Dear Car Guy: The Difference Between You and Regular Guys

Dear Car Guy,

It’s been a while! Hope all is well with your ride, your girl, and your life. Staying fast, staying safe? If you’re reading this then most likely you are.

I’ve been thinking about what sets you apart from other “regular guys.” There is just something about you that makes you your own breed of man. Here are a few things I think you’ll agree with me on.

1. A Car Guy sees a problem and finds a way to fix it. He is going to immediately take it upon himself to be a DIY guy, because paying someone else to do something he’s never done before isn’t a realistic option. This also doesn’t completely apply to cars alone. Car Guy’s like to have control of the outcome of a project.

Car guys know how to fix problems.

2. A Car Guy is rarely bored. Realistically there is always something to do or be done. Sometimes, it’s just a drive to nowhere and back, or a quick detailing of the inside of your ride. It’s something to do, and a Car Guy always finds enjoyment when it’s just him, his ride, and the road. (This is of course assuming that the ride is running, and if it’s not well, a Car Guy is already in the garage or driveway trying to fix it, so he’s anything but bored).

A car guy is never bored as long as he can go for a drive.

3. A real Car Guy knows how to talk… about cars!  I put an exclamation point there on purpose. We here at CorkSport chat with Car Guy’s all day, and sometimes… just sometimes it’s One Guy for an hour at a time. Don’t worry our guys enjoy that time just chatting about all things Mazda!

Just don’t expect the same from me 😉

Car Guys know how to talk about cars. They can go on and on about everything about their Mazda.

4. A Car Guy wants it done right, even if he has to do it himself. He’ll say he needs your help with an install, and offer you a beer as soon as you get there. You’ll see that he’s 90% of the way done and just wanted your company or an ‘extra’ set of hands incase things get tricky.

A car guy always gets things done right.

5. A Car Guy has a plan. A plan for his ride at the very least. He knows how he wants his ride to look, where he wants to take it, how fast it will be, and the impression he wants to make with his hard work.



Until next time, stay safe, stay fast, stay happy :).



Kim Russell-01

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  1. Too funny!! Keep them coming.
    Will be looking at your CX5 and Skyactive articles.
    Just one question, What if you are a car & football guy??

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