The Best CorkSport Lowering Springs for the 2016+ Mazda CX-9!

We have listened to your requests and are excited to offer Lowering Springs for the 2016+ Mazda CX-9. Car enthusiasts will enjoy the new look of the CX-9 with a more reasonable ride height. The CorkSport lowering springs give you an OEM fit, while providing an increase in handling performance and a decrease in ride height. The CS springs lower your CX-9 while retaining great ride quality so it remains a usable and fully functional SUV, but gives you the ability to hit the back roads and corners harder when you feel like it. 

The CorkSport Performance Lower Springs for Mazda CX-9 SUV

Look and drive better with the best performance lowering springs for your CX-9. The CS lowering springs will drop your Mazda ~1.45 in (37mm) front and 1.30 in (33mm) rear on the turbo models. We found that this is a great height to make sure your CX-9 stays practical while still providing a great look and the improved handling that comes along with it. Since we are working with a large SUV to start, the amount of drop that we selected still allows for ample ground clearance. The amount of height reduction also leaves plenty of suspension travel for those larger bumps you might encounter even when you’re at full capacity with cargo in the back.  

Mazda CX-9 Lowering Springs

There are multiple benefits to lowering your CX-9 in addition to the more aggressive stance. The handling characteristics are improved due to both the lower center of gravity and the increased spring rates front and rear. These changes offer reduced body roll in corners so the vehicle will feel more planted and give you more room to push in the corners if you find yourself wanting to fly through some backroads in your 4000+ lb SUV. The spring rates were increased more in the rear than the front and the final spring rates selected were 3.1K in the front which is a ~20% increase and 9.5K in the rear which is a ~35% increase over the factory springs.      

Mazda 2016 CX-9 Drop Springs

All of these changes discussed above don’t negatively impact ride quality and it remains similar to how the OEM springs ride. To achieve this we tested multiple springs and compared their natural frequency to the OEM values to make sure the ride quality was still comfortable but with a little added sportiness. The spring rates also work well in combination with the OEM dampers so there is little to no bounciness after bumps and they continue to operate in the normal range so they don’t wear out prematurely.  

Mazda CX-9 ride height with lowering springs installed

The installation of the CorkSport CX-9 lowering springs is just like stock and retains all of the OEM components. The only modifications required include trimming the bump stops to account for the lower ride height and making the hole in the rear shock dust covers larger to fit the modified bump stops. The springs are made from high tensile strength spring steel and the rear springs feature spring isolators so any unwanted noises are eliminated. The springs are finished off in our CorkSport Blue powder coat to offer good corrosion resistance so they stay looking good for years to come.  

Thanks for checking out the new lowering springs for the 2016+ CX-9.  Be sure to head over to the web page and check it out for more details and images! 

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Mazda 6 Turbo and CX-9 Short Ram Intake

That’s right, it’s time to start making more power on the SkyActiv 2.5T. We are proud to introduce the CorkSport Power Series Short Ram Intake for 2018+ Mazda 6 equipped with the 2.5 Turbo Engine and 2016+ Mazda CX-9. We replaced the restrictive factory airbox with a free-flowing intake system that was designed to help your turbo breathe significantly better. The SRI offers better performance, sound, and looks in an easy-to-install package. Read on for full details, and be sure not to miss the sound clips in the video below!

The SRI Kit overview

This CorkSport Short Ram Intake was designed specifically to get the best the 2018+ Mazda 6 2.5T and 2016+ Mazda CX9 have to offer. From the precision machined MAF housing to the high-flowing filter, each component in the CS intake system offers an improvement over the stock counterpart while retaining great fit and finish. All mounting hardware, brackets, and clamps are included to make your installation quick and painless.

Short ram intake kit for mazda 6 & cx-9

Starting at the OEM turbo inlet pipe, the factory airbox utilizes a ribbed and flexible rubber elbow. While working well enough, the ribs induce significant turbulence into the intake tract. The CorkSport short ram intake replaces this elbow with a smooth-flowing silicone elbow. In addition, the silicone is 4-ply reinforced with nylon to eliminate any chance for volume reduction under wide open throttle.

Short ram intake elbow tube

Next comes the MAF sensor housing. The MAF sensor essentially reads the volume of air that is entering the engine so the ECU can adjust tuning to suit. Since the OEM unit does a good job here, it was imperative that the CS MAF housing matches to ensure no check engine lights or tuning issues. The CorkSport MAF housing is precision machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum to match the OEM housing to ensure no CELs, no tuning issues, and great flow.

CorkSport MAF housing for the SRI kit

Finally, the CS SRI uses a performance AEM dry-flow filter. A high-quality filter like this is long-lasting, reliable, and can be washed and reused. It has superior filtration to the OEM filter, while also allowing more airflow into the intake tract.

Filter for the CorkSport Short Ram Intake

Now for what you’re all interested in: power gains. By removing the restrictive OEM airbox and turbulent intake elbow, we were able to pick up 5-16whp and 7-23wtq through the rpm range. This power bump comes with no tuning changes and with identical testing conditions. Check out the dyno graph below to see for yourself! Note: the variance in low RPM (2800 and lower) is due to difficulties associated with dyno testing an automatic vehicle.

Dynograph data for the short ram intake

Freeing up a few extra ponies is great but what you will really notice is the added engine and turbocharger noise. That restrictive airbox does a little bit too good of a job at dampening out all the fun sounds that come with a turbo. We were honestly a little surprised by the flutters, whooshes, and psshh noises that come with the CorkSport SRI. You also gain a little extra engine induction noise under hard acceleration. The extra noise is enough to be fun when you want it but not annoying or distracting when you don’t. Watch the video below to see what it sounds like.

Watch the Product video for the Short Ram Intake

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As with most CorkSport products, this SRI kit comes with all the clamps, hardware, and even a support bracket for the MAF housing to ensure you have an easy and quick install.

The CorkSport SRI for 2018+ MZ6 2.5T & 2016+ CX-9 is a great modification whether it’s your first or just the latest on a long list of builds. It provides a noticeable power gain, adds some extra fun to your ride, and will support future mods down the road. Pick up yours today!

Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have, we will be happy to help!

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CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust for CX-9

Time to bring some CS love to those who need some more space than what a hot hatch can offer. Introducing the CorkSport Power Series Cat-Back Exhaust for 2016+ Mazda CX-9 AWD.

Mazda CX-9 Installed CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust

The CX-9 has great potential with its turbocharged 2.5L engine but it is bottlenecked by the small stock exhaust. The CorkSport catback ups the exhaust diameter to 80mm (from the OE 60mm) and utilizes high flow pass-through resonators to really help that turbo breathe better.

The Cat Back Exhaust for CX-9

To go with the better performance, the CorkSport cat-back also looks great. Made from CNC bent, fully polished, T-304 stainless steel, it’s definitely an attention grabber that will stay looking great for years to come. The dual exhaust tips were upgraded to 100mm outer diameter and extended to really fill out the bumper cutouts. Don’t worry though; the tips are noticeable without being obnoxious and detracting from the clean look of Mazda’s Kodo design philosophy.

Last but certainly not least: the sound. The upgraded piping diameter and less restrictive resonators combine to create a sound that is certainly louder and more pleasant than stock without being unbearable for the daily commute. You hear the exhaust when you want to but it quiets down while cruising and does not drone. As a final bonus, you get a little taste of turbo noise as it spools up. Check out the video down below to hear a comparison between the CS CX9 cat-back and the OE exhaust for yourself.

All of these benefits come with the same CorkSport quality and customer service that you all have grown accustomed to. This means OE style fitment that retains all existing exhaust hangers and oxygen sensors since no one likes a check engine light.

Mazda CX-9 Cat-Back Exhaust CorkSport exhaust tip

Whether you have moved on from a Mazdaspeed but miss the sound or just want to spice up your grocery getter with a little extra noise, the CorkSport Mazda CX-9 cat back is an upgrade that hits all the right notes. Check out the product listing for full details.

Want more for your CX-9? There may be a few more things coming down the pipeline, but submitting a product idea helps us to know what you’re looking for!

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Interior LED Light Set for 2016+ Mazda CX-3 and Mazda CX-9

Sometimes it’s the simplest changes to a vehicle that can really make a difference.  A crisp and well-lit interior makes for a surprising improvement. CorkSport is proud to announce that we now have LED kits for 2016+ Mazda CX-3 and 2016+ Mazda CX-9.  

The CorkSport LED Light Kit replaces all interior and some exterior lights that are normally yellow incandescent bulbs.  All CorkSport LEDs are the 7000k color for a pleasant, but bright and clear illumination.

Check out a comparison of the CorkSport LEDs vs the standard incandescent bulb.  

Sure, you can probably find some random lower-quality LEDs online, but only at CorkSport will you get a complete kit with exactly the bulbs you need along with color installation instructions, a CorkSport tin and top notch customer service.  

-BS @ CS

2016+ CX-3 LED KIT         

2016+ CX-9 LED KIT         

Mazda’s Game Changer

Recent news has been circulating about the new Mazda and Toyota joint production plant and what will be built there.  In a few news articles, Masamichi Kogai has been quoted saying Mazda will introduce a new and different type of CUV (crossover utility vehicle).

I have been thinking about that statement about a new and different type SUV. Looking in the marketplace, you have pretty much everything out there in size, shape, and quality.  I think there is something which is getting lost in the translation of this message.

My bet is it will be something totally new for Mazda.  

Back in 2015, Mazda showed off the Koeru concept which was hinting to future models of crossover SUVs.

Looking at the current styling and the concept cars Mazda has laid out at the Tokyo Auto Show with the Mazda 3 Kai concept this year.

The front end styling has been sharpened on this concept car, but it isn’t too far outside of what Mazda is currently offering. The changed roofline at the rear points is designed to maximize cargo space, but in a good-looking package.

I will go out on a limb and guess that Mazda is probably working on a new motor to power whatever the upcoming CUV is going to be.

The most powerful motor Mazda offers right now is the 2.5 Skyactiv turbo engine, which powers the Cx-9 and soon to be offered in the Mazda 6. This motor is based on the older Skyactiv tech though, and with Masamichi saying the new vehicle will something new, my guess is that we should expect to see another tech marvel being produced.

The last thought I have on this with Mazda is this:

If they’re coming out with something new, we may see a large-sized vehicle to go up against the truck-based SUVs from other manufacturers. It is a direction Mazda has not gone before and lines up with the statements they are giving us.

Time will tell!