Mazda to Offer Diesel Hybrids

Diesel Hybrids May be Released by Mazda


We all know Mazda has been working on Diesels for the US market, and that they have already been released in Europe, Australia and other places. We also have seen Mazda’s electric Demios (Mazda 2). Well, now we have just heard from that Mazda might be releasing a Diesel Hybrid.

Mazda hopes to release a vehicle that can hit a greater gas mileage than the Prius C (50mpg) which is the leading seller in Japan (known as the Aqua). Of course, we are doubting that even if this wonder vehicle gets created that we would ever see it in the US, but we can hope. At this point we are still hoping for Mazda to simply release the Diesel CX-5 and Diesel Mazda 6.

SkyActiv Diesel



Would you trade the extra emissions of a diesel vehicle, for the extra emissions it also produces? If you keep an eye on the current cars that Mazda is racing, we see that the most prominently featured are all diesels. Whether it is the several Mazda 6’s racing with their Skyactiv-D engine, or the Mazda Prototypes #00 and #70 (source) Mazda is definitely focusing on their diesels.


Ultimately we know one thing, the Hybrid Diesel won’t be making it to our shores anytime soon, and it’s unlikely it would make it before their standard diesel.




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