We Need Your Feedback on Our Mazdaspeed Intake Manifold

Guys, we want your feedback on a project we’ve been working on for the past year.

We’ve shown glimpses of our Mazdaspeed manifold from time to time, including the one below when we had it installed on Barett’s Mazdaspeed 3, which popped up on our Facebook page—on April Fool’s—while it was being tested.

Mazdaspeed Intake Manifold

This manifold is designed to be a bolt-in. It’ll work with the stock throttle body, stock intercooler, stock you-name-it. This means if you’ve upgraded to a front mount intercooler, it’ll also work as it keeps the OEM throttle body location.

We’ve been through a few iterations of the manifold, and below is a picture of the latest version. We’ve changed several things in the design from the last test version, including individual ports for the runners to install meth injection.

CorkSport Mazdaspeed Intake Manifold

In our testing, we’ve found spool to be 200 rpm sooner with the manifold installed. This has been shown on a 1st gen Mazdaspeed 3 equipped with the CorkSport turbocharger and a 2nd gen Mazdaspeed 3 with a GT35r installed.

We also had a peak increase in power of 17 horsepower at the wheels on the 1st gen Mazdaspeed 3 in back to back testing with the manifold.

So. This is where you the Mazdaspeed owner comes into play. We want to know: Would you buy this if we made it? Tell us your thoughts, and if you are interested, shoot us an email so we can keep you updated.



We Need Your Feedback on Our Mazdaspeed Intake Manifold
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We Need Your Feedback on Our Mazdaspeed Intake Manifold
Should CorkSport make an intake manifold for the Mazdaspeed 3? Who makes a Speed3 intake manifold? We Need Your Feedback on Our Mazdaspeed Intake Manifold Guys, we want your feedback on a project we’ve been working on for the past year. We’ve shown glimpses of our Mazdaspeed manifold from time to time, including the one below when we had it installed on Barett’s Mazdaspeed 3, which popped up on our Facebook page—on April Fool’s—while it was being tested.
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140 Replies to “We Need Your Feedback on Our Mazdaspeed Intake Manifold”

  1. Will the ports be an option or will they be standard with some sort of block off until ready to use?

  2. I think that the price could be maybe a little more competitive but I am curious if it will have all the sensor hookups unlike the grimmspeed aftermarket intake. Granted it looks like an original design.

  3. Does “Take my money”, count?

    Looks good guys! Maybe provide a dyno graph so we can see the HP/Torque changes through the RPM’s?

  4. If it was PI capable, then I would consider it. I don’t see the point in upgrading the IM unless going for big power, and am not a meth fan. Just my $.02; however, I do like the look compared to a JMF though.

  5. Maybe u guys should offer a shaved version for the fmic guys I bet it would sale a lot better. Other than that looks good.

  6. I would definitely buy this but Is there gonna be color options? Is it lighter. From the picture it looks like aluminum… is that gonna be the final material? What about something like a sheet metal intake manifold

  7. For this price and horsepower increase it is not even close to being worth it. I can have my stock manifold cut and reshaped and painted for less than that with better results. I was looking for a stock looking alternative with better hp gains. At this price I can go full retard and get a sheet metal manifold. Bolt on everything fuel wise is also available at that point also with the sheet metal manifold.

  8. Seems like a good price for the power gains and reduction in spool time. How difficult and time intensive would the install be? Would this product reduce carbon build up in the intake? Will it work with the stock turbo as well?

  9. I personally want even flow across all cylinders and improved flow over a ported stock intake manifold, which i have now.
    I also love the idea for direct port methanol. I think it should be kept to alow someone to change their mind on whether they want to use it or not.
    I plan to run meth and a lot of meth with my pte5858 so having the option for the direct port is a wonderful option to me

    I would be interested in this.

    Also I want it black. Black everything in my engine bay. #sleeper

  10. I would consider the intake but the gain vs. The cost is not even close. Other markets for other cars have intake upgrades but not this expensive. I’m fully bolted pu and always looking for ways to go faster but effectivly.

  11. Once I am done getting your turbo back exhaust and shiny new turbo plus some suspension goodies from you as well…and my bank account starts to look even slightly normal…hell yes I will be getting this. Oh and pretty pretty please think about adjusting the CS FMIC piping to allow for your 3 and 3.5 inch intakes 😀

  12. Please make different colors and polish offered. Also make it available with out the tmic holes. What about 6th port injection compatible?

  13. The manifold will be made from cast aluminum. We haven’t gotten into color options at this point.

  14. The design of the manifold is setup to even out the in balance of the flow that the stock manifold has.

  15. No I would go with @ Relentless porting job befor this… Same results half the price and any color you can choose under the rainbow

  16. I think it’s toi expensive for little result (wo meth).
    A ported manifold is cheapest and have the same result.

  17. I would buy it for my Speed6 if it were available today or in the future. I’m staying with my CS TMIC.

  18. The price honestly turns me off, for 725 I can think of a million other things I would consider. Only 17hp for 725 seems like a hard sell to me

  19. First off who has something to compare this too? I personally have the jmfab intake manifold version without port injection installed on my Gen 1 speed. I have been running all year round for two years with the jmfab intake manifold with no problems nothing but more good times(the occasional lapping day, daily driving, and hwy runs). I totally support corksport as I have a plethora of their parts installed on my gen 1. However, my question to corksport is what’s the dyno comparison of your manifold vs another companys version? My current setup works incredible with a fmic as well which I have installed. Basically, is your new intake manifold better than the competitors? My jmfab manifold reused all factory connections minus the EGR which I gladly deleted if anyone is curious.

  20. Looks good. Sadly with the US/CDN exchange, $725 turns into over $1.1k with shipping and duties… Too rich for me when I could have a custom fab done up here for less. I’m out.

  21. Would purchase for sure but option for port injection would be better

    Also regarding the meth injector ports, what thread will they have? Aquamist injectors that I run are not the same as devil’s own etc

  22. 19 horsepower from an intake manifold and fix the flow imbalance for $725.00 sounds reasonable to me.

  23. Wish you guys made something like this for the “basic” 3. I’ve cracked 2 intake manis on my wreck (and the one before I got the car) because the mani cracks so easily. Plus I would love the even flow of the upgraded mani 🙂

  24. I would purchase it! t seems to be a decent bang for the buck! However I’m upgrading from a 2.3l (n/a) to a turbo.

  25. Now that I think about it, I can probably get the same gains from my stock mani by porting it. And it will be alot cheaper. Corksport, it’s not going to be worth it. Weapon r has one for around $500. Not sure how effective it is, but it’s not cast aluminum. Pretty sure the runners will allow smoother air flow. Cast aluminum is a bad idea for making an aftermarket part.

  26. It just doesn’t say wow look at that engine bay. I like the exterior of my car to look stock but when I open the hood, I want to see a whole different animal.

  27. The stock manifold has been flow tested and show uneven volumes over the four cylinders. I already have an intake ( not installed ) of course. so i am not in the market.
    i would suggest adding fueling ports if you are going to add meth bungs.. Create a high ceiling. ya can always plug a tapped hole!
    but i do think the plug and play attitude has value.

    take George Martinez’s point to heart though. it needs some blingy to sell. Intake mani are not going to turn out power , they are a piece of the power puzzle
    also its priced right if it has nice hood popping finish. i mean look at your turbo? i want people to see that sucker. with a FMIC the first thing that will catch the eye will be that mani.
    you guys are on the right track and great to see you invite us to critique. thats takes balls as well. (sorry ladies)

  28. I like the idea, however the gains don’t justify the price. It would be good for the big turbo guys that are trying to squeeze every last hp out of the motor I guess. I personally would spend money on some of your other products. The move from k04 to your new turbo would yield a much better power gain and it is not that much more than this manifold. Maybe you guys should look at selling for $495 and work on volume sales.

    Thanks and keep the product development coming.

  29. Don’t know if its asking too much but maybe an option to not have the connecting points for a TMIC so its cleaner looking and maybe cost less? $725 + another $30 for shipping is a lot.( $700 ) would be fair and amazing! One of the best intake manifolds on the market for price and quality.

  30. I like the idea of another company offering a intake mani, but the price and material is kinda a turn away for me. I am most likely going with Relentless mani unless you guys can change my mind….with color options…shaving…..a bit lower price like idk 550 which is in between most mani’s which I would totally pay for that.

  31. Whatever you do, don’t cheapen the product to make it more affordable. Quality doesn’t come cheap.

  32. Weapon r is cheaper for a reason, i wouldnt have one even if it were $200. Your price is good and cast aluminum is the obvious best material to make it out of.

    As far as “bling”, if you want bling polish or powdercoat it yourself. How can someone ask for more bling and less cost in the same breath?

    In more EPA controlled states like California /New York, unless you are going to get CARB certification, having it look more stock-ish will be a big plus. Let the “bling queens” polish it themselves.

  33. I would consider, for sure.

    Though, food for thought, if someone is shelling out cash for this upgrade, they already most likely have an FMIC. So the TMIC holes in place are likely unnecessary. I realize as a company that manufacturing for compatibility is a big deal, but my engine bay won’t look very schweeet with those damn hole. +1

  34. It’s defiantly something this platform needs at an affordable price. There are options already out there for the upper hundreds price, but for 700+ it’s just more economical for us to get a stocker PnP’d for a few hundred. Sure it doesn’t have the pre-port for meth and all that, but it could be done for a minimal fee. I could see a huge market for this if it were around 4-500. But I’ll just go with a ported stocker in the meantime.

    Side note, what are values for each runner compared to stock? We know stock has a variance of like 24% from largest compared to smallest.

  35. Direct ports are a must for this community. Meth bung offerings and options for port injection.

    I personally like the finish. keep prying eyes away from the engine bay, that and it being capable of running a TMIC with it is very appealing, Along with flow in-balance correction. This is a plague to this platform more so than people like to mention I’m down for a viable solution to fix that.

  36. This is something I would definitely purchase. However, It would be great if you offered a version without the TMIC mounting points for those with a FMIC like myself. Also, meth bungs should be another option to consider.

  37. I think this is the right direction to go, it looks beautiful, and I know the quality will be way above average. I would think it would be MUCH easier to remove the TMIC bungs than to add them, a cut-off wheel, grinder and and a bit of touch up with emery cloth would be fine for FMIC. If you were FMIC and wanted to get the IM powder-coated to match yer engine bay, shaving the TMIC mounts would be easy. Adding TMIC mounting points on the other hand would be much harder..

    I like all the multi port Meth injection options and LOVE how stealthy this IM is compared to the competition.

    Now we just need some various test results on various set-ups, from mildly bolted, fully bolted, Lil’ BT, Serious BT/built block.

  38. I think this manifold would be a great addition to my built motor once you release it. I would also like to see the gains on a built motor. Even a comparison with a stock head vs a ported/polished head would be great! I look forward to seeing the progress and hope the product becomes available soon!

  39. Put it up for 500 and change and it would sell. Over 700 is to much for it due to competition, and most of us have the ability to pnp our stock mani for free..

  40. Ive been waiting for this CS , make it happen!!!!!!!!!
    Seriously when are you guys planning on releasing it?

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