2017 Race Season Is Here!

The wait is over! It’s finally the time of year where we shed the car covers, finish our tunes and builds, and make any last modifications to get fully prepared for the 1,320-feet road course racing season. As you can imagine, all of us here at CorkSport now have an extra pep in our step with the weather improving and our goals becoming clear.

Built for speed

2017 Race Season at CorkSport

Because I live for racing, I’ve built my car specifically for the drag strip. I have a 2009 Mazdaspeed 3 decked out with:

CorkSport built for speed receipt

Running faster in 2017

During last year’s season, I was able to lay down a pretty raw pass with my full bolt-ons, stock block, and CorkSport turbo. I was happy with a 12.7 elapsed time (ET) at 115 mph — a respectable number if you ask me! This year with my new built bottom end, I am hoping to have more midrange, spray more meth, and run faster. I have a personal goal of trapping 120 mph on the CorkSport turbo. Just imagine how sweet it would be to have a Mazdaspeed 3 trapping 120 mph in the 1,320 with almost no turbo lag!

Whether a racing victory is your goal, or you just want a modded-out dope-looking ride, we want to make sure you guys think about CorkSport when you are looking for parts. I’m proof that our turbo with full bolt-ons is capable of impressive speed. Whether you need suspension components, turbo components, or you just want to have a chat, you know where to find us!




2 Replies to “2017 Race Season Is Here!”

  1. Corksport
    Im in love with your Products unfortunately I always need to wait for the 2nd hand price.
    But all cs for me is best

    I am interested in buying your set of disi cams from you
    So i wonder if any valve caps or lash adjustments needed because that would hold me back.
    Also I like to say your speed3 could do better than you expect with a 2.5 mzr short block that bolts on to d whole thing on d 3
    Also can you please get on the 2.3 ecoboost mods I m fully into it and is also an option for speeds since transmission bolt pattern is the same thing so please at least make me a little better cams than the ford performance options for the 2.3 mustang ecoboost.

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