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2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6 Front Mount Intercooler Kit

Price: $899.99
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We are proud to introduce the CorkSport Front Mount Intercooler Kit for the 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6. This kit centers around a large 21”x10”x3” bar & plate intercooler that will remedy the heat soak headache that is the stock TMIC. To get the boost to and from the core is mandrel bent aluminum piping that is 2.25” on the hot side and 2.5” to 3” on the cold side. This piping setup has proven itself to be the best combination of quick throttle response, flow capacity, and minimal boost lag. Tying everything together are custom wire reinforced silicone couplers that are optimized for minimal flex under high boost levels. If you’re ready to take your MS6 to the next level, CorkSport is happy to help!

MPS6 FMIC Installation

Large Core with Minimal Trimming:

The unique design and location of the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 FMIC ensures minimal trimming during installation. By placing the 21”x10”x3” core behind the crashbar, no trimming to the crashbar is needed. With both inlet and outlet of the intercooler facing the driver’s side, you do not need to relocate your windshield washer bottle. Trimming is still required, however we have minimized it as much as we can, leaving almost all trimming to plastic parts, with the only metal trimming occurring on a thin bracket.

The biggest intercooler speed6 core without chopping everything apart

Performance Focused:

The main benefit of the CS FMIC for the Speed 6 is vastly improved charge air cooling. By moving the intercooler to the front of the vehicle, there is now a direct air path to the intercooler to cool off the boosted air, and you don’t have to worry about the heat of your engine heatsoaking your TMIC. Plus, with its large size, the CorkSport MS6 FMIC will efficiently cool off your boost all the way up to 500-550 WHP!

performance deisgned speed6 intercooler piping

Optimized Piping:

The large CS Speed6 FMIC is the obvious performance gain but there are more performance benefits to be had with the piping design. By using a 2.25” hot side pipe, the boosted air can make its way quickly to the intercooler. Then, the cold side pipe is 2.5” in the first half and 3” in the second half. This increases the volume of cold charge air directly in front of the throttle body. This is a proven piping setup on the CorkSport GEN2 MS3 FMIC kit that offers the best combination of throttle response, flow capacity, and minimal boost lag.

Wire reinforced Speed6 FMIC hoses

Reinforced Silicone:

In order to offer the best fitment, there are some longer than typical silicone couplers with the CS MS6 FMIC kit. All of the silicone couplers use 4-ply nylon reinforcement along with 5 layers of silicone; however, any run of silicone longer than about 6” also uses metal wire reinforcement. This is something new specifically for the MS6 kit to ensure strong silicone sections that do not expand at high boost pressures, even on the long sections of silicone!

Complete Mazdaspeed 6 FMIC kit with hardware

Materials & Hardware:

All the piping for the CorkSport FMIC Kit is made from polished, mandrel bent aluminum for the best in appearance and function. The silicone couplers use black for a clean look in any engine bay. Each kit comes with stainless steel T-bolt clamps to ensure no boost leaks or couplers blowing off of pipes. Finally, all brackets, mounting hardware, and full color instructions needed for install are included with the MS6 FMIC kit!

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Additional Features
  • Vehicle Fitment: 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6.
  • Designed in America: in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.
  • CorkSport Service & Support: 2 year limited warranty, full color installation instructions, all necessary components, and knowledgeable telephone support at (360) 260-2675.

  • Some trimming to plastic portions of the headlight support, bumper, and radiator core support is required for install. One metal bracket will also need to be trimmed for install. For more information, see the installation instructions below.
  • Stock intake/airbox will not fit with this intercooler.
  • Fitment has not been confirmed with intakes other than CorkSport. Fitment may vary with different brands.
  • Fitment on non-USDM cars has not been tested. As such, we cannot confirm fitment on cars made for markets other than the USA.

How To Install Your Mazdaspeed 6 Front Mounted Intercooler

It will take you 5 hours to install the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 FMIC with our easy-to-use instructions.

5 Hour Install Time

5 Hour Install Time

Difficulty: 4/5

4/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



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Unwrapping this thing was so exciting. Every part is so shiny and beautiful. The install was really straight forward, if you’re handy with a dremel it is a breeze. The fit and finish of everything I’ve received from Corksport has been top notch, it’s why I keep coming back. If you’re looking for the best off the shelf FMIC kit, this is it. The only part I don’t like about the way my car came together is the air filter from the CS 3.5” intake hits the hot side piping causing the filter to kink slightly. It’s just an appearance thing, and I’m not convinced it isn’t installer error.
Very easy to install and the instructions were awsome! They say it takes five hours to install but it only took me about four. It looks so good up front too. I was worried I wasn't going to be able to see it through the lower grill but it shines like a diamond and ultimately changed the look of my speed6! 12/10!!!
Great Kit, well written documents and a fairly straight forward install. Take your time and all will be well. One slight wrinkle, Blowoff valve recirc tube not really mentioned and was a source of grief because doing an install on a weekend with no access to the right part, had to rig it. The moving of the bov location made my non stock hose too short...really wished the kit included a recirc hose that cork sells, but I only found it on the ms3 section.

Mazdaspeed DISI Silicone Bypass Valve Hose
The FMIC installation took about 4-5 hours at a leisurely pace. My time was prolonged over that when trying to solve the catch can and drain plug issues. I’d easily recommend this kit to anyone looking for an all-in-one FMIC solution on the Mazdaspeed6. Be sure to pressure test before wrapping up – I didn’t and found a coupler had started to work loose after I messed around getting onto the freeway and pissed off a 2018 Mustang GT owner.
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Hey guys! I am very tempted into buying this, and one difference I noticed was it sits higher than other intercoolers. Will this effect the incoming cold air as where yours is positioned now, half of it is covered by the crash bar. Can you please support me on this. Cheers!

Asked by Aleksandar M | 10/03/2021, 09:14 PM | 1 answer(s)

Can you guys sell the core separately... as i have the piping already from this kit. Cheers Deo

Asked by Dhan Deo Regala | 06/10/2021, 04:48 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this FMIC work with the Corksport 3.5 inch intake?

Asked by Philip Smith | 08/11/2020, 10:42 AM | 1 answer(s)

Do I need the OEM Crash Bar for this FMIC ?

Asked by Anthony De La Cruz | 06/08/2020, 06:53 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this kit require a tune?

Asked by Carlos F | 05/12/2020, 07:16 PM | 1 answer(s)
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2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6

2005-2007 MPS 6 (Some optional Australian and Euro market options may require extra fitment)

2005-2007 Mazdaspeed Atenza (Some optional Japanese market options may require extra fitment)

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