So, We Need a New Logo

The consensus around these parts is that our logo needs a refresher. We’ve used the logo below for around 10 years.

We’ve labored over the past few weeks on a bunch of different concepts. We selected what we think are the best three we’ve seen so far. We’d love to hear your feedback on these ideas.

Version #1:

Version #2

Version #3

We’ve not decided on a color scheme yet. We’re not even sure the winning logo is shown here. That depends on the feedback we get from you.

Let us know what you think. Heck! If you hate these and have your own concept, send that our way too. If we use your concept we’ll try to make it worth your while.

– Rich

17 Replies to “So, We Need a New Logo”

  1. #1 is the best one!!! looks real professional but also has a sweet tuner vibe to it if that makes sense lo!!!

  2. I gotta say Ver.1 too looks much more modern. But maybe you can toss a bit of the old logo in my making the CS road thingy at the end rough like the old logo.

  3. version one: easily readable. Looking at the logo, I know the company name from first glance and can get a good idea of what products you sell. The smooth curves and clean cut letters remind me a lot of car tuning: the aggressive lettering portraying power performance, and the CS making the road reminds me of the curvy roads that make mazdas so much fun.

    version two: is it a sunset? the placement of the CS compared to the Corksport and mazda performance seem unbalanced. There isn’t really a focal point that grabs my attention.

    version three:
    With a color scheme that has the C as a darker letter and the S as a lighter letter, I want to read it as Scork Sport. I like the idea of mismatching the colors to create balance and let people know CS is short for CorkSport, but I think I tend to focus on the lighter color in the CS contrast. I have to look past the S to find the C and it takes more effort. It sort of throws my mind for a loop.

    My vote goes for Version 1. I think it embodies the aesthetics of Mazdas better than the rest. Even though you are a separate company from Mazda, your logo should compliment the Mazdas just as well as your parts do.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  4. i like version 1 and 2 but the “CS” graphics need to be refined. #3 looks like a collegiate Team logo.

  5. I think Version #1 is the best out of all of the suggestions, however, I will certainly miss the uniqueness of the origional. I understand that with time all things must change, but I’d hate to see the CS logo fall into the crowd of all the other parts companies out there with clean cut fonts, and fancy designs you’d imagine finding on a corporate business card.

    Version #1 looks like it has the potential to be a step forward, but in remembering the past and with signal to staying true to the establishment of the business, try to incorporate something from the original. Almost as a reminder of where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going to take this platform. Possibly incorporating a similar, slightly cleaner, but still somewhat more jagged of a font.

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