Product Sneak Peek – CorkSport Fall Line-Up

I attended my first research and development meeting at CorkSport a couple weeks ago and spent the morning and well into the afternoon reviewing product submissions and discussing the viability and potential demand for each of the ideas that were submitted to us.

We reviewed over forty-five product submissions and ranked them on feasibility, development time, demand, and the value it would provide to our customers. Coming out of that meeting, I think customers will be pleased with some of the fantastic products coming to market over the next six months and though we are keeping our cards close to our chest on some of the exciting products we have in store for all you Mazda performance enthusiasts, I will divulge some the new products you can expect to see released in the coming weeks.

Lug Nuts – As early as next week, you can expect to see new CorkSport Extended Lightweight Lug Nuts added to our list of performance accessories. Thanks to the feedback from our Facebook Fans, we will be offering them in black as the overwhelming color of choice. More to come on this product soon!

Shifter Bushings – Coming up before months end will be the CorkSport Shifter Bushings. Removing unwanted play in your car’s shifter mechanism, our bushing kit will greatly improve the feel of shifting in your vehicle.

Gen 1 Mazdaspeed 3 FMIC kit for SRI – Expanding on the success of our recent Gen 2 Mazdaspeed 3 release of a FMIC kit for SRI, CorkSport will be releasing a version for Gen 1 Mazdaspeed 3 drivers by the end of the month! Like our Gen 2 version, the FMIC kit for SRI will provide solid power gains without the lag commonly seen in larger FMIC kit’s that require removal of the crash bar.

Mazdaspeed 6 Rear Sway Bar – Currently on a fall release schedule, the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 Rear Sway Bar will greatly improve handling by tightening up the rear suspension. The Rear Sway bar can be purchased stand alone or can be used to compliment the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 Front Strut Bar.

CorkSport LED Under Hood Lights – Also on the fall release schedule is a kit that will illuminate your entire engine compartment. The CorkSport LED Under Hood Lights are a low power draw kit that will attach to your battery, includes an automatic on/off switch and will cast a cool blue/white luminescence on your engine bay.

These represent just some of the products you can expect to see in CorkSport’s fall line-up. More will be introduced as the development and testing process winds-up.

Interested in submitting a product idea? Fill out a product idea form for consideration at our next development meeting,


CorkSport Announces Release of New CorkSport Stub Antenna

CorkSport would like to announce the release of the newest addition to the CorkSport line of accessory parts, the CorkSport Mazda and Mazdaspeed Stub Antenna made for 2007+ Mazdaspeed & Mazda 3, 2007+ CX-7, 2011+ Mazda 2 , 2003-2008 Mazda 6, and 2006+ Mazda 5.

CorkSport Stub Antenna

An easy upgrade to boost the look of your Mazda, CorkSport’s new shorter antenna is 2.75″ in length and will replace the oversized factory antenna. Tested to ensure they perform similarly to the OEM antenna, CorkSport antennas are anodized and made out of billet aluminum which has a long lasting, durable, black finish. CorkSport antennas come with two different size fitting studs for straightforward installation of the product that will easily attach to the Mazda Genuine antenna base.

“This product represents the beginning of what will be a string of products designed to address the glaring need for additional options in the Mazda performance accessory market,” said Rich Harris, President of CorkSport Performance. “Our ability to listen and respond to the needs of our customer base combined with our efficient manufacturing expertise has resulted in the rapid development of these products to meet the demands of our customers.”

The newest addition to the CorkSport line of accessory parts will be priced at $32, making it an easy and inexpensive way to boost the look of your Mazda. Installation for this part takes mere minutes. Simply twist off the existing pieces and install the new ones to add a custom look to your Mazda.

For more information or to purchase the CorkSport Stub Antenna, Please click here to be redirected to our catalog.

Broad Horizons

Since the arrival of the 2nd generation MazdaSpeed 3, we have developed and released numerous parts for many happy customers. After reading through several of your product idea submissions, we are trying to make sure we get several products in the pipeline for vehicles that we may not offer as many products for. For example, we have had several customers ask for a CorkSport brand Short Ram Intake for the 2nd generation V6 Mazda 6. The picture below shows our MAF housing, which was redesigned to accommodate the slot style MAF sensor that comes with the V6 Mazda 6. The kit will feature our dry-flow filters, 5 layer silicone couplers, stainless steel T-bolt clamps, and full installation instructions.

Mazda 6 V6 MAF Housing

Next up we have our SRI Cold Air Box (CAB) for the 2010+ Mazda 3. Several people submitted product ideas for the CAB and it will be available within the next month. The CAB features fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) with a high temperature automotive grade black gel coating. The air box mounts to factory hole locations in about 15 minutes and only requires a 10mm long socket and ratcheting wrench to install.

2010 Mazda 3 Cold Air Box

Finally, we are developing our own line of sway bar end links. They will be fully adjustable to match any ride height and specifically designed to pair with our sway bars. Look for more details along with some prototype pictures in the next month or so.

Don’t forget, the best way to get what you want is to submit a product idea.


May-June Event Wrap Up

I’ve attended quite a few events over the last two months, everything from a pre-release Mazda 2 measuring session in LA to the All Mazda Meet in Newburgh, NY. Take a look at where else we have been:

May 12th, MazdasNW

There was a really big turnout at the May monthly meet at NorthGate mall in Seattle. There was a huge range of vehicles, RX-7s, B series trucks, Mazda 3s, Mazda 6s, MX-6, etc. This meet was surprising simply in the quantity of people and cars. There were several notable vehicles at the meet. A really nice FD RX-7 showed up at the event, which was all built by the owner. The whole car was well thought out and looked amazing. There was a really nice B Series truck with quite a long list of modifications as well, which I liked.

The whole range of Mazdas

Really nice FD RX-7

May 19th, Mazda 2 Measuring Session.

For the first time ever Mazda put up a vehicle and let companies get a chance to look at a new model before it is released through what they call a SEMA measuring session. This gives companies like CorkSport a chance to get measurements and start getting parts built and ready to sell as soon as the car is available. We flew down to Irvine, CA to spend the day collecting information to make new parts. Mazda provided two cars to look at and get information from.

While we were in Irvine we stopped by Tuttle Click Mazda, a Mazda dealership that offers our CorkSport brand products. If you’re in the greater Irvine, CA area stop by and check them out!

Tuttle Click Mazda

Their parts department showroom was in the middle of a remodel for better product displays while we were visiting so we couldn’t check out their awesome CorkSport display. If you are in So Cal and want to pick up CorkSport products locally give George a call at 949 421 3200. He is the parts manager for Tuttle Click Mazda. They had a good selection of Mazdas on the lot including a Red 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 with powder coated wheels and no front plate.

New and black powder coated wheels and no front plate

June 9th, MazdasNW

The June MazdasNW monthly meet had a smaller turnout than usual due to the Junuary weather the NW was experiencing. Despite the threat of rain we trekked to Federal Way, WA to attend the meet. One lucky customer was able to have their CorkSport Mazdaspeed6 cat-back exhaust delivered, saving him quite a bit in shipping costs.

Ecstatic new owner of a CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 Exhaust

We also got a chance to do investigative work into the 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 as to why the factory keyless entry system was not working on our Project Mazdaspeed3. More details on that adventure can be seen in my blog post about it.

Troubleshooting the elusive keyless entry problem

June 5th, OCC All Mazda Meet

One June 4th at 9:30pm Chris and I hopped on a plane headed to for Newark, NJ to attend the OCC Mazda Meet. The plane landed at 5:30am local time (Sleep?? What’s that?) and we jumped in our rental and headed north to Newburgh, NY. Heading up the freeway we got passed by a train of Mazdaspeed3s on their way to the meet.

A train of Mazdaspeed 3s

The event didn’t officially start until 10am but people started showing up early. When we arrived at 7:30 people were already getting cars parked in the lot. Due to an unexpected surprise our parts we had shipped to the event via UPS did not arrive so we were limited on the parts we had crammed in our carry-on bags to show at the event. This was one of the bigger all Mazda non-rotary specific events which I have attended. The RSVP list had 532 people signed up and 273 vehicles. Here’s a few pictures from the event, there were lots of cool cars there.

Really nice and rare yellow MP3 Protege

Rotaries including a really clean RX-3

Chris milking a giant NY cow

June 19th, MazdasNW Summer BBQ

MazdasNW hosted their annual summertime BBQ in Carnation, WA at Tolt McDonald Park. MazdasNW provided the food, drink, and cooking (thanks!) for the BBQ. The weather was unusually kind to us and there was no rain all day.

In true MazdasNW style, a parts installation immediately took place. A CorkSport SRI was installed at the event on a Mazdaspeed 6.

Installing the CorkSport SRI

Installation complete

Well, that’s it for events for the last two months. We have plenty more events lined up for the next 3 months, so stay tuned here for all the updates!


We Just Released 3 More CorkSport Intakes!

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our current intake lineup and several customer requests, I have been diligently working on releasing our color configurable intake kits for more models. I am proud to announce the release or pending release of 3 new short ram intake kits.

CorkSport Power Series Intakes are now available or very soon to be released for the following of Mazdas:

2009-2010+ Mazda6i
2004-2009 Mazda3
2003-2008 Mazda6i

Utilizing a newly redesigned silicone coupler, these intakes make peak torque gains of roughly +6 ft-lbs and +8 rwhp. We can obtain these numbers by increasing airflow efficiency, which also maintains fuel economy and drivability. All 3 intakes come with detailed installation instructions and our impeccable customer service. Additionally, I have not come across a check engine light, and have done several diagnostic tests on all 3 models to ensure that the possibility of a check engine light coming on is minimized.

If you have requests for an intake kit that we currently do not make, shoot me an email at

I have many more projects currently in the works, so you will be hearing from me shortly.