Free Shipping Part 2

Last month I wrote a blog post on the subject of free shipping. This post elicited the strongest feedback we’ve received to date. Many of you expressed that you don’t mind paying for shipping, but feel like you are often over charged.

We don’t try to gouge you on shipping! Quite the contrary, our goal is to make sure we cover expenses. We do not look to make a profit off of shipping, but rather our quality parts. We listened to your concerns and launched an investigation into ways we could improve shipping costs. We found that sometimes we could do better. We negotiated better rates with UPS, and are in a position to pass that savings along to our customers.

Here’s an idea I’d like to test, a bit of transparency mixed with a guarantee! First, let us assume that we generally know more about how to ship something fastest and for the cheapest, than our average customer. We could use our expertise to save you $$$ if we have some flexibility to adjust the shipping carrier. What do you think, if we were to offer shipping like this:

Shipping Time : Relative Cost
5-7 Day : $
3 Day : $$
2 Day : $$$
1 Day : $$$$

You pick the time frame and get a cost estimate (but not the carrier). We then pick the carrier, and if we can, we ship faster and/or for less, than the price we quoted you! Second, we’ll email you the package details, such as shipping weight, and you can check out the list price on the carrier’s website. If we charged you more than list, we’ll refund your shipping charge. Usually we’ll charge you less than list. Sometimes a lot less!

In summary:
• You pick how fast you want it, and get an estimate for the shipping charge.
• We’ll try to ship it to you for less and sometimes faster, because we can choose the best carrier for your order.
• If we can, we’ll charge you less for shipping.
• We send you the key package details when we ship.
• You then can check to make sure you were not charged over list price. If we charged you over list price, then shipping is free.

Before I wrap this up, I’d like to give you a few examples (estimates only):

A) LED Kit to Florida: Customer selects 5-7 day shipping for $12. CorkSport ships Priority Mail for $8. You get it faster and save $4!

B) Exhaust System to Texas: Customer selected 5-7 day shipping for $50. You get it by UPS ground for $50.

C) Racepipe, License Plate Relocation kit, LED kit to California: Customer selected 5-7 day for $30 for shipping. We combine all parts in one box*. It ships UPS 3 Day for $25. You save $5, and get it faster.

*(Note: Due to the variation in shipping combinations, it’s very hard to quote shipping spot on when multiple items are involved. Our website is configured to make sure shipping is covered by combining dimensional weight for all items. Sometimes items can be shipped together for very little additional charge.)

Please let us know what you think!

– Rich

6 Replies to “Free Shipping Part 2”

  1. I think that is entirely reasonable and exactly how other companies I’ve done business with have handled shipping.

  2. I like this idea.
    I like these communications and Corksport’s effort to be more transparent and less guess work on our part.

  3. Sounds good to me! The shipping to New Zealand is the only thing holding me back from a couple of things I’d like.

    How do the International Rate options stack up?

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  5. please, please, somebody answer to me, i sent more than 5 emails to corksport but they never answer to emails, is anyone there that know if Cork Sport could ship the Ford Probe Lip CorkSport in Europe, Spain, Madrid ? did they offer international shipping ? should i buy the Lip from them ? im affraid i will buy the lip and they will never send to me… please, someone answer to me… are they for trust ?

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