Dial in Your Mazda 3 with the Performance Toe Arms!

Control is key when it comes to pushing your Mazda to the limit…that’s exactly what CorkSport has set out to give you with the new CorkSport Rear Toe Arms for your 2014-2018 Mazda 3 and 2013 and newer Mazda 6.  Control, precision, & strength define what the CS Toe Arms are all about; let’s see why. 

CorkSport ASdjustable Toe Arms for your 2014-2018 Mazda 3 and 2013 and newer Mazda 6

The Adjustable Toe Arms overall construction provides durability and control which come from the high-strength steel that is coated in an awesome CS blue finish.  Durability is not an issue with the CorkSport Toe Arms (more on that later). 

Blue Adjustable toe arms for the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6

The Toe Arms Replace the OEM rubber bushings providing strength to your Mazda.  Factory rubber bushings are soft and compliant…great for a grocery getter, but not great for the spirited driver.  The CS design replaces this flimsy bushing with a rigid spherical rod end to remove that compliance and give you a solid and planted feel from the back of the car.   

Pair these with CorkSport Camber Arms and you’ve effectively removed half of the soft rubber bushings from the rear suspension.  You will notice this in how the car feels and drives. 

Lastly, the adjustability of the toe arms puts you in control of your driving performance.  You have more than enough range. from OEM to 2.5+ inches,  to dial in the rear toe of your Mazda 3 or Mazda 6.  Being able to adjust the toe independent of camber and track provides.  You have full control of the setup which can help with handling and tire wear significantly.

Now back to the durability testing.  We push our parts to the limit on the track so you can have confidence with your Mazda.  The CorkSport Powered Mazda 3 TC car, equipped with our performance toe arms, is being pushed to the limits in Turn 4 of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course.  The track pushes the toe arms to the limit. Enjoy!

Put your confidence in CorkSport for your Mazda needs.  Let us know if you have any questions! Our knowledgeable team would love you hear from you!

FAQs About Rear Toe Arms

What do adjustable rear-toe arms do?

Adjustable toe arms are one of the multiple suspension arms that connect your wheel bearing hub to your vehicle chassis.  The arms allow you to fine tune the angle of the wheel & tire relative to the chassis for optimal performance.  This results in greater steering response, control in turns & maneuvers, and increased tire tread life.

Do you need rear toe arms?

Yes, if you are a spirited driver, racing driver, or looking for more control.   Adjustable toe arms also help resolve the uneven tire wear that often results from aftermarket lowering springs and coil overs.  OEM suspension arms have very limited range or no range to correct the new angles caused by the installation.  

CorkSport TC America Car Racing with Performance Toe Arms

How do rear toe arms affect handling?

Toe arms improve handling by changing the angle of wheels when looking from directly above the vehicle.  In performance, the toe of your tire may point out or in when modifying your vehicle. By having the flexibility to set your vehicle alignment, you are able to adjust the toe-in or toe-out position to reduce understeer or oversteer and improve handling at high speeds or through tight corners. 

CorkSport TC America Car Racing with tight turns with Performance Toe Arms

Are adjustable toe arms worth it?

Upgraded toe arms improve the quality of ride, reduce flex in the suspension, and provide more control in high speed and tight turns.  Aftermarket suspension modifications can often create uneven wear and tear if supporting parts like toe arms are not used.  Adjustable toe arms solve this issue and extend the life of your tire.  In addition, the higher-strength metal provides durability and more responsiveness in handling. 

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It’s Finally Here! The Performance Turbo Inlet Pipe for the Mazda SkyActiv-G 2.5L Turbo

The best and most complete intake system for your Turbo Mazda is finally available!  Introducing the last piece of the puzzle, the CorkSport Performance Turbo Inlet Pipe.  Combine the turbo inlet pipe with the CorkSport Short Ram Intake and Heatshield to create the complete intake system for the SkyActiv-G 2.5T engine found in nearly every model Mazda currently produced.

Skyactiv Turbo 3 Filter Inlet Engine Placement

Why does an upgraded turbo inlet pipe matter?

Power comes from efficiently flowing air in and out of the engine. When there is a restriction in the flow path, this causes a power and efficiency loss.  Our goal was to design a new performance turbo inlet pipe that removes the restrictions of the OEM design, fits like OEM, and integrates perfectly with the already existing CorkSport Short Ram Intake and Heatshield.

The Turbo Inlet Pipe for the4th Gen Mazda 3

Here you can truly see the difference in size!  While the shape of the CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe is…unusual…it’s for good reason.  We invite you to check out the design blog for more in-depth details.  

In a nutshell, we investigated the typical aftermarket design path of a metal pipe, but a 2.5 inch metal pipe was not good enough.  We thought outside of the box to truly design the best turbo inlet pipe option for the community.  We moved up to a 3 inch inner diameter system to maintain a continuous 3 inch inner area matching the MAF housing. 

Full Image of the 4th Gen Mazda 3 Turbo Intake System

It’s the final piece in the CorkSport 4th GEN Turbo Intake System making it the best and most complete system on the market!

Turbo Inlet Providing Power Gains

So does it make power?  Short answer. YES IT DOES!  While tuning for the 4th GEN Mazda platform is still primitive and restrictive, we are able to see faster spooling and higher flow before the ECU hits the load limits.  This tells us we are making more power with the addition of the turbo inlet pipe to the existing CorkSport short ram intake system.  It also tells us there is more potential in the system once tuning develops further.  We can promise, as tuning does develop, we too will further test and validate the benefits of the turbo inlet pipe system.

Power gains are great, but another key addition to the driving experience is unleashing the induction and turbocharger noise trapped by the factory air intake system. The CorkSport SRI and TIP frees up a surprising amount of turbo noise when driving around and provides more induction sound under hard acceleration. The extra level of turbocharger noise is enjoyable when you want, but doesn’t get in the way when you don’t.

CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe Intake System Engine View

The Turbo Inlet Pipe Made Better & Fits Like OEM

Let’s talk about how its made; the material and manufacturing method used is another advantage over the OEM counterpart. The CorkSport TIP is Roto-Molded out of a high temp nylon to offer good strength and flow while retaining an OEM like appearance. The CorkSport TIP also utilizes two silicone couplers which are reinforced so they don’t deform under vacuum high load. The silicone coupler that connects the SRI to the TIP gives a nice smooth transition between the two when compared to the OEM coupler, which has ribs that introduce unwanted turbulent air into the TIP.

The Best Intake For Turbo Mazda 3 Silicone

The outlet silicone that leads to the turbo features a barbed fitting to retain the valve cover breather and we also provide a silicone breather hose to connect the two together. This barbed fitting can also be used for an oil catch can if you want to add one in the future.

4th Gen Turbo Inlet Pipe Colors

The last component that is included with the CorkSport TIP is the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is made out of 304 stainless steel and was designed to work with both the air-to-air intercooler system found on the Mazda 6, CX-9, and CX-5 and the air-to-water intercooler system found on the Mazda 3, CX-30, and CX-50. From the factory they have different mounting locations for the TIP so we decided to offer a single mounting bracket that will work with which ever model you have. 

Hardware for the Turbo Inlet Pipe Hardware

As with most CorkSport performance products, this Turbo Inlet Pipe kit includes all the necessary installation hardware and color step-by-step installation instructions to ensure you have a quick and straightforward install.

The addition of the CS Turbo Inlet Pipe on your Turbo Mazda is a fantastic mod to further build upon your current CorkSport SRI. And Heatshield.  At this time, no competitor intake systems have been test fit with the CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe. 

Check it out below and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have, we will be happy to help!

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The 4th GEN Turbo Inlet Pipe

The final component for the most complete intake system for your 4th Gen Turbo Mazda is finally available!

The 4th GEN Turbo Inlet Pipe

The final component for the most complete intake system for your 4th Gen Turbo Mazda is finally available!

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It’s Go Time with The Mazda 6 Turbo Kit

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you could have used another +100hp? As in, getting on the freeway safely or trying to beat that minivan at the red light so you don’t miss your next turn? Maybe you know a guy with a WRX with a muffler delete, and he just won’t shut up about how “fast” it is. Well, let me tell you, my 2016 Mazda6 GT will do all of that in comfort and style! I’ve been lucky to be the first person in the world to run CorkSport’s Turbo Kit on a Mazda6, which also happens to be an automatic! #ridetheunicorn

I bought the car in early May 2022, and by the 31st, the CorkSport engineers had transformed my naturally aspirated Mazda into something special with the CS Turbo Kit. Flash forward a little less than a week out, and I was on my way to @Idaho Mazda Takeover to show off the kit. It’s a 450-mile trip one-way from my house to Caldwell, ID, and does not include the +300 miles of community shenanigans I completed while I was there. 

* This is Mazda 3 Manual Dynograph, with 80mm Cat Back Exhaust

As a testament to the CorkSport Mazda 6 Turbo Kit, I made the journey without a second thought. I averaged ~75 mph and snagged over 32mpg on the way there. This included spirited driving, stretching the car’s legs, and putting it through its paces, up, over, and through those difficult passes in eastern Oregon. I need you to understand this was a 100% stock Mazda6. The only thing we did was install our turnkey kit. In less than a week, I put over 1200 miles of “FUN!” on the car and have not looked back!

The CorkSport Mazda 6 Turbo Kit

The car drives as it did right off the dealership parking lot; it’s quiet and very tame, with a stock catback. You lightly press the throttle, and the car’s cab starts to fill with all the right induction noises. Hearing that turbo spool up for the first time sent chills down my arms; I couldn’t believe it. My Big turbo Mazdaspeed3 isn’t even that seductive. But that’s only part of the fun…

When you drop the hammer, the auto transmission immediately puts in the work. I was surprised at how quickly it locked up the torque converter and rocketed the car down the road the first time I drove it. I was worried about the implications of having ~80 additional whp rifling through it. After a few deep dives into how these transmissions work, I feel more confident than ever about the Mazda 6 and Turbo Kit, and the last 10K miles of beta testing have been trouble-free.

* This is Mazda 3 Manual Dynograph

I’d never driven a boosted automatic before, let alone an aftermarket one, so I didn’t know what to expect. What I’ve experienced has been more than I could bargain for. By design (of the OTS Professional Tune), you only use the boost when needed; otherwise, the car will drive like it’s not there if you want to go that route. However, if you mash the pedal to the floor, it’s “Go time!”

Since installing the turbo kit, I’ve supplemented this turbo kit with our 2014-2017 Mazda6 Catback. The stainless T-304 has enhanced this whole experience. The 90mm tips look great with those shiny resonators behind the rear bumper. It is starting to dial back on the sleeper, sleek and numb daily, and gearing more towards a fun, fast and capable 4-door sedan. The exhaust added around another 30whp and has me sitting comfortably near 260whp to the front wheels.

Undercarriage with Cat Back Exhaust

It didn’t take long for the numbness of the stock mounts to get to me. With this big bump in power, I wanted to do everything I could to help this car out. I installed the CorkSport transmission and rear motor mount, further evolving the turbo Mazda 6. Power delivery is now immediate and linear vs. the OEM mounts allowing the engine to bounce around.

A lot of us have very similar ambitions for our cars. We tend to create this inseparable bond between ourselves and the machine we’re driving. Having an OTS turnkey turbo kit that does precisely that is nothing short of spectacular. CorkSport has done an outstanding job offering a turbo kit that includes EVERYTHING you need, including a professional tune, battery, boost gauge, and boost controller. Heck, you even get Unicorn swag too!

Mazda 6 Turbo Kit Manifold

I’ve created a new sense of ownership by taking this project on; it’s changed my view on what I wanted from a car. This kit checks all the boxes in my book and has surprised me almost daily. My whole experience with the Skyactiv-G + CorkSport Turbo Kit has been rewarding. I cannot wait to push this car to its limits and beyond to see what these engines are truly capable of. 

If you have a 2.5L naturally aspirated 3rd Generation Mazda 3 or Mazda 6 sporting a manual or automatic transmission and want to get the most out of your ride – don’t hesitate to grab one of these turbo kits – the results are unthinkable!

The CorkSport TC America Car with the Turbo Kit

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our staff at sales@corksport.com or by phone. . #ridetheunicorn

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Back & Better Than Ever – The Mazdaspeed 6 Lowering Springs

CorkSport is proud to announce the Mazdaspeed 6 Lowering Springs are back and better than ever! We made some slight revisions to promote a more consistent ride and handling but kept the ride height drop about the same as our previous springs. If you’re looking to get rid of your 4×4 fitment and add some much-needed cornering ability to your MS6, read on for more details and check out our product listing HERE to purchase!

Focus On Design

We started off by focusing on the most important aspect of a set of lowering springs: handling. The CS springs lower your Speed’s center of gravity for less body roll and increased driver confidence. Stiffer than OEM spring rates further decrease body roll and provide a sportier ride for more feedback when on your favorite backroad. Final spring rates are approximately 5.1K front and 4.1K rear. Compared to OEM, this is a larger change in the rear than the front to promote more neutral handling and less understeer.

Springs That Work

Don’t worry though, spring rates were kept mild to keep the MS6 comfortable on the daily commute. It is a sportier feeling ride, but not too drastic of a change to ensure the CS springs still work well with OEM shocks & struts. Aftermarket units work even better as they have stiffer damping to match the stiffer springs. They are not required, however, we do recommend new OEM shocks and struts or aftermarket replacements if you’re still on the original (15+ year old) dampers.

The Right Height

Now let’s get to what most of you are looking for: ride height. The CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 lowering springs are approximately 1.6” lower in the front and 1.25” lower in the rear than OEM. This height gives reduced wheel gap that is even front and rear without being too low and having to worry about scraping on every driveway and speedbump. This is right about the same as our old lowering springs with just a touch more rake for less squat when the car is loaded up with people or tools.

Finally, the new CS springs are finished in a new color! Blue powder-coated finish ensures a great look and long lasting corrosion resistance.

Thanks for following along the CS blog and checking out the new CorkSport MS6 Lowering Springs. Be sure to check out the product listing HERE for more images and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, we’re always happy to help!

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Get the Mazdaspeed 6 Lowering Springs

The Mazdaspeed 6 Lowering Springs are back and better than ever! Get yours and enjoy the ride!

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Ride The Unicorn with the CorkSport 3rd Gen Mazda 3 & Mazda 6 Turbo Kit

The time has FINALLY come…years in the making! Thousands of hours have gone into the development of the only turnkey turbocharger kit for the Mazda 3.  From air filter to downpipe and everything in between, the Turbo Kit for the 3rd generation Mazda 3 has finally come full circle and IT IS AWESOME!

Are you ready for an extra 115-125whp and 80-90wtq?

Many have asked “Why So Long?” and the truth is because we, the Team at CorkSport, would not allow ourselves to put out a kit that was not complete, was not turnkey, and was not proven to be daily and track ready.  We have put thousands of miles on out test vehicles; both on the track… 

Boosted Mazda 3 TC America Race Car

And on the street…

Boosted Mazda 3 Street Test Mule with Turbo Kit

So what is involved in developing a turnkey turbo kit for the originally naturally aspirated vehicle?  Well, basically everything., Let’s get more into the details.

Stay Up-to-date with CorkSport   

The turbo is a big one, spec’ing the size, style, & location is a significant aspect of the kit.  In fact, we tested multiple sizes before deciding on the turbo for the kit.  Finding the right balance of spool/response, boost operating pressure, and even sound was a consideration (hey we all like turbo noises right?)  With that we are using an MHI based turbo that utilizes journal bearings and liquid cooled CHRA.  Our current CST4 and CST5 turbochargers for the Mazdaspeed use the same MHI CHRA and have proven very reliable and robust. 

The turbo in the Mazda 3 Kit is also uniquely a twin-scroll internally wastegated design.  This helped with spool and response while using a larger wheel spec and the internal wastegate keeps overall costs down and quiet.

On each end of the turbo is the next major design challenge, the exhaust manifold and downpipe.  Now, in most kits you would expect to see a fabricated manifold and downpipe.  While that is not necessarily bad, there are more robust methods of manufacturing that can perform equal if not better.  This method is casting, which is what we have done.  The exhaust manifold is a cast stainless steel 304 twin-scroll design.  This one-piece design means there are no welds, seams or connections that could fail and the wall thickness is thicker (5mm vs 3mm) when compared to standard fabricated manifolds. 

The downpipe utilizes a cast bellmouth which is then welded to a 3-inch pipe and flex section.  This downpipe then aligns with the OEM location exhaust so you can run a stock exhaust (don’t be silly though), a 60mm or 80mm exhaust with your turbo kit.

Since we are talking about the cat-back exhaust let us just say that for peak performance you will want the 80mm exhaust system on your Mazda 3.  Moving down to the 60mm you will lose a tad bit of power.  Note: In the instructions there are specific boost controller settings for each exhaust setup.

Now we have all the plumbing to get that boost from the turbo to the engine.  When we approached this we wanted a kit that was stupidly simple and clean in the engine bay.  The result was ONLY two pieces of charge piping and four pieces of charge piping silicone.  This keeps the possible boost leaks to a minimum and the install process simple.  With that being said, the “hotside” charge piping runs alongside the passenger side of the engine and the “coldside” runs right up from the intercooler and to the throttle body. 

To complete the charge air system we have the intercooler.  The intercooler is no off-the-shelf generic unit either, we custom designed the cast aluminum endtanks to fit with the Mazda 3 chassis WITHOUT cutting and maximized the intercooler size to perform great with the power goals of the Turbo Kit, again without cutting your Mazda 3.  Good to 400 horsepower, the intercooler will easily cover the current power and future growth in power of the kit for quite some time. 

Because of the custom fit and lack of cutting, the intercooler nearly disappears in the OEM bumper for a stealth look.  The black finish performs and looks great through the seasons. If you want to a customized stand out look, you could paint the core a nice bright silver finish without issue.

So we’ve covered the obvious parts of a “turbo kit” but what makes the kit turnkey?  It’s the little things, like clamps, hardware, and connection like the turbo cooling, and the oil feed and oil drain.  For the oil feed and drain we have provided perfect length stainless steel braided lines and all the needed fittings.  The oil drain is extra special because on a non-factory turbo there is NO spot for the oil drain in the engine.  So install of requiring you to drill a hole in your oil pan and risk causing a leak, we do the work for you with a new OEM oil pan.  We complete the drilling, the drain fitting install and sealing.  All you have to do is remove your oil pan and install the new oil pan with the drain fitting installed.

Lastly, to make all the big parts fit in the engine bay and look good, we had to create some clearance for the intake by using a smaller AGM battery vs the huge lead acid battery.  To do that we designed a SS battery mount and ECU relocation bracket along with a new 550ca/450cca AGM motorsport battery which is included for ground shipping customers.  If you are international and the kit has to air ship to you then you will need to source the battery locally. 

Now to really round off the “turnkey” aspect of the kit we have the boost control system which includes a TurboSmart E-Boost controller which allows us to dictate and control the boost curve for optimal power delivery and reliability.   No manual boost controller here that does whatever it wants.  To monitor boost we provide a CorkSport boost gauge that you can mount anywhere inside the cabin for easy readout.  Also, with a boosted setup and high compression ratio a set of 1-step colder spark plugs are required for safe operation, these are also included and future replacements can be purchased at CorkSport. 

Most important is the tuning, and this is where we have spent hundreds of hours alone getting the car to perform consistently and reliably for you.  The turbo kit had to feel fun, fast, and repeatable all while being safe to drive every day on a stock engine.  With the CorkSport Turbo Kit, you will get a calibration license to your vehicle and Mazdaedit license designed to operate on premium grade gasoline (91-93octane). 

Now to the numbers you want to know about!  POWER like you’ve never seen from a 3rd Gen Mazda 3 with the Turbo Kit.  Many said the high compression Sky-Activ couldn’t handle boost…many said they are “glass” engines”…we are here to tell you they are wrong.

How about 9.5psi of boost and gains of 115-125whp/80-90wtq?  All on the stock fuel system and simple premium pump gas? 

In this dynograph you can see four dyno runs.  The two lower runs are from our 2018 Mazda 3 2.5L MT.  This is a 100% stock car with no tuning changes.   The much nicer two runs are the final result of 9.5psi for the CorkSport Turbo Kit. 

Power is not just about a peak number, power (and a resulting fast/fun car) is about the power under the curve.  Our goal was to develop a kit that made a fast and fun car throughout the rpm range of the 2.5L SkyActiv.   With a huge increase in torque across the rpm range, you have a car that will be fun from 3500rpm to 6000rpm before power starts to fall off.  This is the 3rd Generation Mazdaspeed that Mazda never gave us. 

How does the powertrain handle this?  We have only used OEM stock engines, clutches, and manual transmissions in our in-house testing.  This goes for our street can and track-only racecar. 

However, our in-house testing has been successful with OEM components, our beta tester did have an OEM clutch slippage early on in their testing.  Our review of the clutch and the history of the clutch showed us that we are at the limit of the clutch.  If the clutch has lots of wear and tear it may not last long with the added torque from the turbo kit.  Therefore we cannot guarantee the successful ability to use the OEM clutch equipped in your Mazda.

With that being said there are options on the market for performance clutches that are either available now or are in development. We are personally working with X-Clutch to develop a performance clutch for the community.

Let’s wrap this up…the most complete and ready-to-run turbo kit available for your 2.5L MT Mazda 3.  You can make power with easily accessible pump gas up in the 280+whp range and enjoy the daily drive and track.  There will not be any surprise runs to the hardware store, as long as you have some wiring supplies, and you could get this done over a long weekend with a buddy that knows how to wrench. 

Speaking of the install, the kit can be completed in a long weekend.  If you work diligently we’d say 2-3 days to get it done.  Follow the color step-by-step online PDF instructions and review the youtube video install before you get started to have the best success. 

View the Online Color Step By Step Instructions

We also have a specific video for the TurboSmart E-Boost controller setup so you know you get it setup just right.  While this project can seem daunting at first, we promise it all comes together if you follow the detailed instructions.

What’s this going to cost you?  Less than you expect to be honest.  Look at the ND Miata Turbocharger/Supercharger Kits and you would have a good idea of what it should cost, but really we want the community to get this kit and enjoy it so we’ve worked hard to provide the most value for the price on the Turbo Kit. 

Want more details?  Checkout our website for more info here at CorkSport.com

Thank you for taking the time to read about our Turbo Kit for the 3rd Gen Mazda 3 & Mazda 6.  We are SOOOO excited to finally bring this to the community and for everyone to have the opportunity to take their Mazda 3 2.5L to the next level.  

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and product updates from CorkSport.

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