that I can, so as to cross promote for both of us.”

You can get more detail about his build-up here if you are interested in reading more.

For people interested in some support from us but want less involvement, check out our previous blog post on contingencies. It is a great way to get a kick back from CorkSport if you get noticed in the media running our parts.

– Rich

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  1. My name is Jorge and I recently bought a Mazda Rx8, and absolutly love this car especially in tight turns. Ive always love to be first to finish a race weather it was with a stranger or with friends. Im new to the racing involvment since i berly graduated high school almost a year ago but been recently looking at ways to get involved with true competitiors. Beating my friends isnt enough and when i realized just how fast some competitors are i realized it was way out of my budget to tune my car up. ive tried avoiding superchargers, turbochargers, even twincharging my Mazda since it can come with devistating enine faliures as my rotary engine is stock but seek help in building up my engine and fixing up the exterior as well with help. I seek to get this help in return i will begin racing in tracks which i always wanted and always loved the way people in college look at my Mazda when i drive in and park it. not once have i returned to my car after a days worth of school to see a competitive car or a car that has been tuned up park right next to mine. Thus i hope i get chosen and get sponsored and drive down my block, downtown L.A., drive down my college campus, and even down a race track one day and promote your brand. Thank you for your time and if chosen, you will see my car everywhere, social media as well.

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