CorkSport Axle Back Exhaust for CX-9

With a shop full of enthusiastic car guys and gals we are in love with the look and sounds of the CorkSport Cat-Back on that larger than life CX-9. Customers love the sound, especially when completed with our Skyactiv Turbo Intake, but a few requested a little bit less racecar rumble.

Bolt on Cx9 turbo axleback Exhaust

We are here to give our Cx9 customer what they want which brings us to a new exhaust option for the Cx9 Turbo, an Axleback!

Better than 3 inch Cx9 Skyactiv Turbo exhaust

The Axleback exhaust setup is great because you are still getting the awesome 100mm double wall slant cut tips, the high flow 80mm stainless steel piping, and an exhaust note that will still capture your attention as well as the other Cx9 owners on the road.

Cx9 cat back exhaust system

The in-cab exhaust volume and tone are much more subtle than the catback exhaust setup.  This is your family friendly and wife approved exhaust for the Mazda CX-9. This is the “bluetooth office friendly meeting” exhaust system which is mellow at cruise but throaty when you get into the boost.

Performance Cx9 turbo exhaust system

You can have your cake and eat it too. Check out the product listing for full details.

CorkSport Axle Back Exhaust for CX-9
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CorkSport Axle Back Exhaust for CX-9
Introducing the CorkSport Power Series Axle-Back Exhaust for 2016+ Mazda CX-9 AWD. Like all CS exhausts, high-quality materials and manufacturing are combined with OEM fitment to provide you with a great sounding and looking exhaust.
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5 Replies to “CorkSport Axle Back Exhaust for CX-9”

  1. Amazing build quality!!! Sounds Awesome!!! Axle back fits front wheel drive perfect. Thank your team for me

  2. I’m thinking about doing the axle back, but i want 4.5 ” extended tips. I read on the forums that this size really fills that exit space!

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