First Blog / Message from the President

We started over 11 years ago as an internet based business. Our  dedication to exclusively serve the Mazda brand has not wavered. Much of our  competition dabbles in Mazda or picks certain models to support.

Our website had not aged well and we could not offer  functionality that many people have come to expect from an eCommerce site.

This new version of our site includes the latest in  features. We’ve completely redesigned our layout and  tried to offer a more visual based navigation experience with less clicks to  get to the parts you want.

We’ve added this web log, and made a commitment to updating  it multiple times every week. We’ll discuss product in development, business  trips, industry news (generally Mazda related) and other interesting topics.

We’ll continue to work on technical articles to help explain  the purpose of our products and offer a little background into our thinking  when designing them. You can check out our previously posted articles here. We  release them every few months.

We’ve added a page for our international distributors. Many  of our customers come from Canada, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere. We look  forward to enhancing our customer service by qualifying distributors in your  country. We are picky. We want our distributors to stock our product and  properly support our brand with responsive customer service. Bear with us! You can help by letting local shops and  distributors know you want them to carry our products. And definitely let us  know if a reseller of our products does not meet your expectations.

We hope you find navigating CorkSport 2.0 a positive  experience. We certainly welcome your feedback.


Richard Harris
CorkSport Performance LLC

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