Dear Car Guy: What You Should be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Dear Car Guy,

Hope all is well with you this fall season. The holiday season is upon us, and I just wanted to take a moment to remind you of the things we should REALLY be thankful for.

I could go all sentimental and remind you how awesome it is to be involved with one of the greatest group of Car Guys ever, but being Mazda fans we already know that it’s a given.

I could go into the depth of how great it is that Nator and clubs like it pick up the slack, build relationships, help each other out, and support their brothers and sisters in need.

I also have the option to take the time and call out each and every one of the individual people who make our involvement in the Mazda community amazing.

The ideas and possibilities of what to be thankful for this Holiday season are limitless Car Guy, but I want to point out just a few for your enjoyment, and possibly a laugh or two.

Car Guy, remember to be thankful for:


1. Be thankful for long winding back roads.

These allow for less cops, higher speeds (not specifically recommended by CorkSport), and a great place to hone in your driving skills. I would say “the wind in your hair”, but I know that just reduces aerodynamics, so your windows are normally up. With your music low in the background so you can hear the deep rhythmic sound of your exhaust, be thankful for the alone time, because we all know there’s not much that’s more relaxing than a long drive to clear your head.


2. Be thankful that you’re no longer a NOOB on your specific forum.

You’ve learned to SEARCH first, and find the source, instead of asking questions in shout or getting owned in a thread that you posted under the guise of ‘seeking information’. You’ve learned the value of finding things out for yourself and, when you’re in a good mood, sharing it with those around you.



3. Be thankful that BOOST +COLD WEATHER= a little slice of heaven.

Enough said.


4. Be thankful you’re a MAZDA ENTHUSIAST, and not one of the following.

  • The tin and fart can Honda ricer philharmonic orchestra.
  • The snobby and expensive BMW  crew.
  • The “mine’s bigger than yours” truck crowd.
  • The “I don’t understand my car, but it’s AWD and I paid for someone to do all the work for me, so it’s clearly unbeatable” Subaru Sect.
  • The “let’s trade parts and figure out how to and keep your car running” vintage car group.
  • The “everyone has one” Mustang, Camaro, and other muscle car connection group.





Just remember Car Guy, there are TONS of things to be thankful for, and these are just a few. Enjoy the Holidays.

Stay fast, stay safe, and stay happy!


Written by Kim Russell. Kim works in our HR/CustomerService/Training/Accounting departments and manages a little bit of everything here at CorkSport. Many of you have enjoyed the artwork and little “extras” Kim throws in with your orders. Yep, CorkSport would pretty much fall apart without Kim.



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  1. I’m thankful for innovative companies that care about their customers and continue to push the platform that I enjoy so much. To each their own. The BMW and Subaru guys can keep what they have; I’ll just keep MAZDASPEED-ing along.

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