Product Release! CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 FMIC for SRI

Many of our Mazdaspeed 6 customers have been eagerly awaiting this announcement and today CorkSport would like to end the wait and announce the newest addition to our Front Mount Intercooler line with the CorkSport Front Mount Intercooler Kit for Short Ram Intake desigend specifically for the Mazdaspeed 6!

Designed to replace the restrictive top mount intercooler, the CorkSport front mounted kit has been developed for optimal placement in the path of the inflow ambient air, allowing for maximized heat dissipation and reduced heat soak, a common problem associated with the stock top mounted intercooler location.

The kit features a 21x10x3” bar and plate intercooler core, mandrel bent and TIG welded polished aluminum intercooler piping and custom reinforced silicone connectors made from multi-layer nylon braid to provide strength and a smooth internal transition for less turbulent air flow. The kit includes stainless steel T-bolt clamps to ensure an airtight seal all of the needed installation hardware and detailed installation instructions.

During extensive testing, the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 Front Mount Intercooler showed an average pressure drop of 1.5-2 psi and a 10 to 1 temperature drop, meaning for every ten degrees of inlet temperature, the outlet temperature of the intercooler only goes up one degree.

The kit has been designed to integrate seamlessly with our popular CorkSport Stage II Power Series Short Ram Intake and can be purchased as a standalone kit to compliment your current short ram intake or can be purchased with the CorkSport Power Series Short Ram Intake for additional savings and power gains.

CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 Front Mount Intercooler for Short Ram Intake CorkSport Stage II Power Series Short Ram Intake

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39 Replies to “Product Release! CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 FMIC for SRI”

  1. looks like the perfect intercooler for a mx-3. top left spout fixes all issues that come from putting one in.

  2. just wondering how much fabrication needs doing while installing this intercooler? this will be a home job as it doesn’t look to hard to do.

  3. Your best bet is to check the install instructions located at the bottom of the product page. No fabrication required, just a little trimming under the bumper cover.

  4. got any laying around in the back room? i know there was several people on the forums still interested.

  5. This kit needs to come back. It would fill a slowly growing void for quality intercooler kits for the MS6.

  6. Please Bring this back, I have not been able to find on like this for my MS6. 🙁

  7. Please bring back like 100 of these, I would totally buy one even if you raised the price a little higher.

  8. Yeah, CS needs to bring back a batch for people who request it. Not many kits on the market, and god forbid I have to get the CX Racing kit….

  9. please bring this back! MS6 needs a FMIC and i would definitely buy one if it comes back

  10. I plan to buy a Corksport Exhaust within the next few weeks and would love to pair it up with an FMIC kit. Please come out with another!

  11. When is the revised intercooler on schedule to be released? I am interested in purchasing one from you all as well!

  12. We have had to scrub this project from making a comeback. We hoped there would be more interest and took that path but people have been contacting us and dropping off the list of interested people. At this point there is not enough interest for us to proceed and it to make financial sense.

  13. I can assure you that a lot of people would want to buy this product. Corksport is known for being a step above the rest for the quality and thought that is put into the people that are buying their products. That is exactly what most people are looking for in a FMIC kit.

  14. Please bring this out for the mazdaspeed 6 I am very interested in a front mount intercooler for mine and wanted to go with the cork sport but not available guess I’ll have to look else where unless you come through with one soon.

  15. Another slightly less than subtle reminder that I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it were available, even under the table hahah. I don’t know why a smaller limited production run would be hard to do, you could gauge interest on reddit & facebook with polls for this kit. Even if you don’t re-release it, would it hurt so bad to see how many people would buy it if it were to come back?

  16. When the new kit is released can you purchase just the tubes and couplers seperate or even just the coulplers. I have the original fmic.

  17. Jason,

    Yes, you will be able to purchase either the upgraded tubing & couplers or just the FMIC!

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