Mission Possible: Eye on the Prize

CorkSport Mazda Performance

As many of you know, for going on fourteen years now, CorkSport has been in the business of offering high level performance products and support for Mazda vehicles. During this time, we have grown from a reseller of Mazda performance parts to a leading technology and innovation brand with lean manufacturing expertise and a global distribution network able to deliver world-class products, brands and service at a competitive cost.

In two previous blog posts, I introduced you to MazdaSpeed of Japan and AutoExe. These brands have set the bar for Mazda performance and our vision as we grow is to hold CorkSport to the same level of quality and innovation while maintaining a price point suitable for the American market.

Thanks to the support of dedicated CorkSport and Mazda enthusiasts around the world, we have seen a steady increase in market presence and brand awareness and are now working to position our company as the leader in Mazda performance.

We have recently added four new members to the CorkSport family so we can continue this pattern of growth and innovation. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the new members to our dedicated community.

Dustin Berentsen came on board as our new shop supervisor in January of this year. He is a family man that grew up racing motocross and though his passion has always been in classic cars, he became a Mazda convert almost immediately and can be seen regularly at Mazda meets in one of our CorkSport cars.

Jennifer Spreadborough is the newest member in shipping and receiving. Without her, we wouldn’t be able to offer the same the level of attention to detail and efficiency in our shipping process and welcome her gladly to the team.

Gwynne Knowles is our new marketing manager. She came from the world of software and IT and is looking forward to networking with our exceptional “full of win” CorkSport community. She can’t wait to get her hands on our Mazda RX-8 keys.

Andrew Gilbert is our new engineer extraordinaire! He’s an enthusiast involved in rallycross that brings with him several years of engineering experience and will be helping CorkSport continue to bring cutting edge designs to the marketplace.

Great people make great companies. CorkSport has always believed this and as we work to grow our company we want to continue to foster the reputation we have established of honesty, integrity and putting out quality products.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to offering you more of the best possible products on the market for the best possible price.

– Rich

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  1. I believe you guys and gals are doing a great job! I am proud to have your stickers on my car representing your quality parts and good price points. Thanks again for all that you do.

  2. Thanks so much for your support Chris. CorkSport wouldn’t be possible without Mazda enthusiasts like you!

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