Dear Car Guy: What Swag Do You Want?

Dear Car Guy,

Hey. It’s been a bit. I hope this finds you fast and happy.

I was thinking about all the products you’ve purchased over time. From the SRI and hood scoop, to the fuel pump internals and Injector Seals, you’ve made your ‘baby’ look awesome, drive well, and perform at her very best. We all know that the few decals you’ve put on have added at least 17whp as well.

I was curious, though: What do you have for yourself? Your Mazda looks awesome with decals and cosmetic parts that make her sheen at all times, but what do you have?

A lanyard? Does that even count as swag for you, or is that also for her?

Seriously though, we have t-shirts, a couple of which you may have already, and hats, and a license plate frame.

I just really wonder what else do you want. We’ve had joking requests for female undergarments (we’re still looking into that one…) but what kind of Mazda and CorkSport swag would you love to own?

Do you want sweatshirts with sweet logos or imprints of a speed3?


Or do you want belt buckles with CS on the front, like some motocross rodeo guy?


We’ve sent out some extra swag items over the years, as a thank you to our great customers. A few coozies here and there:

CorkSport Beer Coozies
Source: Our great customers


And a couple ice scrapers for those of you who have had it rough this past winter…. Oh wait, it’s still going… (Sore subject?)

Overall, I’d love to hear from you about what it is you want in terms of SWAG options. Tell us in the comments, or right here.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon about them. Stay safe, stay happy, and stay fast.

Cheers, Kim

Kim Russell-01

12 Replies to “Dear Car Guy: What Swag Do You Want?”

  1. I like the t-shirt idea, but honestly, the imagery wasn’t that creative. No one is going to come up to me and say “cool shirt”. They’re going to see it and say, “oh, he’s a CS guy.” Fine. Nothing wrong with that, but you’re missing the opportunity to awe and inspire the masses here. You have access to all kinds of cool technical graphic material. Where’s the CFD on your intake? Where’s the FEA on your front camber arms? What about an exploded diagram of your new turbo? Those things will engage all car people (and maybe some non-car-people who like cool pictures) AND they will increase your brand credibility as more than just a reseller of parts AND you get name recognition. Let’s see some of THAT!

    Funny is fun too. Maybe show some failed parts and say “don’t let this happen to you; get CS FPI to prevent block ventilation. Practice safe boost.”

    I could probably come up with more; let’s see what others contribute.

  2. Per the topic at hand, I hoodie would be great for the PNW. Or a light jacket. Maybe a mouse pad? Haven’t seen one of those in awhile. And a damn coffee mug that will fit in the cup holder and not rattle around. Maybe a CS-branded wash mit? Or CS car wash detergent? You just rebuilt the steering wheel for first-gen Speed3; can I get a CS seat for my second-gen? How about CS door sill plates, cargo liners, and rear applique? CS USB-lighter adaptors? CS USB memory stick for the media player? Okay, maybe off-track again.

  3. Zippered pouches, clear or different colored, like a pencil pouch! I use them for my registration/insurance card, maintenance records, wheel lock/tools. Keeps my glove compartment organized.

  4. Hoodie with some sort of dynamic Corksport or Mazda vector. Black with white zipper and white string. Has to be light though, because it’s a hoodie not a coat.

  5. Some suggestions…

    Hoodies (zippered and pullover)
    Sticker Packs
    Water Bottle
    Snapback Hats
    Calendars filled with awesome shots of Mazdas

  6. A zippered hoodie would be fantastic. Maybe with some more interesting graphics, though? Not just text.
    Either way I hope you guys come up with something soon. I lost my lanyard last week but I can’t justify paying the shipping charge for just that ;-;

  7. Definitely Hooded sweatshirt. Something comfy and hip. LED headlights, retrofits or complete housings. Tail lights too!

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