It’s Almost Here: the New CorkSport Front Lip for Gen2 MS3

This may seem long overdue, but let me explain …

Here at CorkSport we listen to all of our awesome customers and take great care on how we plan our projects for product development. A well-fitted front lip specifically designed for the Mazdaspeed3 has understandably been a very frequent request. There is a lot that goes into producing a great product, especially a tight-fitting front lip. Long story short: We wanted to get all of our ducks in a row before we attempted to execute a custom Mazdaspeed3 product you all would love.

First, we had to get the entire front of the car scanned and transferred to a form that we use in 3-D modeling. Then, the real work began. In a market full of lookalikes and eBay knockoffs, it was important we created something unique and genuine in design. We wanted it to be special to us, but most importantly special to you and your car.

The design process was lengthy and full of questions. We went through many designs searching for the right combination of fit, clearance, and curves that complement those of the car. After a handful of concepts, we finally settled on a design that looked like the right balance. Then came the refining process. We adjusted the jawline of the lip inside and out with careful consideration of how much it hung below the bumper to get the right aggressive look — without being over the top or too low to get out of a driveway.


To double-check all of our hard work, we 3-D printed the lip in four sections and installed them on a car to see what it would look like. The design fit great, but aesthetically it just wasn’t quite right. So it was back to the CAD model.

The first design didn’t have the wow factor it needed. It was too subtle, and just didn’t provide the aggressive feel the MS3 is known for. We pulled the jawline out a bit more and increased the height of the fins to make it stand out more. We added a few more fitment details, and then we were ready for more 3-D prints. The end result is pictured below, and got huge praise from our many awesome fans. Thank you!


We were happy with the results too, so now it’s off to get these manufactured!

I got so wrapped up in talking about the creation of the front lip that I haven’t said anything about the lip’s construction or two-piece design. The lips are manufactured from black ABS measuring around three millimeters in thickness and sprayed with a durable matte black coating. This way they come to you looking sharp and ready to install, or can easily be sanded and sprayed any color you desire.

Many of you may wonder why we went with a two-piece design. Well, its simple: It’s much cheaper to package and ship, which means lower cost for you. The seam between the two halves is covered by a joint piece, and an aluminum plate on the underside of the lip strengthens the joint. All of the necessary hardware is included, and of course, full color instructions that you’ve come to love.


It’s been a long few months, but we finally made it! We are happy to announce the upcoming (very soon) release of the CorkSport Front Lip for Gen2 Mazdaspeed3! Gen1 guys you just hold tight, alright?


Derrick Ambrose, CorkSport, Mazda


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  1. Cool design guys! Too bad i had mine already. Looking forward to see front insert like next mod valliant. I know a lot of pu owners have it but fittings arent great . Looking forward to see what you guys can come up with and for sure be the first 1 to order.

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