What’s Going On! CorkSport Development Update

At CorkSport, we are always looking for ways to improve Mazda Performance through the development of new products. We have multiple projects in various stages of development at all times and as one of the lead engineers here, I am kept busy managing the design, implementation and evolution of many of the products introduced into the CorkSport lineup.

Since I started at CorkSport, I have been involved in the testing and final release of some of the new products in the CorkSport line such as the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Lowering Springs and the CorkSport Stub Antenna and I am currently working several projects that we will be releasing over the next few months. Our customers often say that they want to know more about what’s in store for our new product releases and details about how the development process takes place so today I wanted to fill you in on some of the great things going on behind the scenes here at CorkSport.

One of the products I am particularly excited about is the CorkSport Oil Catch Can we are developing for the Mazdaspeed vehicle line. It aims to help filter out the junk that can end up in your intake manifold. One of the main reasons we wanted to develop this product is because the PCV system in the turbo MZR engine has a bad rap and is not known for performing well. Its purpose is to get rid of the particles and gases in the crankcase that get blown by the piston during compression. It helps filter out these particles to keep them from getting mixed in with your oil and from being dumped into the environment. The problem is that these particles get recycled through your engine and recombusted. They also get caked on your intake valves and intake track. In a normal port injected engine this isn’t as big of a deal because the fuel helps wash the deposits away and keep your valves clean. However on a direct injected engine, as found on the Mazdaspeed vehicles, the fuel is injected right into the cylinder and no longer acts as a cleaning agent for the valves so deposits begin to form. The CorkSport Catch Can will filter out the junk that would end up in your intake manifold and possibly on your valves keeping your intake clean. All that is required is that the can emptied with every oil change.

During testing we had the samples removed from the catch can analyzed. The test results shown below reveal just how much junk is entering your engine.

Another pet project I am working on is the development of a FMIC kit that will work seamlessly with the short ram intake on the Mazdaspeed3 and Mazdaspeed6. We have been running the kit on the CorkSport Mazdaspeed3 with great results and have just completed the design of the piping on the Mazdaspeed6 to begin test fitment of that vehicle.

A product that will be entering the lineup in the near future is the CorkSport Rear Sway Bar for the Mazdaspeed 6. We have a test product installed on a customer’s car and it has been performing quite well. Our customer has seen improved handling, faster cornering speeds, and more traction. With the sway bar being a slightly difficult install, I was sure to take lots of pictures during the install in order to provide our customers complete and thorough instructions to make the process a little easier. And of course if a customer runs into difficulty during the install, they can always call us for help.

Most of the products currently under development have originated from product submissions we have received from all of you. If you ever have any ideas for a new product don’t be afraid to submit it. We have a monthly development meeting to evaluate every product submission we receive, so please let us know what you have been wanting for your Mazda!


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