Mazdaspeed 6 FMIC Comeback!

Since so many of you have asked, we are happy to oblige. The MS6 front mount intercooler kit is making a comeback! Before you get too excited though, there’s still a little bit of a wait before it’s actually being released. We wanted to let all of you Mazdaspeed6 owners know that we haven’t forgotten about you and we have taken our time to ensure this kit comes back better than ever before.

MS6 CorkSport FMIC fitment testing front
MS6 CorkSport FMIC fitment testing

As you can see, the 21”x10”x3” core is staying the same but we are improving the kit everywhere else. This means better fitment, more freedom for SRI selection, and the proven piping design philosophy used in the GEN2 Mazdaspeed 3 FMIC kit. While the MS6 was definitely not designed for an FMIC, the redesigned CorkSport kit makes it easy to say goodbye to the heat soak headache that is the stock TMIC.

MS6 CorkSport FMIC fitment testing Side
MS6 CorkSport FMIC fitment testing

We are still putting the finishing touches on the redesign, and obviously, have a few alignment issues to work out with another round of 3D prints. We can’t say for certain when this will be releasing, but the goal is late spring/early summer 2019. That being said, we will be sure to keep you updated as we inch closer to release.

While we’ve got your attention MS6 owners, are there any features that are a must have for you on this kit? Any other MS6 specific products you’d like to see? Let us know down in the comments (and I’m sorry but orange will not be a piping color option ☺).

Lastly, if you’d like to learn more about what to expect from the intercooler itself, check out the original release blog from way back in 2012 HERE.

Mazdaspeed 6 FMIC Comeback!
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Mazdaspeed 6 FMIC Comeback!
We've heard all of our Mazdaspeed6 owners, and we're happy to announce. that we'll be bringing the Mazdaspeed 6 FMIC back into production. WIth some improvements of course!
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46 Replies to “Mazdaspeed 6 FMIC Comeback!”

  1. I’d love to see an Aluminum hood for the Speed6 to save weight. Of course carbon fiber would be amazing too, but way too expensive. I’d be curious to hear from you guys how much the stock hood weighs and how much an Aluminum or CF hood would weigh in comparison.

  2. A air box to hang and block off the short ram from the rest of the engine bay. I work were I’m lucky to have the materials and tools to make one for myself but it would be dope to have one for the speed6 like I’ve seen for the gen 3 mazda3. Maybe make sure it will work in conjunction with the front mount kit pipes. And I think I speak for all speed owners but injectors would be dope. I haven’t had time to work with Injector dynamics yet but I’m sure they’re willing to make something work knowing there’s is a market for them.

  3. After market crash bar, that’ll save space. Needs to be able to handle 600whp. Tread stone tr8 fmic is your biggest competition with they’re aftermarket crash bar.

  4. If well-executed, this is a superb proposal and I second Jason’s suggestion.
    However, I want to know how will stuck-in-Tucson traffic, with 110+ degree ambient air get to that big, beautiful FMIC?
    Any room for a pair of framed SPAL electric fans in front of or behind it? Have you calc’d-in cooling efficiency losses to radiatior and A/C condenser? Oil cooler option? These are not trivial issues where I live. Cheers!

  5. I love that you guys are bringing it back!! I’m so excited to get a FMIC kit. I swear by CS. also I would love to see a little bit more cosmetic stuff for the Speed6? I see a lot of speed3 interior stuff. Also maybe a rebuild kit? Cause I don’t necessarily think all us speed guys/gals have money for a Dankai block but if We could get a kit from you guys with everything We need to make a powerful motor We could probably sooner buy that?

  6. Will pass along the request – but I don’t think a rebuild kit will hit the list just due to the issue with having it done right each time.

  7. I think it’s awesome that you guys give ear to the mazda community for input. I think as Emilio said, that you should really try for some aftermarket injectors!! Every speed owner who had to run a PI system or 6th port would have gladly bought the injectors im sure! Please try to look into it a little more!

  8. Definitely need the aftermarket crash bar similar to the one offered by Full-Race. This would allow better airflow to the FMIC fins.

  9. More body, and interior goodies would be awesome!! Those speed 3 guys are getting spoiled with all parts! And steering wheel would be fantastic, or racing seats!! Good work guys!! Can’t wait to see what you keep coming up with!

  10. Port injection would be awesome! And an aftermarket crash bar for this intercooler would be great. Look forward to the release of this and what kinda power you can put down with it!

  11. would love a Crash bar set up for other 3rd parties fmic like the michimoto Sline on the ms6 just wondering

  12. I made a haiku to express my (and possibly collective) impatience while waiting for the MS6 FMIC.

    November is here
    Corksport posts a part again
    No intercooler

  13. Thanks for the Haiku… Our engineers had to make one more quick revision for better fitment on a tight spot with the intercooler piping. Bad part is this means another delay which no one is happy about.

  14. Tye here! So how are we coming along with this Intercooler? Yes, us MS6 owners are still interested in this product. What is clearance like for this product once the car is lowered? Does it sit level with the bottom of the front bumper? Will this be compatible with most 3.5in to 4in Short ram intakes? What power level is the intercooler good until? 5-600whp (which is plenty by the way) ?

    Finally, can you give us the option for all Flat Black coloring to include the Intercooler (for those looking for a sleeper look)? Or an option for Paint Matched coloring for just the intercooler piping (intercooler retains the standard aluminum finish) ?
    These would be nice aesthetic options at an extra charge of course.

    P.S. Maybe make a rare “first” initial run of FMIC kits coming along with the orange intercooler piping. Maybe like the first 6 Purchases..because Mazdaspeed “6”…. get it!? lol

    Thanks guys!

  15. Soooo…. my credit card would like to know when this intercooler kit is going to release? 7th Gear member STRONGLY interested over here lol (My card is READY!)

  16. Any news on this? Haven’t heard anything since an update was promised last month. Really looking forward to this…

  17. Would like to know fitment with a oil catch can. Currently running DM stage one catch can thats in the area of the intake filter(right below filter). Can I still run my catch can here with the charge pipe there?

  18. Looking at Damond’s pictures online, I think your setup will work. It’s put in a similar location to where the CS catch can is on our employee Daniel’s MS6 (with a custom bracket). We aren’t 100% certain as we haven’t test fitted it.

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