Our Merry CorkSport Sweepstakes

Tis the season for another CorkSport Sweepstakes — and what does every good little Mazda Guy and Mazda Girl want? Why, a new shift knob, of course!

Corksport Holiday Giveaway 2015

To celebrate the end of a great year, and the holidays before then, we’re giving away one of our shift knobs: lucky winner’s choice. You could pick our adjustable weight shift knob or our custom-stitched leather knob: Either works with any Mazda you drive!

Was a new Mazda shift knob on your wish list this year? If Santa doesn’t come through, we might, though it’s up to random chance. To enter, go to the CorkSport Facebook page, fill out a quick form, and you’re in the drawing! Hurry, though. The sweepstakes ends at midnight pacific time, Sunday, January 3rd.

Happy New Year, and Merry CorkSport Sweepstakes!

The CorkSport Night Ride Sweepstakes

You’ve heard about our Night Ride Sweepstakes, right?

Upload one little photo of your Mazda at night, and you’ll be entered to win our LED light kit for the 2010-2013 Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazda 3?

LED Light Kit Mazdaspeed 3

We thought so, because we’ve seen almost 150 of your rides at night, most of them in the first 24 hours of the sweepstakes. We’re thrilled, because we love seeing Mazdas lit up on the road after dark — and we know you like taking night pics, because we’ve been seeing them tagged with #CorkSport for years.

Well, now’s the time to take advantage of all that photography, and enter your night ride to win if you haven’t yet! The winner’s chosen at random, so you’ll have as good a chance as anyone if you enter today.

Just remember to hurry up. We’re picking a winner from one of these gorgeous entries on Monday, October 19:

Night Ride Sweepstakes

And hey: Don’t worry about those votes. If you missed the rules and didn’t catch that random part, they won’t affect your chances of winning, just of being featured at the tip top of the contest page.




Winner of the Drive to Win Giveaway

Who doesn’t like a giveaway? Free stuff is always a good idea.

Last week, we ran our Drive to Win with CorkSport giveaway where our Facebook fans entered by uploading a picture of their Mazda in action. Autocross, racing on the track, drag strip, hill climb, and rally cross pictures were all acceptable entries. The winner was chosen at random and will receive a CorkSport swag bag.

Congratulations to our winner, Cody Allington! His shot features him and his girl, Marisa, having some fun on the track.

Drive to Win WINNER Cody Allington
WINNER Cody Allington at the track.

We had to throw in a few of our other favorite shots and racing stories. See them all on our Facebook page.

slaying the dragon Chris Milton Brandon Chap and Cezary Koral
Chris Milton, Brandon Chap, and Cezary Koral slaying the dragon.
Niclas Swahn with his CorkSport equipped Mazda msp on a track in Sweden.
Niclas Swahn with his CorkSport equipped Mazda msp on a track in Sweden.
Bret Nicoletti with his dog car aka #rooneyspeed RD3 at Global Time Attack around Willow Springs International Raceway.
Bret Nicoletti with his dog car aka #rooneyspeed RD3 at Global Time Attack around Willow Springs International Raceway.

We have a feeling this isn’t our last giveaway… stay tuned.



2014 #CSselfie Contest Winners


It is finally time to announce the four winners of CorkSport’s very own #CSselfie photo contest!


Winners will receive:

1) One week with their selfie featured on CorkSport.com.
2) A CorkSport Schwag package, including: A copy of The Ultimate Mazda Performance Guide, one CorkSport Flexfit hat, a CorkSport license plate, a CorkSport 12″ sticker and a totally awesome CorkSport lanyard.


Are you ready?











Dalton Knox-02
Dustin Raney-02

Jennfier Cunha

Jonathon Lopez-02


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014 #CSselfie photo competition. Keep Your eyes peeled for more CorkSport photo ops and have an awesome day!

You can click through all of the #CSselfie entries in our #CSselfie album on our Facebook page. We’ll be updating it throughout the week with all of the 2014 CorkSport #CSselfie entries.


– Yours Truly,

CorkSport…. #ZoomZoom

YOUR Mazda, on Our Homepage. Enter the #CSselfie Photo Contest!


Want to win an awesome package of CorkSport schwag? Want to be featured on the homepage of CorkSport.com for an entire WEEK?

All you have to do is show us your #CSselfie!

Entering is super simple. Here’s how it works:

1) Snap a picture of yourself with your Mazda (Or inside. Or laying on top. You get the picture.).

2) Post your image to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #CSselfie.

3) Enter your email here & you’re all set!

Rather than choosing just one of you, we’re choosing FOUR winners at random who will receive the following:

1) One week with their selfie featured on CorkSport.com

2) CorkSport Schwag package, including:

The contest runs THIS WEEK ONLY, so be sure to enter by this Sunday, November 16th at midnight.

Still reading? Stop procrastinating and show us your #CSselfie!